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Best Luxury Travel Gifts for Women: Gift Ideas for Her

Best Luxury Travel Gifts for Women: Gift Ideas for Her

It is always a good idea to surprise her with an out-of-the-box travel gift. Here is the list of the best luxury travel gifts for women to help you choose a good option.

Giving someone a gift should always be a thoughtful process. However, if you have to find gifts for special occasions and interests, the options get limited.

If your significant other loves to be on the road, you must be eager to give her the best luxury travel gifts. In doing so, your aim should be to give her something that radiates class but is also useful on the go.

Luxury Travel gifts for her

Surely, a new Celine bag or red-soled Louboutin pair can make an easy gift. But it’s not something she’ll most probably use while traveling.

In this guide, I’ll discuss the best luxury travel gifts that will remind her of you while she’s discovering the world.

Regardless of the receiver’s style, you’ll definitely find the best luxury travel gifts for them on my list.

Best Luxury Travel Gifts

Buying luxury gifts, particularly for travel, can be a bit complicated because the present should be functional too.

Besides being comfortable, travelers also want to ensure that they have everything they need.

So, you should give her a gift that will help her trip be as smooth as possible.

To make the selection more manageable for you, I’ve divided this guide into smaller sections.


Headphones make the best luxury travel gifts for women and men, considering they’re a must-have for flights.

While traveling, a person will have to take multiple trains, buses, and ferry rides. Noise-canceling headphones are your best companions during long commutes.

While you can easily find a pair of $50 headphones off Amazon, why not spoil her with an expensive model that will last for a long time?

Bose QC25 headphones

For instance, Bose QC25 headphones are a great pick. They have a folding design and cut down the ambient noise significantly. Also, their audio quality is pretty impressive.

Likewise, you can give her the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones with active noise cancellation. Since they’re compatible with Alexa, it will be easier for her to get digital assistance with a single tap.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

While these headphones are much better than the standard under $100 models, they might not fall in the ‘luxury’ category for some people.

If you can relate, I’ve got the perfect option for you.

The Klipsch Heritage headphones cost over $1000, and their build justifies the price point. They have a triple-vented design and solid-wood earcups.

Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Over-Ear Headphones

As if that wasn’t enough, the cowhide headband provides ultimate comfort to the wearer while the sheepskin ear cushions prevent fatigue.

The headphones also surpass the competition in terms of acoustic performance. They’re available in three colors, so you can choose the shade she’d like.

Travel Gadgets

While traveling, you can only take along so much. But it’s important to pack things that are an absolute necessity.

People are often so busy putting together the best outfits that they forget to put useful gadgets in the luggage.

You can be her savior and give her the best luxury travel gifts, i.e., tech items.

Water Purifier

SteriPEN ULT-MP-EF SterPen Ultra UV Water Purifier

One of the best luxury travel gifts you can give her is a water purifier. It doesn’t matter if she’s staying in a five-star hotel. The water quality in some countries is simply gross.

In such cases, having a water purifier will make her life easier on the road. The Steripen Adventurer is a reliable option because it filters 99.9% of microorganisms.

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Smart Tags

Adero Smart Tag Starter Kit

Another fancy and thoughtful gift you can give her is a Smart Tag.

Ever heard of it? Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

A smart tag lets you turn any of your travel bags into a checklist. You simply have to press the tag with the bag before leaving home or the hotel room, and it will tell you if you’re missing something.

A red light indicates that you’ve forgotten to put an item in your bag, while a green light means you’ve got all you need. Smart tags charge in about an hour and their batteries last for two months.

In my opinion, the Adero smart tag is a great option since it can bear a wide temperature range and is controlled using an app.


Translators make the best luxury travel gifts for someone who travels a lot for work.

For instance, the Jarvisen Language Translator comes with global data for two years.

Jarvisen Language Translator Device

So, you don’t need WiFi to use it. Also, it has 95% accuracy, allowing the user to communicate for business or recreational purposes.

Most importantly, it translates up to 60 languages and dialects from more than 200 countries.

While most other translators merely translate words from everyday conversations, this model has the vocabulary range for healthcare, IT, legal issues, and finance.

Another option is the Vasco Mini 2 translator that works for up to 150 countries.

Vasco Mini 2 Translator

It can translate over 50 languages and has a 96% accuracy rate. Since you get a SIM card with the translator, there’s no need to subscribe to anything.

Moreover, the pronunciation capability of this translator is impeccable. Thus, it lets the user communicate in different dialects too.

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Nothing screams luxury like a $1500 luggage or travel trunk. If your partner travels for work or leisure, she’ll definitely need a bag.

Why not buy her something she can flaunt?

My favorite has to be the Kilburn RS NO. 252 chestnut leather handbag, which can be converted into rolling luggage.

Ghurka Kilburn RS No. 252

Just by looking at the bag, you can tell that it will instantly elevate your partner’s travel experience. Moreover, it has been handmade by artisans who ensure precision up to the last millimeter.

The bag has dual top handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. Plus, there’s a brass zipper to open the bag. You can also add a brass tag if you want.

On the inside, there are multiple zipper pockets. Ghurka also lets you customize the bag if you want to make it more suitable for her taste.

If she’s an LV girl, you can get her the Louis Vuitton Horizon suitcase with a trunk style. Despite being a classic, it has a contemporary touch to it. Plus, the flat shell design allows for more packing room.

Since there are a number of options, you’ll easily find something she likes. Besides, you can buy it in a soft or hard case finish.

Finally, if she likes to travel light, the Bottega Veneta VN trolley is among the best luxury travel gifts for her.

Bottega Veneta VN trolley

The structured luggage will last her forever and help her stand out from the crowd. Moreover, the interior is relatively generous.

More importantly, the bag comes with a lock and key to keep all her belongings safe.

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Gift Cards and Memberships

Gift cards make the best luxury travel gifts for people who love the serendipity of finding a discount waiting for them.

Flight Memberships

Often, travel memberships aren’t exactly considered the most luxury gift. However, if it’s your lucky day, you may end up bagging a first-class ticket to your next destination.

Possibly the best service in this regard is Scott’s Cheap Flights, which instantly alerts you when there’s a good deal on air travel.

Scott's Cheap Flights website

With Scott’s, all she’d have to do is choose her destination, and the service would do the rest for her. Perhaps, Scott’s review might help you decide easily.

Similarly, you can get her the Dollar Flight premium membership, which works along the same lines.

Suppose she has a busy routine and can’t search for flights herself.

Dollarflightclub logo

Dollar Flight’s premium plan covers Domestic Deals. So, she’ll learn about all the weekend flights leaving her hometown airport.

Travel Gift Cards

Like memberships, gift cards are also the best luxury travel gifts for women who love to be spoiled. The fun thing about gift cards is that they are a no-fuss gift.

Often, you might buy her a present that she may not like. However, with a gift card, she gets to choose what she wants.

For instance, you can give her an Airbnb gift card if she prefers staying at separate lodgings rather than hotels.

But if she likes hotels more, make sure to slip her a Gift card through email.

A more luxurious gift would be to give her a gift card for five-star hotels. You can shop for points at Marriott for travel chains such as W Hotels, Sheraton, Delta Hotels, Stregis, and many more.

A perk of buying from Marriott is that you get a bonus for buying more than 2000 points.

Therefore, if you’re purchasing 3000 points, you’ll get 1500 bonus points on it.

If she mentioned that she wants to shop for travel gadgets and other essentials on Amazon, surprise her with a gift card.

The Amazon gift card’s limit extends up to $2000, and it does not have an expiry date.

Also, the gift card is delivered to the receiver in a greeting card, and there are a ton of cute designs for you to choose from.

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In-Flight Leisure

Traveling involves catching a lot of planes and spending hours stuck in a seat.

However, it doesn’t always have to be boring or uncomfortable. One of the best travel gifts for her would be a Kindle or a device to read her favorite books.

Kindle as gift

The Kindle provides access to a number of books in the Amazon bookstore. Also, the reader can adjust the reading light according to the surrounding brightness.

So, she’ll have a great time reading on her flight or when taking a ferry to see a tourist spot.

Alternatively, you can give her the Google Pixel Slate, which can also be used for some on-flight last-minute work-related tasks.

Google Pixel Slate

If she travels a lot, she’d most probably have seen all the movies they have on the plane. With the Google Slate in her backpack, she’ll be able to download movies and videos she prefers to watch.

If she’s more inclined towards gaming, a Nintendo Switch should be on your list of the best luxury travel gifts.

Nintendo Switch

The console has a TV, tabletop, and handheld mode. So, she can play games on her flight or connect the console to her hotel room TV.

Furthermore, the Switch has up to nine hours of battery life, which is long enough to keep anyone entertained during a long flight.

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Cameras are also considered the best luxury travel gifts for women who love to document their whole journey. If your partner likes to post pictures on Instagram, she’d need a good camera for it.

The Fujifilm X-E3 Mirrorless camera offers high-end performance and has high-speed image processing.

Fujifilm X-E3 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Moreover, the camera has touch functionality. Thus, it lets the user swipe up or down to change the features or go through the images they’ve taken.

Panasonic cameras are also the best travel gifts for women since they’re easy to carry around. The Google Pixel Slate has a point-and-shoot functionality.

Panasonic LUMIX LX100

Plus, the manual features give the users more control over how the pictures turn out.

Thanks to the Optical Image Stabiliser, the photos will be clean and unshaken even when she’s taking them from a moving vehicle.

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Luxury Travel Gift Sets

Beauty and cosmetic products also make remarkable luxury travel gifts since most women want to be presentable even on the go.

The Bath and Body Gift Set has six pieces, including a shower gel, body lotion, and face cream.

Nintendo Switch

Along with containing almost everything she would need on the road, this gift set will also make your partner or female friend smell divine.

For a full lotion set, you can give her the Korean Cosmetics formulation, which helps moisturize and cleanse the skin.

Flyaway hair is a huge problem during traveling since the wind is always in your face. The Barrette Pour Cheveux M Gold FW20 will keep her hair sorted and shiny on the go.

Lastly, lipsticks are the best luxury travel gifts for women who love applying makeup, regardless of where they are.

The Tom Ford Lip Color 5-piece miniature set comes with beautiful lip shades, ranging from Scarlet Rouge to Casablanca.

Tom Ford Lip Color Deluxe 5 Piece Miniature Set

Besides the stunning colors, the lipsticks are also among the best travel gift ideas for her due to their exotic ingredients. These include murumuru butter, soja seed extract, and chamomilla oil.

With that, I’ll conclude my list of the best luxury travel gifts. Now, it’s time to give your credit card a little workout.

Need an idea for him? Check out these luxury travel gifts for guys.

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