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15 Best Things to do in Red Wing, Minnesota

15 Best Things to do in Red Wing, Minnesota

Red Wing is a beautiful city with a warm, golden light that makes you feel at home. Minnesota’s Red Wing, with its varied activities and things to do, is an exciting and intriguing destination.

The community is one of Minnesota’s gems, where it offers something for everyone: a fun and memorable travel experience. Red Wing city has many intriguing and extraordinary experiences available.

If you’re looking for a great town to explore and want to book a trip to discover stunning sceneries. Then this remarkable destination in Minnesota is right for you.

We have prepared a list of the best things to do in its fascinating city of Red Wing.

Best Things to do and See in Red Wing, MN

With a variety of activities for all age groups, Red Wing’s attractions are plentiful and diversified. From bike lanes and lakes to museums and outdoor activities, there is something for everyone in Red Wing.

Moreover, you may enjoy your time in Red Wing by doing anything from shopping to learning the history.

Here you can find things to see and do in Red Wing that offers something for everyone!

Goodhue County Historical Society

Address: 1166 Oak St, Red Wing, MN 55066, United States

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

The great town of Red Wing is the home of the oldest county historical society in Minnesota, Goodhue County Historical Society.

It is a fascinating museum open for all ages, a place that is great to stop by and see an extensive collection and exhibits of the town and the region’s impressive history lovers.

It’s an excellent location to visit for visitors who want to see some of Red Wing’s great sites while learning about the city’s fascinating history.

The Goodhue County Historical Society museum started in 1869, collecting photographs and an array of historical items across the town and the region.

Goodhue County Historical Society houses a research library and over 67,000 collections of objects consisting of historical artifacts and archives.

The museum preserved valuable and exceptional historical items and presented them to the public to show the fascinating history and exciting stories from Minnesota’s Goodhue County.

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Colvill Park

Address: 507 Nymphara Ln, Red Wing, MN 55066, United States

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Bask in the beauty of nature and serene surroundings in Colvill Park, a charming park to hit up and do a plethora of recreation activities in Red Wing, Minnesota.

It is a lovely site open for all ages and families to enjoy quality time surrounded by the beauty of the town. It is the park offers a spacious area to do different exciting activities and excellent facilities to use.

Colvill Park features a spacious picnic area, a playground equipped with engaging play structures, trails, and a shelter for holding events.

Checking out and spending a day in the park is one of the best things to do in Red Wing.

Tennis and Volleyball court are also a part of Colvill Park’s amenities, which is ideal for adults to play and engage in a fun activity within the park.

It is a great getaway destination to relax and enjoy fantastic sceneries with loved ones away from the busy ad buzzing city life.

Colvill is known as a picnic park on the banks of the Mississippi River with a boat launch and shuffleboard for fun.

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Red Wing Marine Museum

The Red Wing Marine Museum is located along the Mississippi River and features exhibits on power and motor boats.

The restored Red Wing Thorobred engines, as well as outboard motors, fishing equipment, and river-related images, are on display.

When the American Queen is docked less than a mile from Red Wing’s museum, visitors can view the largest River steamer in existence.

The Museum is located on 935 Levee Rd in Red Wing MN 55066. Check out these other top museums in Minnesota.

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Memorial Park

Address: 315 W 4th St, Red Wing, MN 55066, United States

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Red Wing is a great town to visit that is rich with natural wonders and great parks to enjoy. One of the parks not to miss when checking out the city is Memorial Park.

It is a beautiful spot that has so much to offer and a park that is ideal for performing and enjoying various outdoor activities.

The park is an excellent destination for an array of exciting recreation, alone or with family or friends. It has notable amenities that provide convenience to all of its visitors.

Memorial Park provides picnic grounds with picnic tables and grills.

Frisbee golf course, an open ground for recreational sports, and trails that are ideal for scenic walks, hiking, and biking are some of the features to enjoy in the park.

Aside from recreations ground and spots, Memorial Park has great overlooking views of Red Wing’s community.

The beauty of the Mississippi River is can also behold from the park’s ideal location and the scenic landscape views of Minnesota and Wisconsin hills.

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Red Wing Arts Association

The Red Wing Art Association helps support art in the area. The association is committed to developing a community where arts involvement with arts is important and relevant for the community.

The Red Wing Arts Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1952 that organizes and sponsors art activities throughout the city. In 1952, it began as an educational initiative for participatory arts. It is the first and oldest art community in Red Wing.

The art association is located at 418 Levee St, Red MN 55066.

Visit the Red Wing Shoe Store

The world’s largest shoes collection is at the Red Wing Shoe Store & Museum and is located right in downtown Red Wing. Visitors have the chance to dress up as an ironman and see how shoes are made for themselves.

Red Wing Shoes is a shoe company that was founded in the early 20th century. They’re best known for their leather footwear, but they also make shoes with rubber, cotton canvas, nylon fabric, and recycled materials.

The company was started by Charles Beckman and his father who came to Red Wing to start a family business. When things didn’t work out with their first company (a grain company), the Beckman’s turned to the making of shoes.

The store and museum house several of the company’s many years of high-quality shoemaking goods.

The museum is housed inside Red Wing Company’s main store in the historic downtown area of Red Wing, Minnesota.

Aliveo Military Museum

Aliveo Military Museum, Red Wing, Minnesota

Address: 321 Bush St, Red Wing, MN 55066, United States

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

History lovers will have a great time in one of the must-see modest museums in Red Wing, Minnesota, the Aliveo Military Museum. It is a fascinating museum that holds a plethora of interesting military artifacts collections.

The museum is a part of Aliveo Learning Center Inc. that showcases Revolutionary to present-day collections of artifacts from the military.

Aliveo Military Museum exhibits notable historical items from the Persian Gulf wars, Korean War, and Cold War. World War I War II artifacts are can also be seen at the museum.

Spanish American War, Civil War, and the War of Independence items of guns, uniforms, and photos were also part of the exhibit.

It’s a museum that holds a significant number of items from its exhibits that show artifacts and portray history and tell stories.

Aliveo Military Museum honors heroes who served the country through preserving, maintaining and exhibiting war artifacts.

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Bay Point Park

Wildlife in Mississippi River, Red Wing, Minnesota

Address: Red Wing, MN 55066, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Aside from enjoying the great and vibrant city life, the Bay Point Park is one of the spots in Red Wing, Minnesota, that offers a great adventure.

It is a lovely park with a great facility to enjoy exciting outdoor activities and bask in the beauty of the wilderness. The park is situated downtown near the Red Wing along the Mississippi River.

Bay Point Park features good and convenient outdoor amenities. It has spacious and great picnic areas, engaging play structures, trails, sports grounds, and a Boat Launch to enjoy the river.

The park is one of the spots in town where various community celebrations are held. Bay Point Park is a great community place to enjoy and interact with locals.

The park features a shelter that can be rented to host parties and events. Bay Point Park is close to some of the great attractions in town, like the Boat House Village.

Due to its ideal location, it a perfect stop to enjoy a delightful surrounded by great.

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Historic Boat House Village

The Historic Boat House Village is in the City of Red Wing in the State of Minnesota. The village is situated on the beautiful Mississippi River.

There are houses with historic architectural styles, shops and art galleries for visitors to visit. There are things to do in Red Wing for people of all ages, so there is something for everyone when visiting the Historic Boat House Village.

Visitors can rent boats or kayaks to paddle along the river, sail with a Harbor Master or enjoy a leisurely bicycle ride along scenic trails that border the village’s shoreline.

It’s like taking an unforgettable back-in-time trip while you’re at this lovely village.

Don’t miss out on seeing one of Minnesota’s most unique destinations!

Pottery Museum of Red Wing


Address: 240 Harrison St, Red Wing, MN 55066, United States

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The lovely town of Red Wing is known for the beauty of sceneries and the great attraction it holds but also for the fascinating clay industry it has.

Due to Red Wing great clay industry, there is an interesting museum in town that is dedicated to pottery and clay, the Pottery Museum of Red Wing.

The museum features an extensive collection and exhibits of post and dinnerware made from clay.

It has a fascinating abundance of interesting vintage pottery pieces. Pottery Museum of Red Wing collections reaches over 6,000 craft stonewares. It’s a unique destination in town that focuses on and honors the beauty of art in pottery.

One of the notable exhibits to check out in this remarkable pottery museum is the life-size ceramics with a height of 13,000 square feet.

Pottery Museum of Red Wing has a lovely gift shop where various wonderful ceramics from plates, vases, and other potteries can be purchased.

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Explore Lake Pepin

The first permanent settlement on the site of present-day Pepin was named after a Chippewa chief who had been abducted and enslaved by French explorers.

When the explorer mapped the area in 1659, he noted that there were many wild rice lakes. The local people referred to it as “Lake Minnewashta,” but they later changed it.

Lake Pepin is a lovely destination that offers things for everyone. The Lake Pepin shoreline stretches more than 50 miles across the Mississippi River and has shores made of 20-foot bluffs.

Lake Pepin is a spectacular natural wonder where visitors can take a break from exploring.

The enormous lake is 21 miles long and has a width of about 1.3 miles. It’s a major draw for residents and visitors to Red Wing who come to fish, swim boats, and relax on the water.

It’s also known as the spot where waterskiing was invented in 1922. A road encircles the lake, taking motorists from all over to view the great scenery of this scenic byway.

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Cannon River Turtle Preserve Scientific and Natural Area (SNA)

Small turtle

Address: Cannondale Rd, Red Wing, MN 55066, United States

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Red Wing offers a great outdoor adventure for its abundance of excellent nature spots, and the nature preserve of Cannon River Turtle Preserve Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) is one of the spots not to miss.

It is a beautiful destination to walk and appreciate the beauty of nature. Cannon River downstream of Welch is protected and under the care of this fascinating nature reserve.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of things to do in Cannon River Turtle Preserve Scientific and Natural Area (SNA).

An outdoor and wildlife-based spot in town. Taking trails, walking, biking, bird watching, and fishing within surrounded by the serene and beautiful sceneries of nature is the features to enjoy.

Enjoying a delightful picnic or stopping by and relaxing on the reserve’s sandbar is ideal. The sandbars are seasonally closed and inaccessible, but not all of them are sanctuary areas that are the turtle’s nesting spots.

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Red Wing Visitors & Convention Bureau

Address: 120 Broad St, Red Wing, MN 55066, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

One of the best places to visit, explore and experience a memorable stay in the great town of Red Wing, Minnesota, is the Red Wing Visitors & Convention Bureau.

It is a spectacular visitor center in the city that offers a variety of exciting things to do.

Red Wing Visitors & Convention Bureau is a great place to spot by and savor great travel, and the visitor center has offers opportunities of maximizing a memorable flight and journey in Red Wing, Minnesota.

It has a collection of travel information in town.

From the best attractions to check out to shops and establishments like great restaurants to dine into maps and helpful Red Wing travel guides.

Excellent outdoor and indoor activities can be fulfilled in this great vacation stop.

Red Wing Visitors & Convention Bureau is open for all to enjoys and offers an extraordinary one-of-a-kind travel.

Also a wonderful getaway along the fascinating Mississippi River.

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Colvill Park Swimming Pool

Address: Nymphara Ln, Red Wing, MN 55066, United States

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Beating the heat in the mesmerizing Colvill Park Swimming Pool of Red Wing, Minnesota, is one of the best things to enjoy in town.

The water park is a great spot to relax and enjoy outdoor adventure. It is situated inside the beautiful outdoor destinations in the city, Colvill Park.

Colvill Park Swimming Pool features a large outdoor pool with great amenities that provides convenience to all visitors seeking a place to relax and swim.

The pool is not the only part of the waterpark that the locals and tourists can enjoy, for it has ideal grounds to play and perform a variety of recreation aside from swimming.

It is a great spot to bond and enjoy quality time with loved ones and interact with the locals.

There are much food stands within the water park that provides food and drinks to hungry visitors.

Concession stands of cold drinks, hot dogs, snacks, and ice cream were some of Colvill Park Swimming Pool accessible refreshments.

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Falconer Vineyards

Address: 3572 Old Tyler Rd, Red Wing, MN 55066, United States

Rating: 4 out of 5

The town of Red Wing is offering a variety of amazing destinations, and one of these beautiful spots to visit is the Falconer Vineyards.

It is an enthralling family-owned winery in town that offers a picturesque panoramic scenic view and pours delightful wines to taste.

The winery is ideally situated in Red Wing’s historic and beautiful center, providing access to behold fantastic sceneries.

Falconer Vineyards features a wine tasting, a great pizza restaurant, and a fascinating overlooking backdrop of vineyards on its outdoor deck seating.

Aside from delightful wine, the winery also brews hard ciders, which goes well with the pizza they cooked and served.

Drinking wine in Falconer Vineyards is lovely and delightful, with the musicians performing live on its deck giving a vibrant and wonderful ambiance.

An ideal destination to relax, sip wine, enjoy beautiful sceneries, and enjoy good music.

The winery held many events to provide not only great wines, entertainment, and enjoyment to their visitors.

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