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18 Best Vacations for a Group of Friends

We know that destinations like Paris and Venice are ideal for couples and that Washington D.C. and Rome are perfect for families, but where should a group of friends go? What are the ideal vacations for a group of friends?

People are often asking this question related to group travel. Despite the popularity of group travel, planning vacations for a group of friends is not easy.

You have to find a destination that everyone will love, pick a hotel everyone can afford, and close in on a place that will meet each individual’s travel preferences.

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Best Places to Go on Vacation with Friends

Here are the best destinations and places to go with friends that will cover all traveler personalities and ensure that each group member has a beautiful time.

1. Napa Valley, California

Vineyard in Napa Valley

One can never go wrong with this wine country. You can enjoy bike tours and wine tastings specially designed for large groups. It remains one of the best vacations for a group of friends in the US. When you are not sipping on vino, you can relax at one of the villas in the area or take a hike to the surrounding hills.

If you want to enjoy metro living, head to nearby San Francisco or Sacramento. Napa Valley is not only known for wine; it has a long-standing nightlife and spa scene. 

You can relax, chill with your friends and make the most of the colorful nightlife. Napa Valley is also an ideal destination for foodies with its excellent fine dining options. This also makes for an excellent girls’ trip from San Francisco, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Grab an easy tour straight from San Francisco and visit wine country and Muir Woods. Like what you are hearing? Check out our full guide on the best things to do in Northern California.

Where to stay:

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2. Montreal, Canada

Montreal City Skyline

Those who do not have adequate time to take a complete European vacation opt for Montreal. It is a popular destination for group trips. The beautiful city will make you feel like you have hopped across the pond, and it is perfect for those who only have a few days to get away.

Montreal is one destination that will be loved by foodies and history buffs equally. Quebec is a cosmopolitan province with modernism and old European charm. It is one of the most visited cities in Canada and is known as the Paris of Canada.

Montreal is one of the liveliest cities in North America. Walk around Old Montreal, listen to jazz, explore the Old Port, head to Mile End, and enjoy the stunning food scene of the city. 

Where to Stay

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3. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Skyline at Night

A hot spot for vacations for a group of friends in recent years, Nashville is a must-have on your friend’s travel bucket list. Nashville has exceptional food, music, and a happening nightlife scene. This is one destination that will please every type of traveler’s personality.

The bustling city is overflowing with live music venues and restaurants. It will also allow you to learn more about music’s influence. Known as the Music City, Nashville remains at the top of everyone’s bucket list.

Whether it is your first time in Nashville or you are revising the destination, you will never be disappointed. You will be able to learn about the rich history of the place. It also has several cute boutiques, restaurants, and cafes.

Plan a friend’s trip with Getaway to explore Nashville like a country music star. Check out these top things to do in Nashville, Tennessee, to build your travel itinerary.

Where to stay?

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4. Reykjavik, Iceland


One of the most beautiful places in the world, Iceland gained popularity in 2017. It is at the top of the world destinations for friends. If you have not ticked it off your bucket list yet, gather your friends and head to Iceland.

It is perfect for nature lovers and the great outdoors who want to do much more than a basic camping trip. Iceland cannot be beaten at the Blue Lagoon, sand beaches, Ring Road, and, of course, the Northern Lights.

Rent a car in Iceland; you can see an entire country in a few days.  In Reykjavik, you can enjoy concerts, art galleries, museums, shopping, relaxing in the hot springs, and whale watching. It’s the land of fresh air with limited pollution.

This destination has something for every type of traveler’s personality. Imagine seeing the Northern Lights with some of your closest friends. It doesn’t get much better than that. Check out this Iceland itinerary to find the best places to explore during your stay.

Where to Stay

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5. New York City

New York City Friends

The largest city in the US, New York City, is an excellent idea for a friend’s trip and is another city that needs to be on your friend’s travel bucket list. Talk about a city that has something for everyone.

If you are traveling with new friends, the Big Apple can be a great place to learn more about each other as there are great food options for even the pickiest of eaters.

A friend’s trip to NYC can include excursions to the main tourist attractions if you and all of your friends haven’t seen the hot spots like the Empire State Building, Times Square, World Trade Center, and the Statue of Liberty. Or, you can visit MoMa or the Met Gallery. New York features some of the best museums in the United States.

The good news about all those landmarks is that you can grab a New York Pass for exclusive access to all the historical landmarks for one flat fee. This is an excellent way for you and your friends to all get on the same page about the sights you want.

Alternatively, if your group getaway is more oriented around nightlife or culture, consider spending time staying somewhere outside of Manhatten to get a feel for the boroughs.

Check out the boutique hotel, Ace Hotel Brooklyn, where you’ll be within walking distance of shopping, dining, and all the hottest bars in the area. Like what you are hearing? Check out some of these other guides to the Big Apple:

Where to Stay

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6. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Old Town Dubrovnik Croatia

If you are a “Game of Thrones” fan, you will love Dubrovnik. You can explore “King’s Landing” here as it was the main film location for the show. This is a great destination across the world and makes for a great spot for best friends to travel together (since you may be heading into a culturally different environment).

Dubrovnik has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe for you to explore. Croatia is surprisingly affordable and is a great option to visit in Europe if you’re looking to save money while on your trip.

Besides soaking in the exceptional view of the beaches, you can visit Fort Lovrijenac, head to Gornji Ugao Tower, or visit Lokrum Island. You can also head to the Old Town, explore the ancient city walls, and walk through the restaurant and store-lined Stradun.

If you are a party lover, you will thoroughly enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Dubrovnik. This destination also offers an opportunity to indulge in wine. Consider visiting Primorska Hrvatska wine country as a day trip or road trip excursion outside the city.

Check out these other top cities in Croatia with our travel guides:

Where to Stay

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7. Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany City Skyline

Head to Munich for Oktoberfest, and you will find yourself at the world’s wildest parties. If you cannot make it in September, do not worry. Munich is an exciting city with history, art, and beer that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Bring your best friend along to see both sides of the city. The one for beer lovers and the one filled with history and old churches.

There are glaciers and mountains for biking, skiing, and hiking, and it has stunning lakes to laze in during the months of summer. When in Munich, head to Marienplatz Square, Munich Residenz, BMW museum, and shop at Maximilianstrasse.

Munich has some of the finest restaurants and cafes for you to explore. The nightlife in Munich will not disappoint you. It’s one of the top party cities in Europe.

Check out these top Munich breweries on your trip. 

Where to Stay

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8. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The tiny town of Tamarindo has several activities for you to engage in. It is an ideal destination for vacations for a group of friends. Splash in the clean, turquoise water at this destination. There is fishing, surfing, zip-lining, diving, boating, horseback riding, white water rafting, and gorgeous beaches to lay out on.

Check out this full one-week in Costa Rica itinerary. There’s no shortage of options. Tamarindo is an ideal place for a getaway with a group. Do not forget to visit Las Baulas National Marine Park. Tamarindo comes to life when the sun goes down. Enjoy live music and let your hair down at one of the crazy party spots.

The bars are usually packed with tourists and locals. If you avoid the tourist season, this destination is pretty cheap as compared to many others, and Costa Rica as a whole is a pretty safe place to visit. Like what you are hearing? Check out these other best places to visit in Costa Rica to make the most of your trip.

Where to Stay

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9. New Orleans, Louisiana

French Quarter in New Orleans Aerial

If you are looking to party, Bourbon Street in the French Quarter is not the only thing New Orleans offers. It is the top destination in USA vacations for groups of friends.

You can enjoy an unrivaled culinary experience here, and for those keen to know more about history, there is the French Quarter. If you are into music, there are jazz clubs at each corner.

Regarding the best group vacation destinations, there is no place like New Orleans. If you love partying until the night’s end, you’ll want to plan your trip around Fat Tuesday.

Ensure you book your hotel’s location near the French Quarter and book it early, as it’s one of the biggest Mardis Gras festivals in the world. Do not miss out on the Mercedez-Benz Superdome, the highlight of the skyline in New Orleans. 

Where to Stay

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10. Amsterdam, Netherlands


No place can beat Amsterdam regarding vacations for a group of friends. This destination will offer a unique experience to every traveler’s personality. The Golden Age canals are lined by buildings, which is a backdrop for the treasure-packed museums.

Several shops and creative drinking, dancing, design, and dining scenes will be found. When it comes to nightlife, Amsterdam stands out. The Van Gogh Museum is highly popular in Amsterdam and has the largest collection of works by Vincent Van Gogh. It is a must-visit on your getaway.

There is the Stedelijk Museum, Anne Frank House, Herengracht, and Jordaan District. There are ample photo opportunities at these must-see places in Amsterdam.

Check out the best things to do in Amsterdam from the ViaTravelers YouTube channel.

15 Best Things to do in Amsterdam, Netherlands [4K UHD]

You will not be disappointed here if you are a group of history buffs, party lovers, or art enthusiasts.  Heading there on a girls’ trip? Check out how to plan an epic girls’ trip to Amsterdam.

Where to Stay

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11. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan Skyline at Night

Taipei is a delight for foodies with its endless street vendors and markets. There is vibrant nightlife for those who want to go out and there are excellent springs and beaches for those who want to sit back and relax. You will have one of your best friends’ vacations.

There are several unmissable things to do when in Taipei, including visiting Taipei 101, Shilin Night market, National Palace Museum, Beitou Hot Spring, and several temples. Taipei will showcase a unique culture to you and the experience will be worth it. 

Where to Stay

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12. London

Trafalgar Square in London

London is an ideal destination for vacations for a group of friends. It is one destination that can give you every experience you seek. Whether you are a history buff, foodie, adventure enthusiast, or explorer, London will not disappoint you.

If you have lived in London, you can never imagine living elsewhere. London has something for every traveler, and one visit to this beautiful city is never enough.

If you happen to be in London during Christmas, you can visit one of the famous Christmas markets and enjoy the festival. Besides the castles, museums, and parks, there is much more to do and see in London. You will enjoy an unmatched culinary experience here; the nightlife is worth mentioning.

There are several restaurants, pubs, and cafes for you to explore. You can also head out to the beautiful, charming villages in London that will give you a glimpse of the relaxing and peaceful countryside. 

Where to Stay

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13. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana

A lesser-known destination, Punta Cana will allow you to relive your college glory days. It is a Spring break-esqe holiday with dozens of hotels to choose from. It has some of the best beaches in the world and they are less crowded.

You will find luxurious resorts in Punta Cana. You can indulge in zip lining, snorkeling, speed boats, cave exploration, and more. This beautiful beach destination is ideal for relaxing or engaging in fun adventure activities. 

Where to Stay

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14. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Skyline at Night

Las Vegas is an obligatory addition as one of the best friends’ vacation ideas and is one of the best destinations in all of the Southwest United States. This city is known for its nightlife and debauchery, so if that’s what you want on a friend’s trip, that’s exactly what you will get.

But Las Vegas is conveniently located for the great outdoors. Sin City is not just popular for its nightlife, in fact, people from all over the world and cold weather climates, in particular, come here as it’s the closest airport to some of the best national parks in the United States.

Consider renting a car in Las Vegas, as this destination is excellent for a classic road trip or day trip destination. You can do a Grand Circle road trip where you visit Zion National Park, Capitol Reef, Monument Valley, Arches, Antelope Canyon, and Canyonlands.

Or, you can do single-day excursions to places like the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, the Hoover Dam, and Antelope Canyon. The options are endless. Like what you are hearing? These are the best things to do in Las Vegas.

Check out these guides to all the nearby hot spots in Las Vegas:

Where to Stay

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15. Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Bridge, Prague

Prague will fit the requirements of all of your friend’s personalities. It has everything- the scenery, history, and adventure. Additionally, it is much cheaper than Europe’s other most popular destinations. It is one of the popular travel vacations for a group of friends.

Prague is a beautiful destination with several unmissable monuments and sites. Explore the history and rich architecture of this destination. There are several things to see, like the Charles Bridge, Strahov Monastery, Prague Castle, and Old Town Square. 

Prague Travel Guide: Best Things to do in Prague, Czechia 4K

Where to Stay

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16. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Vietnam

If you are still wondering where should I go on vacation with friends, head to Hoi An, Vietnam which is a charming city and is relatively cheap. If you want to head to an exotic location that fits everyone’s budget, this is it.

The most charming town in Vietnam, Hoi An will leave you asking for more.

One visit to this destination is never enough. Explore the Old Town and click a picture under the colorful lanterns, visit the temples, and the Japanese Bridge.

Head to the Central Market and enjoy the rural surroundings. Hoi An is a peaceful town with beautiful beaches. If you are looking for a holiday to simply relax and soak in the beauty of natural surroundings, this is it. 

Where to Stay

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17. Madrid, Spain

Madrid Spain Cityscape

Madrid is known for its abundant art and music and outstanding local cuisine. There is a lot of scenery, shopping, and history here. It is one of the top getaways for groups.

Many travelers have Madrid at the top of their best friends’ bucket lists; it is one destination you should visit before you die.

The picturesque destination is an ideal blend of colors and cultures. It is a pleasure to explore, from an exceptional food scene to beautiful parks and historical gems.

You can enjoy history, art, and culture in Madrid like no other. It is an architectural delight with some of the most popular buildings. It is also home to some of the best art galleries in the world and will undoubtedly make you plan a second visit. 

Where to Stay

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18. Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah at Night

Park City is one of my best friends’ vacation ideas for the avid skier and snowboarder and is one of the best places to visit in Utah. This ski resort is conveniently located nearby Salt Lake City and features some of the best skiing in the entire world.

This popular destination is home to some of the country’s best skiing, making it a staple for group vacations with your best friend, new friends, or family. It offers excellent powder skiing and steep mountain slopes.

There are also two mountain ranges, each with six different resorts to choose from depending on your needs. Visit this ski resort during Sundance if you’d like more nightlife and want to be in the “see and be seen” culture.

Where to Stay

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Final Thoughts: Best Friends Vacation Destinations

Make a list of all these best places to visit with a group and start ticking them off the bucket list. No matter what you are looking for, these destinations will satisfy your soul and ensure that every group member has an excellent time.

There is so much to see and do at each destination that you will be spoiled for choice. Make the most of your holiday by considering each group member’s budget and travel preferences. 

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