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8 Best Hot Springs Near Manila: Where to Stay to Relax

Hot springs are a great option to revitalize your spirits and relax. These are some of the best hot springs near Manila, Phillippines.

It’s fun in the Philippines’ capital of Manila, but if you’ve been here before, you already know that a few weeks in and you’ll be raring for a way out. The hustle and bustle of Manila, with its congested streets and thick throngs of people, can leave one void of energy and zeal.

Fortunately, adventurers don’t need to venture very far for a sweet escape. Those looking for a well-deserved getaway will find several options available for relaxation just a stone’s throw away.

Owing to its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is rife with geothermal hot springs that are perfect for taking a dip in.

Some are located within resorts that have capitalized on their tourist-luring appeal, while others are accessible to the wider public. Either way, hot springs near Manila offer everything a weary traveler desires: warming waters to revitalize the body and spectacular sceneries to calm the mind.

Best Hot Springs Near Manila, Phillippines

If you’re sapped for inspiration and just need a break, here are the best hot springs in Manila to spur your relaxation.

This list includes a lot of hot spring resorts from Laguna, a city dubbed the “Resort Capital of the Philippines”, and a select few from other cities near Manila.

1.     Hidden Valley Springs

Hidden Valley Springs

Location: Alaminos, Laguna

A natural paradise near the country’s capital might seem unheard of, but Hidden Valley Springs in Laguna may be the closest you’ll ever get to a nirvana near the city.

Just an hour’s drive from Manila, Hidden Valley Springs is a secluded resort situated right smack in the middle of Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw, Laguna’s two most famous mountains.

It’s a tropical paradise that spans 110 acres with three spring pool areas, century-old trees, giant ferns, wild orchids, and a gorgeous waterfall tucked in the resort’s center. The greenery here is so thick it’s almost impossible not to relax.

Mineral pools surrounded by thick foliage feature varying temperatures, so it’s easy to find one that suits you. The Soda Pool features calming waters that were found to be comparable to the Fuji and Vicki waters of Japan.

The Lovers Pool, so concealed and secluded that it’s easy to miss, features numerous pools that may only be accessed by treading down a narrow trail half a kilometer long.

Where to Stay

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2.     Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant

Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant

Location: Angeles City, Pampanga

Looking for a unique experience? Puning Hot Spring and Spa, located in Sitio Target just 10 minutes away from Sapang Bato, teems with irony. Mt. Pinatubo’s cataclysmic eruption in 1991 left this location a desolate wasteland, but today it thrives with life.

The indigenous Aeta Tribe calls this location their home, but they’re more than just passing faces. Dressed in scrubs with tribal accents, the Aetas serve as your spa therapists. A thrilling off-road drive on a 4X4 takes you to the location of the fabled hot springs. At your destination, a paradise awaits.

Puning Hot Spring features various thermal pools, lush greenery, and charming nipa huts. The location offers some of the best hot springs in the Philippines. You’ll find a total of 13 thermal pools to choose from, all with various temperatures ranging from 40 to 70 degrees.

The hot springs are sure to give you the relaxation you’re looking for, but if you’re looking for more ways to unwind, head to Station 2 where you can experience a real sand spa.

Here, guests are buried lying down with heads exposed in a pile of volcanic ash. Aeta therapists gently step on your hands and feet for a relaxing massage.

Afterward, a mud mask made from volcanic ash is applied to your face. These spa methods are said to increase blood circulation, improve rheumatism, and increase cell regeneration.

Where to Stay

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3.     Manleluag Hot Spring

Manleluag Hot Spring

Location: Brgy. Malabobo, Mangatarem Pangasinan

Travelers with families will enjoy thorough rest and recreation at Manleluag Hot Spring. A protected area found in the Philippines’ Ilocos Region, Manleluag contains two ophiolitic hot springs situated near the now extinct Malabobo volcano.

The park was turned into a protected area in 2004, joining Hundred Islands National Park as the only two protected areas in the region.

Three thermal pools are available to choose from, two for adults and one for children. The waters are said to have medicinal properties and can cure diseases. Cottages are available for families looking to have a picnic.

A note to first-timers: it could get a bit crowded during weekends, so if you’re expecting solitude, visit during off-peak seasons instead.

Where to Stay

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4.     Asin Hot Springs

Asin Hot Springs

Location: Barangay Nangalisan, Tuba in Benguet

Travelers in Manila looking for a quick escape from the stress of the city would usually opt for a retreat to Baguio.

Here, the weather is cool, and pine-tree fringed roads are free from the usual traffic. Baguio is well and good, but for those looking to tread along the road less traveled, a trip to Benguet is more like it.

Just a 30-minute ride from Baguio, Benguet is a mountainous region in the Cordillera most popularly known for its stellar hiking spots. Hikers will be happy to know that the third highest mountain in the country, Mt. Pulag, is here.

If you’re here for an overnight trip, you’re in for a treat. Camping affords a spectacular view of crystal-clear skies and the cold weather is a welcome break from Manila’s blistering heatwave.

Once your legs grow tired from all the hiking, it’s time to relax.  Sinot Asin Hot Spring Resort in Benguet amps up the relaxation level with great amenities and five sulfur thermal pools.

These pools are fed by warm water coming from nearby mountain springs. These pools are said to have various therapeutic properties, but one thing’s for sure: they’re perfect to dive in after a day of strenuous hiking.

Where to Stay

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5.     Dona Jovita Garden Resort

Dona Jovita Garden Resort

Location: Calamba, Laguna

Manila travelers looking for a quick staycation most often choose Laguna for an easy escapade. Just an hour’s drive from the capital, Laguna is studded with numerous hot spring resorts that boast various amenities at different price points.

Near the foothills of the gorgeous Mt. Makiling in Calamba, Laguna lies Dona Jovita, one of Laguna’s best hot spring resorts. For weary urban-dwellers, this resort is a godsend.

Dona Jovita Garden Resort is a 25-acre paradise that’s fully attuned with nature. The flora and fauna of Mt. Makiling finds its way within the verdant acre – now a natural habitat for peacock, koi, and horses that may be rented to explore the premises. A variety of flowers and plants lend vibrancy to the area, as well as numerous fruit trees and bushes.

All the exploring may leave you tired, so it’s time to take a warm dip in the resort’s popular pools. With some of the best hot springs near Manila, the resort offers 9 geothermal pools (and one Jacuzzi), all fed by the hot springs of Mt. Makiling.

Here, waters are naturally heated and mineral-rich, affording a variety of health benefits such as soothing muscles, increasing metabolism, improving blood circulation, and detoxifying the lymphatic system.

Where to Stay

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6.     La Vista Pansol Resort

La Vista Pansol Resort

Location: Pansol, Laguna

After exploring the Jose Rizal Shrine, eating numerous slices of buko pie, and going on a relaxing horseback ride around Laguna’s numerous parks, it’s only natural to want something more exhilarating. For thrill-seekers looking for a little more fun in their hot spring experience, La Vista Pansol Resort is a great option.

This resort offers 7,000 square meters of various water-themed attractions. Laguna’s first wave pool is here, as well as a five-level water slide that’s sure to give anyone a breathtaking experience.

For those opting for a more relaxing escapade, the resort has several famed natural hot springs that can soothe aches and pains. All pools are fed by the thermally-heated waters of Mt. Makiling.

After taking a dip, you may also explore the resort’s other attractions. Zip through their 150-meter zipline, spy on a wide array of fauna at the animal park, or explore other leisure activities like basketball, badminton, darts, soccer, table tennis, and obstacle course.

Where to Stay

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7.     Mainit Hot Springs

Mainit Hot Springs

Location: Tayabas, Quezon

Just a couple of hours from Metro Manila is Tayabas City in the Quezon Province. Adventurers looking for a cultural experience and great food should expect a variety of historical sights and eateries that provide unforgettable experiences.

Heritage houses and UNESCO-worthy churches are a common sightings, as well as several restaurants that are famous for their specialties.

Try a sampling of the city’s famed cassava cake, guzzle on homemade coconut wine, experience the annual Mayohan Festival in May, or visit cultural destinations like the Minor Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel or the Mortuario de Cementario de Los Indios.

Once you’re done with culture-tripping and sampling all the city’s famous fares, it’s time to take a dip. Head to Mainit Hot Spring with the family and enjoy wading in therapeutic pools that are good for both the mind and body.

Hot springs with sunroofs allow hours and hours of dipping without getting sunburned in the afternoon.

A variety of amenities and attractions offer fun for people of all ages: fish ponds, slides, gardens, as well as sculptures, are scattered all over the place.

Where to Stay

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8.     Sol Y Viento Resort

Sol Y Viento Resort

Location: Calamba, Laguna

Those looking for one of the best hot springs near Manila will need to look no further. If you’re a leisure traveler who’s had enough of the hustle and bustle of corporate life, head to Laguna’s Sol Y Viento Resort for some much-needed pampering.

A relaxing haven just outside the capital, Sol Y Viento offers spectacular views of Laguna de Bay and Mount Makiling. Local and international travelers seeking relaxation will find everything they need for a truly fulfilling weekend.

Upon entering, a lush green garden welcomes visitors. In-house restaurants offer various gastronomic pleasures while a cool bar and lounge serve delicious cocktails and various wines.

Looking to get in touch with nature? An eco-trail offers gorgeous sights of the resort’s flora and fauna and may be explored by trekking or biking.

Various therapeutic pools, all fed by the hot spring waters from Mt. Makiling, are available to take a dip in.

Just like other geothermal pools, the spring waters in Sol Y Viento contain several therapeutic properties that promote healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Where to Stay

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For busy urban-dwellers in Manila like me, there’s just something about warm natural waters that lure us from our busy lives. Fortunately, places like Laguna, Quezon, and Benguet offer various options to choose from.

Whenever selecting your location, come for the hot springs, but stay for the amenities and the city’s attractions and experiences. Since you won’t be in the pool for long, it’s a good measure to guarantee that there are other activities to help you make the most of your time.

Fortunately, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a hot spring resort near Manila that’s equipped with other fun experiences!

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