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9 Best Travel Safes | Portable Options for the Road

Whenever I plan on hitting the road, I find it’s always wise to have a portable safe for my valuables.

It’s impossible to have fun when you have to keep one eye on your phone, keys, credit cards, and the like, especially when camping, swimming, or snorkeling.

Cases of tourists losing their stuff when having fun are common both at home and abroad. Whether you’re a student, business professional, or just touring, investing in a travel safe isn’t a luxury but a necessity. Enter the safe of portable travel safes!

Best Portable Safes for Travel

Tips on how a travel safe can play an important role in giving you some peace of mind while on the road. Travel safes’ secret compartment will do you a world of good.

1. SAFEGO Portable Lock Box Safe 

Pink SAFEGO secured on a beach bench

With some of the highest ratings online, this is one of the best portable travel safes on the market. This baby is waterproof making it one of the best options for traveling to the beach. With an earbuds access port, you’ll be able to enjoy your music with your phone safely locked in this stylish lockbox.


At 1lb this is one of the lightest portable safes -small in size but quite strong for your everyday use on the go. It’s made of a high-impact ABS plastic which is a tough nut to crack, and with sand, salt, and water-resistant nickel-plated zinc alloy lock, no one is easily getting their hands on your stuff. These materials also make the lockbox more durable.

The adjustable 17-inch cable that comes with the SAFEGO portable lockbox comes in handy for securing your safe box to a tree trunk, in your car, or a firm beach chair, providing added security.

You have two ways of accessing your safe box, you could use the backup keys that it comes with, or you could go for the 3-digit combo lock.


Like most of the best portable safes for travel, the SAFEGO portable safe box can be broken into by a determined thief.

The security cable is great and all, but if you leave your SAFEGO unattended for a long, someone with a bolt cutter will have an easy time stealing it.

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2. Vaultek Lifepod Waterproof Secure Safe

packed VAULTEK portable safe

The Vaultek Lifepod Secure Waterproof Safe is my number one option when it comes to portable travel safes for pistols. If you’re traveling with your kids, this safe can act as a barrier between them and the gun when you step outside for a sec. Even though Vaultek advertises it as a firearm safe, this bad boy comes in handy for other valuables you might have.


This portable travel safe is super lightweight at 2lbs, 3oz making it a great option for a person on the go. It comes with a secure built-in lock system- this is the anti-latch technology that is integrated for extra security.

It’s made of an impact-resistant proprietary material blend and it meets the TSA standards so you don’t have to worry about airport security whenever you are traveling. 

The dual compression latches are found on either side of the safe and together with the inner rubber gasket, they help keep it watertight. No need to freak out if you drop it in the ocean or the pool, this safe can float and is water-resistant.

The safe also comes with two spare keys for manually unlocking your safe. You even have the option of disabling the key access in case you lose them to a pickpocket or some shady hotel staff.


There are some basic accessories that you’ll have to purchase separately from this portable safe, things as the 9v alkaline battery and the security cable. However, it comes with a micro USB port you can use when your batteries are low. 

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3. JSSMST Dictionary Diversion Metal Safe Lock Box 

Diversion Dictionary safe lock box

Though it’s not truly a safe, this book box diversion safe is a great option because of how it blends in with other books. 

It’s crazy that the less you try to hide something, the harder it is to be detected by burglars – hidden in plain sight! When stacked among other books, one would have to be specifically looking for it to notice it.


With the ability to blend in with your books, this stash–it portable travel safe is a real asset both at home and on the road.

It might not be strong enough to stop a determined person to get in but it can easily fool a thief. Unless a burglar is interested in literature, it’s highly unlikely that they will notice this stash-it book diversion safe.

As one of the best portable travel safes, it has enough space to tuck in your valuables and lock them safely. It has a 3-digit combination lock that’s quite easy to use. Here are a few steps on how to reset the password:

  • It comes with the passcode 000, just turn the knob and unlock it.
  • At the backside of the lock, you’ll find a slot that rests at A, you have to slide it to the side and then move it up to B.
  • Now you are free to reset the passcode to whatever 3 digits your heart desires.
  • To activate the new passcode, move the slot back to A and you are good to go.


Though the cover used to make it look more like a genuine book is important for hiding, it affects the durability of the book box.

The plastic locking mechanism takes up space and can also be broken into by a determined person with a flathead screwdriver.

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4. Amazon Basics Portable Security Case Lock Box Safe

Amazon Basics Security case with cable and keys

The next portable safe on our list is the Amazon Basics portable security case lockbox. It’s got a compact design made of the finest anti-pry steel and a foam-padded interior.

When traveling abroad or just to the next state for a getaway and you want your sidearm for protection, this is would be a great safe box to carry with you.


Weighing a mere 3lb, this Amazon Basics security box is quite lightweight and easy to stash in your bag, hotel room, or Airbnb. This makes it a convenient travel buddy for all-time use.

This safe is certified by the California DOJ as a firearm safety box. It also meets the TSA requirements for carrying unloaded firearms in checked luggage.

It comes with a 3-digit combination lock and a cable tether for securing it to a fixed object. If you don’t plan on moving it a lot, you can mount it using the mounting holes found at the back.


When you order your Amazon basics portable travel safe, ensure that the lock numbers aren’t upside down.  At times, even the right combination fails to unlock these portable safes. In case this happens your only hope is to reach out to the manufacturers. 

5. Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 25 Liter Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

Pacsafe Metrosafe Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

If you are a digital nomad, or you travel a lot for work, here is a great traveling backpack for your consideration. You’ll love this bag; made of soft, water-resistant, and durable polyester which is easy to wipe clean, this durable anti-theft laptop backpack comes with a 5-year warranty.


The Pacsafe Metrosafe portable travel safe bag has anti-theft technology to give you peace of mind.  It has carry-safe slash-guard straps embedded with a lightweight, flexible stainless steel wire that protects against snatchers who would try to slice the straps and escape with your bag.

An exomesh slash-guard is blended into the backpack’s fabrics to make it secure from pick-pockets who might try to slash it open.  You also get a compartment that is RFIDsafe that will keep your e-passports, ID cards, key cards, and credit cards safe.

This portable travel anti-theft backpack even has enough room for some traveling gear. The padded shoulder straps are quite comfy and the padded suspended interior sleeve for your laptop keeps the machine safe from bumps, knocks, and drops. 

There are lockable zippers that come with a “lockabout” security clip that prevents easy access by pickpockets. 


When using it all day, you are bound to get a little uncomfortable because it doesn’t have a support waist strap.  For features such as the slash-proof straps and mesh wire exterior, you’ll have to gain the proof firsthand. It’s a bit risky but there are no sure bets when purchasing slash-proof security bags. 

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6. SentrySafe PL048 Electronic Security Box

SentrySafe Electronic Security Box

Next! Though the SentrySafe PL048 electronic security box is a bit big (0.5 cubic ft, 14 lbs), you have the option of mounting it in the car for securing your documents or even a firearm. For the best experience with this travel-friendly security box, SentrySafe recommends that you use 4 high-quality alkaline AA batteries.


This security box is made of solid steel making it more reliable and secure for your documents, laptops, and other valuables. 

It also comes with a tethering cable you can use to secure it to a strong stationary object. The steel construction also makes it quite durable.

It has a digital battery-powered combination lock but it also comes with a key to override the lock should you forget the combination or for any other reason.

This is among the best portable travel safes with an 8-digit locking option for that extra security. Its interior is padded to ensure your delicate valuables stay undamaged.


It can get a bit heavy especially if you are planning on carrying it around a lot – except when using your car of course. The plastic material used in the locking mechanism is a weakness; it can be easily pried open.  

To get the maximum service out of this SentrySafe PL048 electronic security box, you should steer clear of any generic rechargeable batteries.

7. Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe

Master Lock portable safe

One important thing you need to keep in mind when shopping for these tiny stylish portable travel safes for hotel rooms is that they work great when used for their intended purposes. 

The Master Lock 5900D is more of a deterrent and safeguard, rather than a strong safe. Keep this in mind and you (hopefully) won’t be disappointed!


This baby is both lightweight and portable for use on the go or just for personal use against theft. It comes with a 4-digit combination lock to keep your documents and small gadgets secure.

Keep your code a secret; otherwise, it defeats the purpose of the combination (and A SAFE) in the first place. It also comes with an access port for convenient phone charging or plugging in your earbuds for music.

The construction and design of this bad boy are both durable and water-resistant. This helps keep your valuables safe and dry. Also, the interior is lined with shock-absorbing foam that keeps your valuables intact while you move about.


Like most budget portable safes, this one can be broken into by a determined person – the lock isn’t super sturdy. For the best services for this master lock safe box, you should use it in a relatively safe environment.

8. Lewis N. Clark Safebox Portable Safe

Lewis N. Clark Safebox

If you like spending your time by the pool, the beach, camping, or playing water sports, this portable safe is a great choice for you. It comes both in small and big sized models for whatever your needs are. They also make great practical and attractive gifts, as there are several stylish designs to check out.


This portable travel safe bag is both slash and water-resistant. It’s made from Magnaloft fabrics that not only make it slash-resistant but also anti-theft. Stashing it in your car wouldn’t hurt either. The exterior surface is textured, giving it a better grip; this makes it perfect for use at either the beach or by the pool.

It’s got a 3-digit combination lock allowing you to safely secure it to park benches, bikes, and other firmly stationary objects around you. The roll-top closure will go a long way in keeping things like sand and debris away from your electronics.


With enough pressure and a sharp knife, or a strong pair of scissors, a thief can get to your prized possessions. 

You should always keep an eye out to ensure that no one is tampering with your portable travel safe bag when you step aside.

9. Stash-it Hanger Diversion Safe

Stash-it Hanger Diversion Safe

Diversion safes can be quite handy since they are designed to blend in with their surroundings. You can hide your valuables in plain sight and they’ll be safe. 

The stash-it hanger diversion safe is more of a travel safe secret compartment. This nifty security bag can be very handy for hiding your valuables when living in a hotel or an Airbnb where there are no safes.


This portable travel safe bag easily blends in with your clothes making it hard to detect. It’s built using a strong double-stitched nylon material that is both durable and can handle heavy valuables. It’s capable of holding weights up to 20 lbs.

It’s got enough storage room where you can fit your cash, passports, and documents among other valuables.


The stash-it hanger diversion safe comes without a hanger –you’ll have to get it separately. Not all hangers will work though. Investing in either one of the mentioned travel safes for hotel rooms is a great idea especially if you are on the road a lot. 

Whether it’s in the car, hotel room, or Airbnb, you need to ensure that the valuables you carry with you are always safe.

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