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Award Wallet Review 2022: Free App to Manage Rewards

Award Wallet Review 2022: Free App to Manage Rewards

Looking for a one-stop destination to access all your reward programs? This Award Wallet review is your all-access guide to get started.

If you are a frequent traveler, chances are your loading up on points and miles. With a jet-set lifestyle, it can be hard to keep track of all your points and rewards. This is especially true if you earn points with different programs or companies.

Moreover, if your points are nearing their expiration date, you definitely want to use them up.

This is where the Award Wallet comes in.

This app works much like a personal assistant when it comes to tracking your points. Award Wallets brings all your points to a single destination, making it easier to track all your rewards with a single click.

All your reward accounts will link to the respective providers so you vice all the balances at one time.

If you’re looking for a way to track your points, miles and rewards, this Award Wallet review tells you everything you need to know. 

What is Award Wallet?

Award Wallet isn’t a newbie on the points and rewards scene. In fact, it’s been around since 2004. The company is lauded for its efficiency in helping users track the points.

Today, it has a customer base of 500,000 members and manages over 120 billion points and miles.

The premise of Award Wallet is pretty simple: the platform allows you to track all your points and miles from a single location.

As a frequent traveler, there’s no doubt that you probably have a card for everything: hotels, dinners and rental cars to name a few. While earning points for each purchase is an appealing option, not using is almost like throwing free money away.

Award Wallet solves this problem by helping users keep track of their accounts and sends push notifications when points near their expiration date.

How does Award Wallet work


Award Wallet is a great way to track all your rewards in a single place. You can even add family members’ accounts to track their points as well. Here’s how the platform works:

There are two versions of Award Wallet available – a free version and a paid one (Plus version). The paid version costs $30 a year. The paid version comes with a number of additional features as shown above.

While the free version has the basic features, the paid version shows the expiration date of your points and allows you to update more multiple accounts at once. This is a huge benefit if you have multiple rewards program accounts.

You will start by creating an account on the platform. This will ask for your basic information and ask you to verify the account. You can then start adding your loyalty accounts. The accounts are broken into categories like travel, dining, cruises, etc. Add your account to the appropriate one.

For instance, if you are part of the Chase Ultimate Rewards program (Chase Sapphire Reserve), you can log into the account through the app. The information stored on the Award Wallet platform is on an SSL encrypted server so there is an added layer of security when checking your balances.

Once the account is added, all the information related to the account will be visible on the user interface- including the expiration date of the points.

Add any additional rewards accounts on the app for an overview of all the points and miles you have earned. Once the account set-up is complete, you can start exploring the platform’s features.

Award Wallet Review: The Features

AwardWallet- Book flights

Award Wallet provides users with a number of exciting features to make the best use of all your rewards. Here are some of its most attractive benefits:

Access all your accounts

As a frequent flier, it’s likely that you have more than one rewards account so you need to know exactly how many points/miles are on each. Award Wallet doesn’t just enable you to do this for your personal accounts but for your family’s accounts as well.

The platform’s user-friendly interface enables users to combine family members’ accounts into a single wallet. That way you can use up points from multiple accounts based on the expiration date.

Book your flights

Award Wallet’s basic account offers a travel-planning feature. This is a useful tool especially if you catch yourself on a flight every other week. With Travel Plans add any upcoming flights to the platform. Award Wallet will ask for the flight and confirmation number.

Once it is entered into the system, you can add it to the calendar or share the details with family and friends. This also a great way to make sure if your points are being put towards the appropriate flight.

Travel itinerary

In addition to booking your flight, Award Wallet also allows you to add your entire itinerary to the account. The confirmations for the trip can be sent to the platform. A second option is to link your email account to the platform. Award Wallet will then scan your email for trip confirmations.

This can then be used to create a virtual itinerary of your trip. 

Mark your calendar

Once the flight details are in the system, you can share this information or add it to the calendar. Award Wallet enables users to auto-sync the data with Google, iCal or Outlook calendars.

You can also set up flight reminders and sync the calendars to your phone. This way you have access to all your flight information with the touch of a button.

Promo Tab

This is a great feature if you are looking to upgrade or sign up for more rewards programs. The Award Wallet platform has a Promo tab which shows users all the top offers and loyalty programs that are currently available.

You may even discover some new reward programs that you could benefit from.

Mobile app

This isn’t a unique feature but a useful one nonetheless. Award Wallet has a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. You can also link the account with Google Maps to check the status of your flight. In the event that your flight is canceled, you can also view alternative flights via the app.


Award Wallet Review: The Pros and Cons


Award Wallet has some great features but let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this rewards platform in our Award Wallet Review. 

Pros of Award Wallet

The Award Wallet review on some of the biggest reasons users love this platform:

Track all your accounts

This is Award Wallet’s best feature and also its biggest benefits. Once your account is entered into the platform, the details will be updated to reflect the most current balances. To ensure maximum security, there is two-factor authentication. Users also have the option to store the passwords on their personal devices and not on the Award Wallet’s servers.

Keep an eye on the expiration date

With multiple rewards cards to your name, it can be hard to lose track of all the points you’ve collected. But more importantly, you also need to make sure you use up these points before they expire.

This is where the Award Wallet comes in handy. The platform keeps track of the expiration date for the points. In the days leading up to this date, you will receive push notifications on the status.

Collecting points is great but using them at the right time is just as important. One of the platform’s newer features also gives you tips on how to keep your points active.

Monitor your reservations

The Award Wallet platform automatically links to any reservation that tied to your loyalty program. For any reservations made on a regular card, the website also allows you to link your email account. It will then pick up the reservation emails. Any changes made to a flight, seat or hotel will also be highlighted on the platform.

The notification will be highlighted in red until you click on it. This is a useful feature if you accidentally overlook a booking change in your email.

Prevent hacking

Any online account is subject to hacking. With no oversight on your accounts, there is a risk of having your points stolen. When you log into your account when booking a hotel and find that your points are stolen, it may be too late to report it.

To make things easier, Award Wallet sends the account holder a weekly summary of all your account balances and movements. If you notice anything amiss, you notify the respective rewards program so they can investigate the issue.

Links to multiple programs

The accounts that you link to your Award Wallet isn’t just listed to hotels and airlines. There are a variety of other programs that can be added as well.

For instance, if you are a frequent Groupon user, you can link your account to keep track of the coupons and their expiration dates.

Users can also add their credit card programs as well as those offered by Citibank. Even your Starbucks Rewards card can be linked to the platform as well.

With this oversight, there’s a good chance you don’t miss out on using your points before they expire.

Cons of Award Wallet

Next up on the Award Wallet Review is the disadvantages. As with any app, the Award Wallet does come with its drawbacks.

Can’t link all accounts

One of the main drawbacks of the Award Wallet is that some travel accounts cannot be accessed via the app. Companies like United and Southwest prevent users from logging into their accounts on the platform.

However, there are a few solutions to this issue. Award Wallet lets you link your email so that the program can scan for any travel confirmation and updates. Another option is to add the Award Wallet email to the travel account.

This way the platform automatically receive and statements or balance updates from the company.

Account limit

While this isn’t a huge issue for many, it could be a problem for some. Award Wallet only allows you to link 99 accounts to your profile. If you are a member of more than 100 programs this can pose a problem.

One way to combat this is to include accounts that are still active. Don’t link dormant or empty reward programs- just add the essential ones to the platform.

Award Wallet Review: Tips to use Award Wallet


Now that we’ve covered all the basics in our Award Wallet review, here are some tips to consider when using this service:

Set up notifications

A great way to get the most out of your Award Travel account is to set up notifications. This will allow the platform to send you periodic updates on your balances and account activity. If your points are nearing their expiration date, Award Wallet will let you know.

This also adds a layer of security because you will also be notified if there is any theft of points.

Two-factor authentication

Award Wallet is known for its high level of security but having an added layer of security just as important. You can do this by turning on two-factor authentication.

This means that when logging in you will only be able to access your account if you present two pieces of information to verify the account.

Vote for your favorite programs

 Award Wallet is always looking for ways to improve its platform. With a large customer base, the platform asks users to vote on the programs they would like to see on their website.

The company is constantly adding new programs to its platform based on users’ votes. So make sure you suggest and vote on your favorite ones.

Add family members

Award Wallet enables users to add their family members as well. Once the accounts are added, the account balances can be shared among multiple users. You can also combine points between accounts.

This can come in handy when booking a hotel or flight as you can decide whose points to use for the trip.

The Award Wallet One Card

If you want a physical copy of all the travel reward accounts you have, Award Wallet offers the One Card. This card includes all your reward programs and their respective account numbers.

This is useful if you want to have this information in your wallet when traveling. The card costs just $10.


Award Wallet is great if you are looking to access all your reward programs in one destination. The platform is also programmed to ensure that you never miss out on using your points before they expire.

This helps keep all your travel plans and rewards organized. We hope this Award Wallet review has all the information you need to get started.

If you want to sign up for an Award Wallet account, you can use this referral code:

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