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Outdoorsy Review 2023: Is It Safe and Worth It?

RVs are luxurious and fun alternatives to conventional vacation accommodations. Whether you want to rent an RV or list an RV you own, Outdoorsy is the ultimate platform for you. Read my full Outdoorsy review for further details.

Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature, but it can be hard to find the right gear and RV rental. Outdoorsy has all of your camping needs covered with tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, stoves, camp furniture and more.

Outdoorsy’s products are made with the outdoors person in mind who has a passion for exploring the great outdoors. Outdoorsy offers camping gear for people who want to go on short or long trips using Outdoorsy’s products to make their outdoor experience more enjoyable.

With Outdoorsy you’ll never have trouble finding what you need because they offer everything from tents to backpacks at affordable prices that will fit any budget.

If roaming into the wilderness while reclining on a comfortable couch appeal to your senses, then you’re probably passionate about RVs. Let’s face it, what’s not to love about them?

They let you drive through your favorite trails or spend some peaceful days in the wilderness without compromising your personal space.

Whether you’re a family with fussy kids or a couple looking for a cozy getaway, RVs are the ultimate solution.

However, there’s a problem. RVs are extremely expensive, so most travelers can’t afford to buy their own. On the other hand, those who can afford it have to let it catch dust for most of the year.

What if I told you about a website that caters to both these problems and lets you find RVs or rent yours in an amazing marketplace?

Check out my Outdoorsy review to get all the details.

Outdoorsy Review

Until recently, most rental processes with RV rental companies were conducted in person. That’s because RVs are multi-faceted vehicles that require thorough inspection and insurance at both ends.

Simply, you can’t hope for a smooth transaction in this case unless both parties trust each other.

Outdoorsy Review

However, with the increasing demand for RVs every holiday season, many sites have popped up that connect RV renters with owners.

Initially, even I was apprehensive about these websites.

  • Does it conduct background checks on the renters and the vehicles?
  • Does it provide any security options?
  • What are the payment modes?
  • Who can I reach out to if I face a problem during an operation?

So, I simply set out to assess each website based on these questions to see how they work, and without a doubt, Outdoorsy is one of the best websites for the RV rental process.

I have compiled all the essential information about the platform, from its operation, and key features to the significant pros and cons in this Outdoorsy review so that you can decide is Outdoorsy worth it or not.

What is Outdoorsy?

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve probably stayed at an Airbnb before and know how it works. Well, you can think of Outdoorsy as an Airbnb for RVs. Outdoorsy acts as an RV rental company, connecting RV owners with people that are looking for an RV rental.

RV owners who have their giant vehicles sitting around in their garages can list them and rent them out for money to renters. Renters, on the other hand, can browse through the list of options available, look for an RV in their preferred location, and take it on rent.

Besides that, the platform provides other facilities such as communication between the owner and renter, payment gateway integration, and categorized listing to make the task easier for both parties.

Founders Jeff Cavins and Jennifer Young started working for this start-up when they saw a lack of reliable RV services in the online market for both RV rentals and RV owners.

As enthusiastic travelers in the RV lifestyle themselves, the owners targeted everything an average RV renter or owner would need from the ideal website and sought to deliver it through Outdoorsy.

Their efforts produced an instant hit, and since its advent in 2015, Outdoorsy has come a long way. More than half a billion dollars have already been exchanged through the site between renters and owners, with a motive to unite the millions of idle RVs worldwide on a single platform.

If you’re excited to get a closer look, check out the next section of my Outdoorsy review to see how it works.

How Outdoorsy Works

As I mentioned, Outdoorsy simply works by connecting an RV owner with an RV rental at a single platform and allows them to interact according to their choice.

The platform carries out all the necessary aspects such as displaying rates, advertising, and setting out rules, so you don’t have to worry about that when you sign up.

Furthermore, the website has a different working process for renters and owners. I have explained each aspect here to give you a clear representation.

How Does Outdoorsy Work for RV Rental

If you want to rent an RV for your next vacation, the first thing you’ll have to do is sign-up on Outdoorsy as an RV renter. After that, you can choose from the list of RVs available on the site and contact the owner.

OutDoorsy for Renters

Outdoorsy has multiple categories of RVs to choose from. These include,

  • Class A, B, and C RVs
  • Camper Vans
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Trailers
  • Non-Mobile campers
  • Park RVs
  • Pop-Ups
  • Towing Vehicles

Besides the type of RV you need, you can also specify the location that fits your needs as well as your desired rental period.

Using the search bar on their homepage, you can type in your area and get a vast list of options within seconds.

OutDoorsy RV List

Furthermore, you can use its map feature to pinpoint your target area, and the site will search for available RVs in the area.

Similarly, Outdoorsy provides various filters to customize your search, so you don’t have to go through a list of irrelevant options.

For example, if you’re looking for a cheap RV rental with good reviews, you can set your filter to type B RVs in the $50-$100 range with no less than 4-star reviews.

Now that you have found the RV rental you were looking for, you can book the RV through the site.

Set the required dates for your trip, and the calculator will show you the exact cost adding service and insurance fees.

If you’re okay with the price, just click ‘Reserve’ to book the RV. If the owner approves your request, you’ll have to pay a security deposit and confirm your booking.

The best part is, you don’t have to pay for scrounging through lists and reserving the RVs you like.

You only pay when you confirm your booking for an RV you want.

Alternatively, the Outdoorsy platform makes it incredibly easy in the booking process as certain RV owners allow for an instant booking option so you can have 100% certainty that you are locked in for your trip at the onset.

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Choose your cancellation policy

There are three choices: flexible, moderate, and strict.

  • The flexible cancellation policy allows RV renters who book seven days or more before their trip may get a full refund if they cancel up to seven days beforehand.
  • The Moderate cancellation policy offers 75% of payments to customers within 14 days after bookings and 50% after.
  • A strict policy allows for a 50% refund up to two weeks before the deadline.

Remember to balance these cancellation policies against your outdoor travel plans or your considerations as an RV owner as a cancellation will affect your ability to find new RV tenants or the ability for you to book an RV rental on very short notice.

You don’t want to scare potential RV rentals away as that can severely impact your RV business if you plan is to earn an extra income as an RV owner.

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Communicating with the owner

With the RV owner from whom you rent, Outdoorsy makes communication a breeze. It will be as quick as texting if they’ve created a mobile app. You may choose to convey and receive messages at any moment of day or night. The owner was kind and pleasant, and he or she answered all of my inquiries.

I was skeptical at first because I’d never met someone who’s made his own house with that level of detail before. His attention to little details was incredible, especially the detailed instructions for the shower door.

He even informed us about some great attractions around the national parks that we were going to visit.

Pick up your RV rental

You may discover details about your rental pickup on this website. If there aren’t any designated pick-up times, contact Outdoorsy chat to figure out which time works best for you and/or the owner.

The owner will generally allow you to walk around your car and conduct a damage inspection. You’ll also go through the rental agreement and a walk-around of the RV, inspecting for any damages.

Don’t forget to double-check any optional extras and overage expenses, such as cleaning charges, equipment rentals, and surcharge fees. When the RV owner hands you the keys, they’re eager to go on an adventure!

How Does Outdoorsy Work for RV Owners?

Now that you know how to rent an RV from someone else to use during your weekend getaway or vacation, it’s time to talk about the other end of the transaction.

Outdoorsy Owners

If you own an RV sitting idle in your garage, you can earn around $1000 per month in rental income through Outdoorsy.

To get started, the first thing you’ll have to do is list your RV on Outdoorsy. The process is relatively easy; you will see the ‘List Your RV’ option on the site’s front page.

After you click on it, you will be directed to a page where you can fill out all the details about your rig. The platform will ask you for basic information like the model, vehicle type, manufacturer, and amenities.

Additionally, you can add a catchy name for your rig and add some attractive photos to reel potential renters in.

Also, you can specify the price range yourself and create a rental schedule so that your renters have all the necessary information at a glance.

For those wondering, is Outdoorsy worth it to list?

It all depends on the time and effort you put in. Ensure you communicate effectively with potential renters and maintain your rig correctly to generate a steady monthly income.

How to Sign-Up for Outdoorsy

What I love about Outdoorsy is its clean and user-intuitive interface. You’ll see the sign-up process on the front page if you’re planning to rent out your RV. If you’re an owner, there’s a straightforward option at the top right that directs you to the listing page.

Here, you can register yourself as an owner in your Outdoorsy account and list your RV for display on the site. Despite that, if you have problems during operation, you can always refer to the comprehensive help center on the site or contact their customer service team for prompt answers to your queries.

Pros of Outdoorsy

Now that I have mapped out all the necessary information about the platform in this Outdoorsy review, you probably know whether this site is for you or not.

If you are ready to sign-up as an owner or renter, you should check out these benefits of Outdoorsy to see if you’re making the right choice.

A Plethora of RV Rental Options

Unlike other RV websites that operate within the US, Outdoorsy works in more than 14 countries worldwide so you can embark on your dream RV rental or map out your next RV adventures with no limits on where you can go.

This means it offers millions of RVs for you to choose from at any destination you like.

OotDoorsy Locations

As an owner, you can list your RV wherever you live and find suitable renters for your rig.

Impeccable Customer Support

With Outdoorsy, you get impeccable customer support at any time you need it.

You can reach them through email if you have trouble operating the site or call them directly in case of technical emergencies.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Staunch, industry-leading insurance protection backs all of the rental options listed on Outdoorsy. Not only that this insurance coverage is backed by Liberty Mutual, a reputable, bankable insurance provider for recreational vehicles.

This way, you can enjoy your vacation concern-free with your insurance coverage or if you are renting your RV, you’ll have peace of mind with everything is taken care of.

Amazing Outdoorsy Reviews

If you have searched for Outdoorsy reviews online, you probably know that the platform has excellent ratings on most platforms.

Better Business Bureau gives it an A+ rating, while 91% of the users on Trustpilot approve of the peer-to-peer marketplace.

Cons of Outdoorsy

Although the benefits of Outdoorsy are pretty attractive, I have included some drawbacks in my Outdoorsy review to give you a clear representation.

No Verification

Unlike platforms like RVShare, Outdoorsy does not verify the condition of the RVs listed on the website. This means renters have to gauge the quality based on the pictures and interactions with the owners.

High Commission

The website keeps more than 20-25% of the rent as a booking fee, which significantly cuts down the owner’s income to make extra money from renting an RV.

Extra Charges for Renters

For renters, extra rental fees can add up quickly and almost double the basic rental amount, such as things like the uncertainty of getting your security deposit back, cleaning fees, platform costs, etc.

Key Features

In this detailed section of my Outdoorsy review, I have described the key features to give you further insight.

Outdoorsy Fee Structure

Outdoorsy charges a commission from both owners and renters as a service fee. As a renter, you will have to pay around 5%-20% of your total reservation fee.

Besides that, extra costs will also add up for renters, including pet fees, late fees, and extra fuel and mileage fees.

As an owner, you will have to pay around 20%-25% of your total rental amount. This means when the renter pays your due amount, you will only get 75%-80% while the website keeps the rest.

Outdoorsy Insurance and Free Roadside Assistance

The insurance and roadside assistance services are the most appealing features of Outdoorsy. Its insurance policy includes three well-defined packages: the ‘Risk Taker,’ ‘Essential,’ and ‘Peace of Mind’ plans.

The lowest level gives you around $15,000 for damage protection, while the highest level provides up to $500,000 for property damage and a staggering 1 million for liability insurance.

For renters, the website provides 24/7 free roadside assistance. If you face emergencies like flat tires, dead batteries, or getting locked out, you can simply reach out to the platform and get help.

Insurance protection is one of the most important considerations in renting an RV. These RVs, truck campers, and travel trailers are expensive, so both the RV owner and the RV renter want to sleep well at night knowing that they are properly covered.

Resources and Customer Service

Whether you’re an owner or renter, if you have trouble operating the website or while interacting with peers on the platform, you can consult their help center.

OutDoorsy Blog

The page has neatly organized answers to all your queries so you can complete your work in no time. Similarly, you can reach out to their team through live chat, email, or call them directly in case of an emergency.

Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use – 5 / 5
  • Features – 4 / 5
  • Value for Money – 3 / 5
  • Customer Service – 5 / 5

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Is Outdoorsy Legit?

Outdoorsy is a legit option for RV owners looking for a steady income and renters looking for cheap and safe RVs. This RV booking website is easy to use and provides insurance and security options, which makes up for the high service fee they charge.

However, you should conduct complete due diligence from your side regarding the vehicle or the renter to ensure peace of mind.

Can you get scammed on Outdoorsy?

Outdoorsy has a blog post from last year that explains its data policy in detail. In a nutshell, Outdoorsy does not collect personally identifiable information, such as name, email address, or phone number, from users or guests. Because they have no way of knowing who you are, fraudsters can’t exploit this to any great extent.

With this method, owners are removed from the market by obstructing access to their listings through Outdoorsy’s “dispute” process. You must agree not to enter into any outside arrangements as a result of this procedure.

So, at the end of the day ensure you use your payment details directly on the Outdoors platform. They act as a third-party company between the RV owner and the RV rental.

Outdoorsy RV rentals should always interact with each other on the platform. Never pay cash to an RV owner if this person demands it from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Make Money on Outdoorsy?

Yes, you can make money on Outdoorsy if you own an RV. You can charge around $2,000 for a single rental and make up to $30,000 every year, depending on your location and the type of your rig.

Besides that, you can even make money by referring the site to your friends.

Is Outdoorsy Reputable?

Yes, Outdoorsy is a reputable website and has great reviews. Along with the millions of renters and owners on the site, it has fantastic reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau.

How Much is Outdoorsy Commission?

Outdoorsy charges anywhere from 5%-15% commission from renters and around 15%-20% from owners from each booking.

Is Outdoorsy or RVshare better?

Outdoorsy is a better choice because they have a good track record of good customer service, return policies, and more on their website. Outdoorsy has been around for a while and RVshare on the other hand is relatively new to the RV rental business.

What percentage does Outdoorsy take?

Outdoorsy RV owners receive 80% of the total reservation cost, plus any add-on rental fees such as excess mileage and generator fees.

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  • Plenty of Options
  • Great Customer Support
  • Great Reviews
  • Insurance Policy


  • High Commission
  • No Verification
  • Extra Charges

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