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How to Find Cheap Amsterdam Trips

How to Find Cheap Amsterdam Trips

Amsterdam is an expensive city, but you can still save money if you know where and how to find cheap Amsterdam trips. Here is a detailed guide that can help you save money on your next Amsterdam vacation.

Cozy coffee shops, breathtaking tulip gardens, world-class museums infamous red lights, and historical art are the aspects that pop into our minds whenever we think of Amsterdam.

But, if you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll know that planning short trips to Amsterdam can be a daunting task.

Mainly because the city gets too crowded during peak times, and the prices also get astonishingly high.

To make sure you get your hands on the cheapest rates for your Amsterdam vacations, you’ll have to plan accordingly.

This means you’ll have to take aspects such as hotel bookings, flight bookings, and daily itineraries into consideration before you set out.

Amsterdam Illustration

How to Plan Amsterdam Trips

The Dutch capital of Amsterdam is a boisterous modern city where you’ll see activity everywhere you look. There are a plethora of things to do, from bicycle tours to canal tours.

Whether you’re planning all-inclusive trips to the city, or weekend trips to Amsterdam’s Anne Frank House, you should plan meticulously beforehand to not miss out on any attractions the city has to offer.


Here is everything you’ll need to prepare for your next Amsterdam vacation..

When Should You Plan Amsterdam Vacation?

Canal in Amsterdam

The main question is, when should you visit Amsterdam to get the cheapest vacation package?

Amsterdam is a city famous for its flower fields and scenery; the best time to visit is spring. Tourists usually start pouring into the city in April, and the season continues until late September.

This is the ideal time to plan your long or short to the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Mainly because the temperature levels are mild, so you won’t experience any harsh blizzards or heavy rainfall. Similarly, the flowers are in full bloom, so the city’s natural beauty will be at its epitome.

However, the best time to visit Amsterdam on a cheaper budget is during the winter and holiday season. The snowy season, combined with holiday decorations, accentuates the city’s beauty and makes it a lovely sight to behold.

Moreover, if you travel right before winter during fall, you’ll find the cheapest airfare and Amsterdam hotel rates compared to other times of the year.

Also, the tourist spaces and main attractions are less crowded during this season, so you can enjoy a peaceful, hassle-free trip and save money at the same time.

Begijnhof, Amsterdam

Moving Around the City

While planning your Amsterdam vacation, you’ll have to think about transport before you set out. All the city’s tourist attractions are quite scattered, so you’ll have to move around a lot.

You can easily move from Amsterdam city centre to different parts of the city without any problems. The good news is, the city has an extensive network of public transport.

These include ferries, buses, metros, and trams. You can buy a card to access all the transportation methods at the beginning of your trip to move around as you like.

Similarly, if you want to move around at your own comfort, you can rent bicycles and cars from several vendors around the city.

If you’re with family, renting a vehicle is an excellent choice. However, if you opt for a solo Amsterdam vacation, the best transport is the iconic blue and white train system, which is the best way to get around town.

Pack According to the Weather

The notorious weather of the city usually ends up spoiling most trips to Amsterdam. To avoid the same fate, you should prepare for the weather before leaving your home country.

Depending on the season you travel in, you should take warm or cool clothing articles with you. However, due to Amsterdam’s location near the North Sea, the city gets frequent temperature shifts.

This means a perfect sunny morning can be followed by a rainy afternoon unexpectedly.

Make sure you carry waterproof jackets, umbrellas, and water-resistant shoes so that you don’t have to cancel your plans across the city due to the weather.

Plan Your Daily Itinerary

Amsterdam has attractions and activities to accommodate people with all kinds of tastes and preferences. Consider using our 2 days in Amsterdam itinerary if you want to build a trip around a weekend.

For example, if you’re close to nature and the outdoors, you can take their canal tours and visit the tulip gardens.

Similarly, if you wish to appreciate its historical aspects, you can do so by visiting the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House to take a trip down memory lane.

Van Gogh Museum

From its infamous red-light streets to cultural restaurants and clubs teeming with nightlife, you’re bound to stay occupied for the whole day if you plan your itinerary well.

Here’s a list of the places you must visit on your trip to Amsterdam to make your trip memorable.

Anne Frank House

This is the place where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II. If you’re an avid reader and have the remnants of her famous diary in mind, you’ll particularly enjoy the tour across the house.

Remember, if you wish to take a tour, you’ll have to book the ticket months in advance before setting out, as they only allow a limited number of tourists per day.

Check out these other top museums in Amsterdam if you are a culture junkie.

River Canal Cruise

Amsterdam vacations are incomplete without touring their beautiful canals. This extended network of 165 canals was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010.

A view across the canal of Amsterdam

It allows you to witness the city’s notable historic architecture and watch the landscape modernize as you move towards the Amstel River.

Besides that, if you plan your tour between November to January, you can witness their annual light festival and popular art installations from well-known Dutch artists along the canal.


Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is a treat for art lovers. They have unique Durch and Flemish art pieces from renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Vag Gogh.

If you want to experience all of the city’s art heritage, a great idea is to dedicate a day from your itinerary to the city’s multiple museums. You can start from Rijksmuseum and move on to the Van Gogh Museum adjacent to it. The Van Gogh Museum contains the World’s largest collection of works by Vincent van Gogh with more than 200 paintings and 500 drawings. 

After that, you can check out the Stedelijk Museum, an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art.

The Tulip Museum

One of the cheapest and most beautiful museums in Amsterdam, this is a must-visit place for nature lovers. It is located inside a small room in a famous tulip shop so that you can purchase your favorite flowers on your way out.

The Tulip Museum Amsterdam

The museum displays a fascinating history of the tulips in Holland, how they came into being, and how they connect with the country’s rich history.

The Houseboat Museum

Rather than a conventional museum, this is a decorated houseboat where you can visit daily from 10 am-5 pm.

The Houseboat Museum Amsterdam

It’s a cozy place that gives a clear depiction of living on a canal. It can get quite cramped inside, so you should avoid it if you’re claustrophobic.

Food and Drink

Amsterdam is a city famous for its variety of food and drink. Their food stalls have it all, from the traditional stroopwafels, bitterballen, and raw herring to Vietnamese, Spanish, and Indian cuisine.

Amsterdam food

Similarly, you can visit the House of Bols and nearby Glou Glous to witness wine in the making and taste them with traditional snacks like different loaves of bread and cheese.

Beer lovers should definitely plan a visit to the Heineken Experience or the Brouwerij ‘t IJ to watch the centuries-old brewing process and taste exotic flavors at the same time.

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Hotels and Accommodation in Amsterdam

According to your budget, you’ll have to pick your hotel or accommodation before you reach Amsterdam.

You could always walk into one of the hostels at Oud Zuid or De Wallen Hotel if you’re backpacking alone, but if you’re taking group trips to Amsterdam, it’s better if you pre-book your lodgings.

The easiest way to book a reliable hotel is by picking an Amsterdam vacation package that includes everything from flights and accommodation for your entire trip.

Along the inner canal belt in Amsterdam, you’ll find the most expensive and luxurious hotels. Besides that, you can go to boutique hotels such as Canal House Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam, Jan Luyken Hotel Amsterdam, and Pulitzer Amsterdam.

If you wish to go to well-known hotel chains, you can choose from The Marriott or The Hilton in Amsterdam.

Also, you can always crash into Airbnbs if you’re having trouble finding hotel bookings during peak season.

Air Trips to Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world.

With more than 108 airlines flying towards the city from over 300 destinations worldwide, the airport has the third-highest passenger volume of any other European city.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

Once you reach the airport, you can take a cab for five euros to the Amsterdam City Center and go anywhere you want in the city.

You can also take a cab ride directly to Amsterdam Zuid and take the metro to move around Amsterdam quickly.

You can also reach Amsterdam by train from other parts of Europe. Specifically, if you’re taking trips to Amsterdam and Paris, you can fly to Paris from your home country and take the Thalys to Amsterdam.

Similarly, while planning weekend trips to Amsterdam from London, you can fly to London first and take the Eurostar to reach Amsterdam.

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Weekend Trips to Amsterdam – The Costs

Amsterdam is an expensive city, so even if you try to be as frugal as you can when selecting your Amsterdam vacation package, it’s likely to cost a lot. Be alert to look out for airline-related more on your trip.

However, if you’re passionate about taking your first vacation to Amsterdam, here’s an approximate break up of how much every aspect of your journey will cost you.


Firstly, the accommodations are the most important part of your trip. If you take Airbnb options in Amsterdam, a dorm-like room would cost you around $60 per night, while a private room is worth about $80 in Airbnb Amsterdam.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Single rooms in a three-star hotel in Amsterdam start from $120 in the peak season and around $80 at any other time of the year.

If you don’t mind crashing in with some fellow tourists, you can try their inexpensive hostels that are worth around $30-$50 per night. However, this is not an option for those taking an Amsterdam vacation package with their families.


Secondly, you’ll have to take your dining costs into account. You can get cheap Dutch food at roadside stalls for only $2-$10. The variety can range from burgers to pizza slices and falafel.

Apart from that, you can go to budget-friendly restaurants and avail yourself of their pre-fixed menus for $10-$15. You can expect to pay around $20-$25 for a single combo meal at mid-range restaurants.

You can treat yourself once or twice during your trip to a six or seven-course meal from a high-end restaurant.

This might cost you anywhere around $80-$100 per person.


Finally, you’ll have to spend on tourist attractions and shopping while you’re in Amsterdam. If you avail of free tours and take public transportation around the city, you can settle for about $70 per day. For a start, Anne Frank House costs €7.00 – €14.00 for teens and adults.

How to Take Cheap Trips to Amsterdam

As we mentioned, trips to Amsterdam are quite expensive. The small city has limited spaces for accommodation and tourist attractions, which makes the prices hike up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t travel to your favorite city on a budget.

Here are a few tips you can follow if you want to take a cheap trip to Amsterdam.

Invest in an All-Access Pass

You can find passes for your Amsterdam vacation that let you inside most of their historical tourist attractions, including museums and canal tours. Besides that, the passes include free public transportation if you’re going from one museum to another.

The prices start from $60-$70 per day and go up as you increase the validity and free attractions.

Buy The Museum Card

The Museum Card is a frugal investment that can make your trip to Amsterdam relatively cheaper.

It’s an excellent choice for people taking long weekend trips to Amsterdam as they allow access to over 30 museums in Amsterdam and 400 museums in the Netherlands.

Not only can you visit any museum you like during your tour, but also get free repeat visits to your favorite museums. The card costs only $70 and is a treat for history and art enthusiasts.

Take Walking Tours

Touring the city is perhaps the best activity to take up while staying in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, if you take the conventional bus or car tours, you’ll have to pay a lot. Also, a guide through the city will cost you extra. From Amsterdam city center you can explore the Ibis Amsterdam Centre, the Royal Palace, art galleries, and open-air theatre.

Taking walking tours is an ideal way to avoid these expenses. You can also book guided walking tours through popular tour companies without spending a fortune.

Get a Nightlife Ticket

To live the nightlife to the optimum level while touring Amsterdam, you should invest in the nightlife ticket, and find an Amsterdam hotel with good proximity to a hotel.

The ticket is worth only $15-$20 and is valid for a week.


It gives you unlimited access to over eight clubs across the city. Along with that, you get free welcome drinks at almost all clubs and free entry to Holland Casino.

Similarly, you’ll get discounts on your Uber rides at night as well.

Rent Your Boats

Many tourism sites offer expensive canal cruises if you wish to move through the city’s extensive canals. However, you can save up on the expenses by hiring your own boat through boat vendors across the city.

This is a top recommendation if you are going on a romantic vacation in Amsterdam.

Eat Cheap

Eateries can prove to be the most expensive places on your Amsterdam tour. Go for cheap ones if you want to spend your cash carefully. Places such as Febo, Walk to Wok, and Maoz has good food offers at low prices.

You can even try cafes that offer pre-fixed lunch menus or even cook your food. Honestly, Dutch cuisine is not something you’ll crave every day.

So, after you’ve dined at fine restaurants once or twice, make your own sandwiches to eat for the rest of your trip.

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Keep an Eye Out For Free Stuff

Especially during the holiday season and the peak tourism season, Amsterdam is teeming with festivals and carnivals.

Keep checking local city boards to stay in the loop. By staying updated, you can visit upcoming concerts, shows, or markets that let you in for free.

Best Amsterdam Vacation Packages

Amsterdam vacation packages for solo or group trips depend entirely on your budget, needs, and the length of your trip. If you’re planning day trips to Amsterdam, you can quickly get good packages on tourist sites.

They have amazing packages covering your transportation, lodging, and tourism expenses.

On sites like Viator and GetYourGuide, you can find not only tailor-made tours to save up on your day trip but also get pocket-friendly tour plans for trips to London, Paris, and Amsterdam combined.

viator logo

However, if you’re looking for trips to Amsterdam all-inclusive, or you want to take day trips from Amsterdam to other countries, you should look for packages that include flights and hotel bookings as well.

Check out where to get the best packages for your Amsterdam trip and the cheapest flights to book in my list below.

Cheap Amsterdam Flight

There are lots of flights that move from the USA to Amsterdam almost every day. You can choose from various airlines, including KLM, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines.

The per flight prices for these airlines range according to the aircraft they use and the facilities they provide.

While each of the mentioned airlines has direct Amsterdam flights from respective US cities to the Netherlands, you might get transit flights with stopovers for cheaper rates.

However, some airlines have flights from limited US cities only. For example, Norwegian Airlines only moves to the Netherlands from New York. Similarly, the TUI Netherlands only takes off from Miami and Orlando.

Skyscanner website

You can check flight booking sites like Skyscanner, Momondo, and Tripadvisor to determine which Amsterdam flight takes off from your city or the nearest city to your location.

Similarly, they let you compare price rates to book the cheapest flights from multiple options.

If you wish to travel further, you can book flights for day trips from Amsterdam to Germany and day trips from Amsterdam to Bruges through these sites at the best prices.

Best Travel Package Sites

If you’re looking for the best Amsterdam vacation package for your Amsterdam tour you should consider checking online on travel booking sites.

These sites take information from various hotels, airlines, and transport services to provide tailor-made vacation packages for you.

Their packages include flights, hotel bookings, and tourism, but you can customize your package according to your needs.

Get your customized Amsterdam package today, by picking from these:

I’ve already mentioned my preferred sites in case you need to book only cheap vacation flights to Amsterdam.

Those who want hotel bookings for their trip can use the following sites. Just enter your vacation dates and get quotes for the cheapest packages available.

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Amsterdam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you’ve gone through my guide for cheap trips to Amsterdam, you’re probably ready to book a vacation package for yourself.

Here are some answers to common questions to help you out on your Amsterdam trip ahead.

How Much Does an Amsterdam Trip Cost?

A trip to Amsterdam can cost anywhere from $3,000-$5,000 depending on how well you use your finances.

If you plan a one-week trip on a budget, you’ll spend around $600 on airfare, $900 on hotels and lodgings, $500 on food, and $800 on attractions around the city.

However, if you choose to spend a luxurious vacation in Amsterdam, you can end up spending $10,000 or more.

Are Three Days Enough for Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has a plethora of tourist attractions, and if you don’t want to miss out on anything, three days is definitely not enough.

Nevertheless, if your trip planner does not allow you to stay further, you should hand-pick the places and attractions that attract you the most.

Then, create a proper three-day itinerary to make the most out of your trip.

What Is the Cheapest Time of Year to Go to Amsterdam?

The cheapest time for you to plan and visit Amsterdam is during the fall time. Consider traveling around October and November, before the holiday season.

Similarly, visiting after New Year in January and February will also ensure a cheap trip.

Is Amsterdam Cheap to Visit?

No, Amsterdam is not cheap to visit. It is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. However, you can get an Amsterdam vacation package by choosing your flights, hotels, and other travel necessities correctly and spending your money effectively.

Final Words

That concludes my guide for the cheapest Amsterdam vacation. For travel enthusiasts, tourism prices can be heartbreaking. But many facilities make cheap traveling possible nowadays.

Make sure you conduct thorough research while planning your trip to get the best deals on all your purchases. Remember, online purchases can easily become subject to malpractice.

Conduct proper due diligence from your side regarding any platform or website before buying a vacation package. This way, you can avoid getting ripped off. Happy holiday travel!

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