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2 Days in Amalfi Coast Itinerary: Things to do in a Weekend

2 days on the Amalfi Coast can be done. You will likely be left asking for more, but with our itinerary and help you can see everything you need in just 48 hours.

Italy as a whole is always a wonderful experience. It’s one of the few countries in the world where you can get the “big 3” experience of food, history, and good weather all at once.

I was able to travel to Amalfi Coast by using travel hacking and these best travel credit cards to book award travel. The food, weather, and history will blow you away. Our experience will lead you to everything you need to do and see in this amazing coastal region.

What is the Amalfi Coast?

Sunset on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast in southern Italy is known for its picturesque seaside villages, shimmering blue water, and rugged rocky cliffs. This is a great day trip from Rome or even a place you could spend weeks simply enjoying the good life.

It is the type of scenery that you expect to see on postcards and wall calendars and on social media travel pages. A hot vacation spot for the rich and famous, Amalfi offers visitors a chance to boat, explore the many grottos, dine at some of Italy’s finest restaurants, and experience the perfect blend of old-world European charm and oceanfront adventure.

Travel Tips for Planning Your Amalfi Coast Itinerary

Aerial View of Maiori Coastline
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Let’s get into a few tips and things to consider to build the perfect Amalfi Coast trip itinerary. First, here are some items to consider packing for your trip to Amalfi:

Amalfi Coast Map

The typical Amalfi Coast itinerary includes visiting the famous towns of Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. But be sure to find a boat tour to venture to the island of Capri.

Here is how the map of the Amalfi Coast looks.

Map of Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast Map

How to Get to the Amalfi Coast

The peninsula just south of Pompeii has everything you want to see. The highway SS145 is an amazing scenic drive. This winding road along the coastline is considered one of the best in the world.

However, there really isn’t a ton of ways to get around as you can see given that the entire Amalfi Coast is a peninsula and a regional park.

A day trip to Pompeii from Rome is pretty straightforward, but you could also sneak in a stop at Amalfi Coast along the way. One thing to consider is that there are generally pretty significant traffic jams around the Naples metropolitan area so the travel time can vary significantly.

How to get from Naples to the Amalfi Coast?

Most people visit the Amalfi Coast from the North, so if it’s important for you to visit Pompeii, you should do this before you arrive at the Amalfi Coast.

As an alternative to guided day tours, I suggest utilizing public transportation and water taxi as my low-cost alternatives. We spent about 400 Euros for 3 days of car rental with pricey Italian insurance (pricey car insurance is an absolute must).

As a result, it’s better to rent a private vehicle in Naples rather than an automobile. Obviously, splitting the cost with other people is even better.

If you prefer the convenience and information of a tour guide, consider a day tour from Naples or Rome.

How to get from Sicily to the Amalfi Coast?

If you are coming from southern Italy such as Sicily, you should consider visiting Pompeii after you have fully explored the Amalfi Coast.

Things to do on the Amalfi Coast

Buildings in Positano, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a lot of fun, but it’s also extremely overwhelming. There are tons of things to see and do, which can make planning your vacation difficult. The good news is that you don’t have to worry. A trip to Amalfi is better than none at all.

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you’re looking for breathtaking views, stunning cliff-side villages, and amazing beaches, then this is the place for you.

Some of the must-see places on the Amalfi Coast include:

  • Ravello: This beautiful village is perched high atop the cliffs, and offers some of the best views of the coast.
  • Positano: You must visit Positano to get a glimpse at luxurious, colorful buildings and stunning beaches.
  • Amalfi: Amalfi town is home to some of the most famous architecture on the coast.
  • Capri: This island is a popular tourist destination, and offers stunning views and plenty of fun activities. The best way in getting here is by taking one of the many boat tours offered from each of the small towns along the coast.
  • Sorrento: This town has a lovely waterfront area with beautiful lemon trees, and is the best place to relax after seeing everything else on the coast.
  • Pompeii: In addition to being one of the most famous Roman ruins in the world, Pompeii also offers stunning views of the bay from its hilltop location.
  • Naples: If you’d like to take a day away from the coast, then Naples is a great choice for you. The city offers wonderful museums and beautiful architecture.

By far the most exciting part of visiting the Amalfi Coast is taking in all of its amazing views. There are few places in the world where you can drive down a cliff-side road surrounded by beautiful blue water, pink flowers, and picturesque homes.

The best way to see the Amalfi Coast is with your own car or scooter. You can go at your own pace, which allows you to really take in the scenery around every corner.

If you’d like to visit the Amalfi Coast and don’t want to drive, then you can always take a boat tour. These tours usually include stops at all of the major sights on the coast, and they make for a wonderful way to see everything in one day

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Where to stay on the Amalfi Coast

View of Coast and Beaches of Positano, Italy

Since you only have a few days to explore, ensure you book lodging in a central location. When traveling to the coast of the Amalfi becomes one of the toughest aspects of planning your itinerary.

Not only are there many places to see but each town is spread out along the coast and they are very difficult to get to (the distance is approximately one hour by bus from Positano to Amalfi).

Each town offers pros and cons and some are more expensive than others. Sorrento is frequently considered a great place for new visitors to the Amalfi Coast. If you’re looking at visiting Pompeii, we would definitely recommend staying here as it’s easily accessible.

In addition, Sorrento is located along the Amalfi Coast highway and is on the coast, making it very easy for day trips to Capri. If this is your first trip to the Amalfi Coast, I’d suggest that you opt to spend more time rather than less to make sure you see all the highlights. During my first visit, I left my trip wanting to explore more and I was counting down the days until I could visit the Amalfi Coast again.

Budget Place to Stay: Ulisse Deluxe Hostel (Sorrento)

Despite the name, Ulisse Deluxe Hostel is more like a large open-air hotel with a spacious private room and a fantastic breakfast. It was our first stop on the Amalfi Coast itinerary. It was extremely comfortable, with great customer service and cleanliness.

It is about a 20-minute walk from Sorrento train station, where you can catch the Circumvesuviana train to Pompeii and Herculaneum. And for those who might be a bit weary from all that walking, a public bus is right outside of the hostel as well. If you are looking to save money, this is a great option for you.

Mid-Range Place to Stay: Hotel Floridiana (Amalfi)

You can’t ask for a more central location than this. The Hotel Floridiana, which is in Amalfi’s old town, has excellent reviews and a fantastic all-you-can-eat breakfast that is perfect for penny pinchers looking to stay in the thick of it on the Amalfi Coast.

Luxury Place to Stay: Le Sirenuse (Positano)

The stunning Le Sirenuse is a luxury hotel on the Amalfi Coast that has earned a reputation among visitors to Europe as a top name in tourism.

The breathtaking Le Sirenuse is an exceptional location for a holiday along the Amalfi Coast.

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Best Amalfi Coast Tours & Excursions

Sorrento Coastline at Night

When it comes to finding the best Amalfi Coast tours, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure you pick a tour that fits your interests and budget. There are a variety of tours to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

In addition, be sure to research the tour company before booking. Reputable companies will have positive reviews from past customers. This will help ensure that you have a positive experience on your tour.

Finally, be sure to ask lots of questions before booking. This is your vacation, so you want to be sure that the tour is right for you. By asking lots of questions you’ll ensure that the tour company will take care of your needs.

Here’s our list of the best tours to choose from:

  • From Naples: Amalfi Coast Tour (6 hours) – This is a fantastic option for those who are short on time but still want to see what it’s all about. This tour provides an exclusive tour that will allow you to visit three famous sites in one day.
  • Path of the Gods Walking Tour (3 Hours) – The Path of the Gods walking tour is perfect for those who don’t want to miss catching a glimpse of the town. It starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 11:30 AM, so it’s perfect for early risers. The walking tour includes a visit to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the History Museum, and the Queen’s staircase.
  • Amalfi Coast by Boat (4 hours) – This tour provides a unique look at some of the lesser-known towns on the Amalfi Coast. It also offers an opportunity to see some incredible landscapes while cruising on a boat.
  • From Rome: The Amalfi Coast with Pompeii (12 hours) – This tour is the perfect option if you want to see more than just Capri and Positano. It takes you along the Amalfi Coast, allowing you to visit some of the lesser-known spots on the coast as well, including Sorrento and Pompeii.
  • From Naples: Amalfi Coast by Boat (5 hours) – If you’re looking for an option that will allow you to relax, this is the tour for you. On this tour, you’ll be taken along the coast in a comfortable yacht. You’ll enjoy great views of Capri as well as other towns on the coast.
  • Pompeii by Vespa (7 hours) – This tour is perfect for those who want to get a taste of the Amalfi Coast while also learning more about Pompeii. On this tour, you’ll visit one of the site’s ancient villas, including the House of Dioscuri and Hercules Garden.
  • From Amalfi Coast: Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius (5 hours) – If you want to see Pompeii, but would prefer a group tour with other people, this is the perfect option for you. This tour will take you around the ancient ruins in a minibus that holds up to 6 passengers along with private transfers. You’ll also have an audio guide that provides further information.

Looking for other tours? Check the top-rated activities and tours for Amalfi.

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What is there to do on Amalfi Coast in 2 days?

There are plenty of things to do on the Amalfi Coast in just 2 days or weekend vacations. You can visit the beautiful towns of Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, and more. There are also plenty of beaches to relax on, and great restaurants to enjoy.  

It is a very popular vacation spot, and you should book your hotels early to avoid struggling to find accommodation. Our favorite towns on the Amalfi Coast are Positano, Ravello, Amalfi, and Vietri Sul Mare.

Your Complete 2 Days on the Amalfi Coast Itinerary

Dotting the Amalfi Coast are numerous quaint villages and towns that are tucked into the hills and cliffs overlooking the water. Rows on top of rows of colorful houses make these towns a quintessential backdrop for Italian tourism selfies.

For more dramatic colors and shadows, try shooting these village scenes in the early morning light or just before sunset. The narrow roads make hairpin turns along cliffs and beaches and up the hillsides.

Explore as many of these towns as you can for it is in the out-of-the-way alleys and corners that photographers will find uncommon vignettes and architectural elements where you can frame a new and exciting photo that will send your Instagram followers abuzz.

You can get around these towns by car or by boat. Boating is the preferred mode of transportation along the coast and there were dozens of tour boats and ferries on which to book passage.

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First Day Amalfi Coast Itinerary: Boat Tour to the Island of Capri

Faraglioni Rocks at Capri Island

On your first day, I suggest that you arrive in Sorrento and take the ferry over to Capri. You will get the chance to see part of Sorrento and start your journey on the Amalfi Coast at the first stop of your entire excursion.

A highlight of the Amalfi Coast is the island of Capri. Nestled in the Bay of Naples, tourists flock to Capri for its raw, rugged scenery that includes several coves, caves, and grottos.

The food is amazing too. Think about how good Neopolitan pizza is. Here are some of the top food in Naples. You’ll likely find this throughout the Amalfi Coast as well.

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Arriving at Capri

Aerial view of the Island of Capri

Once you arrive on the island of Capri, you can usually find a boat tour from someone on the main square. If you are visiting during the high season, I highly suggest you book a boat tour in advance.

The Blue Grotto is, perhaps, the best known of the Capri island sea caves. It is so named because it seems to glow with a radiant blue light caused by sunlight shining into the cave.

In actuality, there are two holes that provide light into the Blue Grotto. The first hole is found at the waterline. Sunlight streams through the water, which filters out the red colors of the light, leaving only the blue to illuminate the grotto.

Instagrammers love to take photos of the sunlight pouring in from the above-water portion of the hole because it shows up as a bright, shining white ball of light.

There is a second illumination hole that is much larger than the first, but its location means less light comes in from this hole than the smaller one. The overall effect of the unique lighting in the Blue Grotto is that the chamber seems to glow with a light that is coming from the water below.

Amalfi Coast

Add to that the fact that you are sitting in a boat that is moving with the waves. That means, if you open the shutter more to allow more light in, your photos may be out of focus from the movement.

The Blue Grottos is a popular stop on Capri island boat tours, which means that most tour groups only have a few minutes inside the grotto, so you won’t have a lot of time to mess with different camera settings.

If you let the camera automatically adjust itself, you will most likely be disappointed with photos that are either grossly over-exposed or a dark, indistinguishable under-exposed mess. The key is to be prepared and set your camera settings before you enter the grotto to save time.

The Blue Grotto is just one of several beautiful and magical sea caves, including the Grotto de Champagne, the Coral Grotto, and the Grotto Bianca.

Hiking Trails in Capri, Italy

Other natural features include:

  • Tiberius’ Leap, an imposing cliff where, according to legend, incorrigible servants were thrown into the sea below;
  • the Natural Arch, a natural stone bridge;
  • the Faraglioni stacks, large, wave-eroded rock formations in the sea;
  • and the Scoglio delle Sirene, or the Sirens’ Rock.

In Homer’s epic, the Odyssey, the hero, Odysseus was lured to a flower-strewn meadow atop a rocky seaside cliff by a bevy of beautiful women called the Sirens, and legend says the place where the Sirens lived is in the area of the Li Galli islets.

You won’t be disappointed by spending a full day on the island of Capri drinking wine and having some of the best pizzas on Earth. Imagine living in Italy, permanently. All that food and wine would be very very nice.

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Second Day Amalfi Coast Itinerary: Explore the Incredible Towns

Furore Beach Bay on the Amalfi Coast

The coast of Southern Italy is an absolute gem and a must-see when visiting Italy. There are plenty of small towns that you can stop through in a car. I actually suggest that you drive through Southern Italy.

Driving a car (or riding in a car) is the best way to take in the views of the Amalfi Coast. The winding roads are some of the best views in the world and will take your breath away.

Looking back at the map. Let’s revisit where we want to go next…

Map of Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast Map

After spending your first day in Capri and spending a night in Sorrento, you can set off in a car to explore. There are a few cities that must be on your 2-day itinerary. These are the following cities you won’t want to miss (in order from your journey from Sorrento):

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Positano, Italy

Positano, Italy City Photo

Positano is a cliffside village and a known holiday destination with a pebble beachfront and steep, narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafes.

You can easily start your excursion from Sorrento to Positano by car. During your drive have your camera ready so you can capture the scenario and sites.

Once you arrive stop there to explore some of the towns and grab a bite to eat or gelato.

Amalfi, Italy

Beach in Amalfi, Italy

Next up, stop in the city of Amalfi, Italy to explore further and get a different perspective on the coast. This city is a bit different from Positano. Between the 9th and 11th centuries, Amalfi, Italy was the seat of a powerful maritime republic.

Amalfi offers an opportunity for you to get up close to the water and with fantastic beach options. Plan your day around relaxing around the water.

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Ravello, Italy

Family Photo in Positano, Italy

Finally, a stop in Ravello is absolutely warranted. Its scenic location like the others mentioned above and earned a listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

I suggest that you grab dinner in Ravello after you cap off a full day of exploring the coastlines and two other magnificent coastal towns in Southern Italy.

Once you’ve hit all these three cities and Sorrento/Capri, you’ll likely be heading back up north. This requires a separate trip to Pompei the legendary city that was destroyed by a Volcanic eruption from Mount Vesuvius. These are some of the top things to do in Ravello.

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Conclusion: Amalfi Coast Itinerary

Amalfi Coast is an amazing excursion that will provide breathtaking views, amazing culture, and even better food. If you are a quick traveler, you can easily accomplish everything you need to see in 2 days.

I did. However, you must know that you may end up saying… “I wish I could go off the grid and spend an entire month here.”

If you spend 2 days on the Amalfi Coast, you will get a taste of what you like the most. You can then plan around that to go back and spend much more time around. That’s if our itinerary doesn’t check all the boxes… I’m sure it will.

What do you think about our 2-days in Amalfi Coast itinerary? Subscribe to the ViaTravelers newsletter and let’s chat about what makes the Amalfi Coast so amazing.


Are 2 days enough for Amalfi Coast?

Yes, in two days you can see the best of the Amalfi Coast. There are many things to see and experience in this beautiful area of Italy. However, it is important to plan your trip and make sure you have time to see everything you want.

What is better Cinque Terre or Amalfi Coast?

Both of them are beautiful and it’s nearly impossible to choose between the two. I had a great time in both and think of them as complementary, not competitive. If you give this some thought though, it depends on what kinds of things you’re looking for on your vacation – do you want the best family accommodation or is navigating more important? Do you want to go to Pompeii or visit Cinque Terre?

If I had to choose one over the other, I’d say Amalfi Coast has the best family accommodation but Cinque Terre has fewer roads and is easier and cheaper to navigate. The Amalfi Coast is the perfect location for your kids to go see Pompeii and I also enjoyed visiting the famous Positano.

Is Amalfi Coast worth visiting?

Yes, Amalfi Coast is worth visiting. It really depends on what you look for in your travel itinerary. With its amazing views, beaches, and quaint shopping streets, the Amalfi Coast region is known as one of the most beautiful places in all of Italy.

How many days do you need on the Amalfi Coast?

Many people think that 3 or 4 days is the perfect amount of time to spend on the Amalfi Coast, but if you want to really soak up the atmosphere and explore all the villages, we would recommend spending at least 5 or 6 days. Of course, this all depends on your travel style and how much you want to see and do.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation with plenty of leisure time, then 3 or 4 days might be enough. But if you’re looking to pack in as many activities as possible, then 5 or 6 days will be ideal.

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