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14 Best YouTube Travel Vloggers You Need To Follow 

14 Best YouTube Travel Vloggers You Need To Follow 

YouTube Travel videos can be a great help when planning your next trip and comparing different destinations. But with thousands of travel vloggers out there, who to follow and view? Here is the list of some of the best.

Travel Vlogging is an art that demands lots of hard work.

The storytelling and cinematic flair add life to even the most boring videos.

Moreover, fantastic drone shots show the world from a different angle. All these techniques involve lots of energy and time.

Simply put: Travel vlogging is a pretty complicated job.

Travel vloggers

Despite this, the number of travel vloggers is on the rise every year. Some make videos for monetary benefit through affiliate links and advertisements, thanks to platforms like Flexoffers.

However, there are many vloggers who use their blogs only to share their experiences.

You will come across adventurers who vlog only to interact with people. They love taking their viewers through beautiful journeys.

Let’s suppose you want to gain a virtual travel experience. You can head over to a famous travel YouTube channel. YouTube has some fantastic vloggers that spread the joy of traveling around the world.

If you don’t know who to follow, read the list of 14 top YouTube travel vloggers below.

14 Top Travel Vloggers on YouTube

From couples to women, this list has all top vloggers. All these personalities have taken over the travel world through their charming characters and engaging content.

Their unique creativity has earned them millions of views on their channels. You can take inspiration from the listed Vloggers to come up with your own unique ideas.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

Via Travelers

When it comes to traveling and seeking adventures, no trip is successful without some beneficial tips and hacks.

Via Travelers

Via Travelers is a newly-developed YouTube channel and a successful blog. With a continuous effort and earning organic viewership through email courses, Via Travelers has seen success within a limited period.

The travel YouTube channel aims to make travel planning super convenient and fun.

This channel features stories on day trips and road journeys. Also, with many timelapse videos,  it covers the art of traveling quite aesthetically.

Moreover, Via Travelers has content on the most beautiful tourist attractions. A little research will also help you find many travel hack videos.

The channel aims to recharge travelers and make you explore the most beautiful places on the earth.

The best way to enjoy all videos by Via Travelers is by subscribing to the channel. You won’t miss notifications this way.

Also, if you need additional information, read the blog.

Fun For Louis

With more than 2 million subscribers, Louis is a successful vlogger. Louis Cole started as a food vlogger.

Fun For Louis

However, soon this UK travel enthusiast took the travel route. On his channel, you will come across his tours in London and Australia.

Through his videos, Louis makes traveling look both fun and daring. His expeditions will leave you excited for more.

Louis’s remarkable camera techniques and interactive storytelling make him one of the best YouTube travel vloggers worldwide. Also, the 360 videos have a long-lasting impact on his audience.

You can sit for hours and easily binge-watch his channel.

Louis knows the art of making attention-grabbing content. To sort all your Monday blues, search for Fun For Louis on YouTube and get ready for adventures.


Vegabrothers are top travel vloggers with wacky personalities. They have an urge to explore the hidden gems of the world, which reflects wonderfully on-screen.


Their channel tagline goes like, “Stay Curious and Keep Exploring.”

Vegabrothers have the most fantastic travel humor on YouTube. With bright personalities and impactful storytelling, they know what they are doing.

Their videos keep viewers hooked to their channel for a long time.

While Marko is a producer, Alex works as a filmmaker for the vlogs. They both write and edit their content together.

Vegabrothers release a new vlog every Tuesday, and their consistency has made them successful quickly.

They also incorporate collaborations with fellow YouTubers in their videos. Moreover, their videos are no less than a value-packed resource for newbie adventurers.

Vegabrother’s “Minimalistic DIY Travel Essentials’ video gained immense fame within hours.

The “How to survive a long haul flight” is still popular among avid travelers.

Also, “How our lives and channels were changing in 2020” gives an insight into their lives. So if you are clueless about where to travel, Vegabrothers are one of the best travel vloggers on YouTube to follow.

Hey Nadine

Hey, Nadine. If you are looking for a fun woman vlogger on YouTube, Nadine’s videos will make you extremely happy. Her infectious energy and relatable content may compel you to book a flight right away.

Hey Nadine

Also, her travel knowledge is quite impressive. Nadine’s YouTube channel has videos on travel hacks and famous destinations.

She also has some interesting videos on packing guides.

Nadine has more than six years of traveling experience, and that reflects in her information-packed videos.

Nadine’s authoritative voice and compassion attract audiences from various sects of life.  She has traveled almost worldwide, but her recent travel vlog on India is a masterpiece.

The vlog has all the tips you need to know before planning a trip to India. The video covers her knowledge of Jaipur and Mumbai interestingly.

Moreover, Nadine’s vlogs around Europe are genuinely breathtaking.

Nadine is an explorer, a travel guide, and an inspiration.  You may need her expertise to plan your next trip.

Her videos also cover tips on designing your travel website. Moreover, she also shares tips on adding value to websites such as traffic secrets and content ranking.

I AM Aileen

When it comes to the best women travel vloggers, we can’t miss Aileen Adalid on the list. She has many accomplishments!

I AM Aileen

Aileen left her top corporate job to become a full-time traveler vlogger. She is also a successful entrepreneur.

Aileen is a digital nomad who makes jaw-dropping travel videos.

As a full-time adventurer, Aileen has made a successful travel business for herself. Her passion has persuaded her to make traveling a fun and convenient activity for everyone.

You will come across videos on travel hacks and nomadic lifestyles on her channel. She also covers the content on travel guides.

Her infectious vibe and energy translate amazingly on the screen.

With every video, Aileen gives a living proof of how to make all travel dreams come true. She is an inspiration for young girls who dream of moving out of their comfort zones.

If you haven’t seen her website, have a look. It is a great depiction of her success and you can have a similar website designed perfectly with a perfect bluehost hosting plan. Her website may get you further inspired.

Fearless & Far

Bizarre and extreme adventures always make attention-grabbing vlogs.  However, there are very few top travel vloggers who cover this aspect of vlogging.

Fearless & Far

But Mike Corey is an exception. He runs a travel YouTube channel, Fearless & Far. This man has a weird urge to take the most unheard travel routes.

Through his vlog, Mike films all his scary adventures for the viewers.

This channel is a beautiful portrayal of his filmmaking skills and creative content. Also, his engaging personality and interactive stories can make you a travel addict.

Mike has vlogged on most of the weirdest festivals in the world. From his experiences in Mexico to his time at Amazonia, his videos are pretty entertaining.

Also, his knowledge of different cuisines is quite inspiring. Mike is fearless, and his travel expeditions take him quite far.

The Planet D

Dave and Deb run one of the most amazing YouTube traveling channels, The Planet D. This YouTube couple believes in the motto “adventure is for everyone.”

The Planet D

They have been married for 20 years and share a lovely bond.

Named as one of the top 10 travel influencers by Forbes, Planet D’s content is remarkable. The blog proves that you do not have to be rich or millennial to enjoy the world.

The Planet D couple has taken a daring tour to Antarctica. Also, they have spent a night camping in the most dangerous forest.

Dave and Deb love getting into unique expeditions. They are also an excellent source of information for both younger and older generations.

GRRRL Traveler

Christine Kaaloa is an America-based solo traveler with a famous YouTube channel, GRRRL Traveler. From food adventures to travel tips, this girl covers various content in her vlogs.

GRRRL Traveler

As a solo adventurer, she does a couple of things that may freak you out. They can be impossible to deal with for most people, let alone filming them.

However, Christine Kaaloa brings these hurdles to your screen and shares hacks to tackle them.

Christine gives the most valuable and exciting travel advice and tips. From taxi scams to airport layover, her channel is a delight to follow.


Traveling without eating good food sounds like a nightmare, right? Migrationology is a YouTube channel run by a foodie and a travel enthusiast, Mike.


Mike loves to cook and travel. His delicious recipes and adventures are pretty tempting.

The motivation behind Migrationology is to travel for food. That’s what Mike does.

He has traveled most of the world and met his wife on one of his tours. Now both of them visit countries to experience the local cuisines.

They incorporate their tastes using the regional spices and recipes. Since Mark is based in Thailand, his vlog has some of the most drool-worthy Thai recipes for you to try.

Drew Binsky

It’s hard not to mention Drew Binsky when talking about the best travel vloggers. He is one of the first travel vloggers who started off his journey in 2012.

Drew Binsky

After completing his university in Prague, Drew set off to pursue his travel passion. He hasn’t slowed down since then.

Drew has traveled around 150 countries. He has been featured on famous channels and magazines.

Moreover, Drew is also a proud holder of two Guinness World Records. His ultimate mission is to travel every part of the earth and film his journey for your eyes.

The Bucket List Family

When you begin a family, travel takes the least priority in your life. However, The Bucket List Family makes traveling look so easy and adventurous.

The Bucket List Family

This family of five describes themselves as “Family Travel Journalists.” They aim to live a life differently from ordinary people worldwide.

The Gee family sold everything they owned in 2015 and decided to explore the globe with their three children.

This wholesome little family has its own YouTube channel. They film their travel experiences, hacks, and tips for families who aim to travel.

The Gee Family is also a true inspiration for people who have stopped living life on their terms.

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Hopscotch The Globe

Hopscotch the Globe is a fun YouTube travel channel run by super-talented and witty vlogger Kristin Sarah. She is so relatable that you may find her like your best friend.

Hopscotch The Globe

With a great blend of cultural parodies and DIY recipes, Kristine’s channel is a wonderful travel blog for all ages.

A few years back, Kristin married her partner Siya. Now both of them travel the world to source your weekly entertainment on Hopscotch the Globe.

According to the news, they are ready to welcome a baby to their team soon and plan their adventures accordingly.

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Gabriel Traveler

Another one of the top travel vloggers, Gabriel Morris, has been filming his experiences for three decades. He takes a spot on the list of people who initiated travel vlogging.

Gabriel Traveler

Gabriel’s vlogs cover stories of his adventures and travel hacks. He also loves sharing practical information on various countries and continents.

This experienced vlogger has seen five continents and visited more than fifty countries. Gabriel’s experiences in India and Nepal have made him quite popular among youth.

Only recently, Gabriel celebrated three decades of his journey as a travel vlogger. He posted pictures and amazing videos on his channel.

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Wolters World

The last on our list of best traveling vlogs is Walters World, a funny, but witty and educational YouTube channel. 

A funny man with lots of knowledge and experience, Wolters World is a well-traveled man. He shares the dos and don’ts of traveling.

Wolters World

Moreover, Wolter reveals some of the unheard facts about various countries in his videos.

On his YouTube channel, Wolter shares vlogs on his adventures. He has traveled to most of Europe and America.

This is why he understands the local places and people living there. His videos on Germany and pickpockets are pretty informative.

Wolter also covers the content on dumb things people do in new countries. Wolter World is a fantastic channel for all first-time travelers and upcoming vloggers.

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