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Free Travel Rewards and Credit Card Spreadsheet Template

Our free credit card spreadsheet template will assist you in tracking your spending, credit score, and travel rewards point balances. Creating a portfolio of credit cards may be stressful and difficult to keep track of. I’m here to help you.

I created a free credit card tracker to assist you in tracking your credit card accounts and rewards points and creating an annual budget for travel spending. This fully customizable and comprehensive spreadsheet can help you travel (and budget) like an expert.

I use this credit card tracker to keep track of my vacation expenditures and the annual fees for each credit card in my portfolio. I use it in the Microsoft Excel version as that’s what I’m most comfortable with, and it’s the easiest to use.

But you can actually print out the spreadsheet if you prefer writing and filling in your credit card details. Going on a trip is one of the most beneficial ways to spend money. Travel allows you to learn a lot of new information. Seeing things for the first time in another country is exciting.

That’s what traveling is all about. It’s a great way to experience the world from a new angle. I adore the sensation of stepping out of the airport and into an entirely new, unknown location.

Why you need this travel rewards and credit card tracking spreadsheet template

If you’re like me and have several travel credit cards for various travel perks, there’s no better way to keep track of everything that needs to be done than using a spreadsheet.

The benefits of a spreadsheet are easy:

  • No need to rely on app updates or bugs
  • Password changes? Who needs those?
  • Customized precisely to your preference
  • Automated to meet whatever spending requirement, credit card payments, balances, active credit cards, etc.
  • Log your crucial point redemptions (because the miles of each person differ, you must keep track of your data points)

The tracker may be used for a variety of things. The primary benefit I get from it is that the spreadsheet template allows me to better achieve my travel hacking objectives. There’s a lot more to it, though, than just travel hacking. This travel rewards spreadsheet may be a comprehensive budgeting and planning solution so that you can travel more for less money.

What is travel hacking?

Travel hacking includes a number of different components, and everyone has a different viewpoint on the definition. I think of travel hacking through these distinct definition buckets:

  1. Credit card churning: Card churning is to open credit cards to obtain a sign-up bonus. You may earn significant rewards points quickly by doing credit card churning. Churning credit cards is a long-term commitment, not a sprint.
  2. Manufactured spending: Spending money that has been manufactured rather than earned is known as manufactured spending, and it’s a practice that may be used to increase points or circumvent the requirement for minimum spending. Spending on credit cards isn’t suitable for everyone.
  3. Travel hacks without a credit card: There are many ways to use your credit card when traveling, but you can also save money with these travel hacks that don’t require a credit card. The gaps in between. These little travel hacks are generally site or territorial-specific, but they add up and are crucial for saving time and money and providing a better travel experience overall.
  4. Booking award travels efficiently and effectively: Booking award travel is critical because you want to make the most of your hard-won points. There’s no need to lose points just because you wish to book a trip. You must be sure you’re booking your journey at the greatest possible conversion rates.

Consider focusing on two to three abovementioned categories as a good travel hacker. You should attempt to master several of them. The downloadable spreadsheet might assist you in this endeavor.

Do you need to travel hack to use the spreadsheet?

No, you may use the travel rewards and credit card tracker to keep track of your trip planning and spending. If you have the travel hacking spreadsheet template, you avoid the following:

  • Missed point redemption opportunities
  • Accidentally applying for too many credit cards
  • Paying more in annual fees than you need to
  • Missing out on the minimum spend requirements on a new travel rewards credit card
  • Closing the right credit card account when you should keep it open

Alright, ready to get started? Here’s what is all included in the credit card tracker.

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Components of the credit card tracker spreadsheet

The travel rewards spreadsheet highlights several elements critical to your financial success when traveling the world.

The tracker may be used in a variety of ways.

  1. Credit card account tracking tab: Use this tab to input your credit cards and their corresponding benefits, rewards, credit limit, and signup bonuses. This way, you can also avoid unwanted annual fees on a go-forward basis.
  2. Hard pull credit inquiries: In this tab, you can log your Experian and Transunion inquiries. This is a great way to track when (and why) the last pull of your credit report was and the corresponding credit score. Use CreditKarma to grab a free credit report.
  3. Manufactured spending tracking: If you engage in manufactured spending, you may track all of your transactions connected to this activity.
  4. Rewards redemption: For every travel rewards redemption, you can log your points redeemed and cash value. This will help you keep track of the actual value of the points that you are redeeming.
  5. Progress on existing credit cards: On the progress of the existing credit cards tab, you can track all the points you earn with a particular credit card, including business cards and personal cards. This will help ensure that you never miss a sign-up bonus yet.
  6. Track yearly travel spending and make a budget: Bonus! With the yearly spending tab, you can track an entire budget from your gross income down to disposable income. Why is this included? This is a great snapshot to show that you can travel. It’s okay to spend money on yourself and enjoy the experience of traveling the world.
  7. Vacation expense logging: With the vacation expenses sheet, you can log every expense you incur during your travels. This will help you get smarter about future budgeting.
  8. Travel costs logging: With travel costs, here is where all the miscellaneous expenses will come into play. The small expenses during your travel experiences add up, so stay smart by logging each expense thoroughly.

There are a total of 8 distinct tabs in the tracking spreadsheet, which is enough to make it useful in a variety of situations.

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How the spreadsheet to keep track of credit cards can be powerful

My favorite part of the tracking spreadsheet is that you may record your reward redemptions. These data will assist you in becoming a more informed traveler. You may get started like a seasoned professional.

You become your own data hog, which you can use to predict future reward redemptions or the potential deterioration of points programs by keeping track of all your reward redemptions using the credit card tracker.

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Use it in Either Microsoft Excel or Sheets

The travel credit card tracker can be used in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. If you don’t have one of these applications, then go ahead and download the free version that works for you.

For travel hacking to work, you need to be able to see what’s going on: where your travel points are and how many travel expenses you have incurred. The travel credit card tracker does just that and more!

Transparency will assist you in staying on track with travel rewards redemptions. You may go a step further by using all of the points earned throughout the year to offset travel costs or create a travel budgeting sheet to see where your travel funds are going.

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Take Action with Your Travel Rewards Credit Cards: Cancel, Downgrade, or Keep

I should call and inquire about lowering the cost of an old card if it has an annual fee. I contact and cancel my existing card, then combine the remaining amount with another I keep.

The bottom line is that you can avoid charges or unwanted cards by keeping your credit history and credit limits intact.

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Download the Free Credit Card Spreadsheet Template

You can access the completely free credit card tracker below. Start tracking your travel credit cards more efficiently so you can go out and explore the world.

Note: once you download the tracking template, there are placeholder data points for credit cards. This will help you visualize the formatting of the tracker. Feel free to delete or add the necessary information as you see fit.

How will you use the downloadable credit card tracker?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the travel credit card tracker?

The travel credit card tracker is a travel reward spreadsheet template. It can be used to track your travel expenses and points.

The travel credit card tracker will help you keep costs, credits that have been redeemed, and points that have been earned in order by resorting to the dedicated tab for each category. Download the travel credit card tracker templates for free! Please fill out the form above with your email address so we can send it immediately!

How to use a travel credit card tracker?

The travel rewards card spreadsheet can be a tracking dashboard for all your credit card details. It has been designed to organize the top travel credit cards according to your parameters.

This travel rewards spreadsheet is free to download and print out as a template for those who wish to use it for credit card tracking or other purposes!

How often should I update my travel credit card information with this spreadsheet?

It should be updated with monthly charges and any travel-related purchases.
Using a travel credit card is great, but the perks you get from these cards can also impact your credit score. It’s important to keep track of your expenditures and points to avoid having delinquent payments come back to haunt you later (either through high-interest rates or lower credit scores).

Spreadsheets like this travel rewards spreadsheet will help you maintain control while keeping things up-to-date and within budget.

Remember: The key is regular maintenance! Anytime there are updates to make (e.g., adding bank account information for automatic payments), add them immediately so that anything changes, such as travel dates or frequent flyer program changes, it’s reflected in the spreadsheet.

Given that travel credit cards can be quite expensive, you’ll want to ensure you’re spending within your means and getting the most out of your travel rewards.

Enter the account information (and any updates) into the travel credit card tracker spreadsheet to track your travel credit card information.

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