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20 Best Places to Travel Alone in the World

Traveling alone is the best option if you are adventurous because you are free from any obligation and responsibility. The only one you answer to is you!

You can move like a free bird without any tension. Solo traveling can be the most rewarding, as you travel according to your choices. Traveling alone can be more of a journey of self-discovery as you spend time with yourself and learn more about yourself.

Whether you need to sit across the beachside and relax, or you want to explore a major city, it’s totally on you. But it would be best to keep yourself safe and secure because tourists are most at risk of exploitation when they travel alone.

Solo Travel in Asia as One of the Best Places to Travel Alone
Song_about_summer / Adobe Stock

Here is the list of the best places to travel alone, which you can enjoy and explore solo!

Best Places to Travel Alone in the World

10 Best Places to Travel Alone in the World [4K UHD]

1. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon Skyline with Mount Hood
Nadia Yong / Shutterstock

Portland, OR, is located on the West Coast of the United States, where the Willamette and Columbia rivers meet. It is one of the best places on the West Coast, and this welcoming city is perfect for traveling alone and exploring.

The best thing about this place is the delicious and cheap street food, but there are plenty of fantastic brick-and-mortar eateries too. If you have a sweet tooth, visit Voodoo Donuts (which I MUST see every time I’m in town).

Strolling the city’s peaceful Japanese Garden at your own pace is also an ideal solo trip for a few hours in Portland. Get some pictures clicked there for Instagram while you’re at it!

Or, if you want to chill, hit up one of the local coffee shops or a dispensary. Either one will see you greeted with a smiling face. Portland is also a relatively affordable city and an excellent destination for solo trips on a budget.

If you’re not entirely solo and traveling with a furry friend, check out the excellent, pet-friendly hotel The Hi-Lo (Autograph Collection) in Downtown Portland.

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2. Toronto, Canada

The reflection of Toronto skyline at dusk in Ontario, Canada
Javen / Adobe Stock

Toronto is situated in Southern Ontario on the North West shore of Lake Ontario, Canada. It is a city that never stops and has a vast population of friendly locals.

Don’t believe me? Sign up for a tour from a Toronto Greeter and make new friends! This excellent program has you paired up with a local tour guide from the area you’re visiting who will show you the best parts of their neighborhood.

Toronto is a great city for solo travelers, and the excellent, affordable public transport helps. For city solo trips, you need to explore the 15 Toronto Islands. Hop on a local ferry, and you are ready to go. Their natural beauty will leave you amazed. It’s also worth noting that Toronto is one of the top destinations in North America for solo female travelers.

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3. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan city skyline
SeanPavonePhoto / Adobe Stock

Taipei is located at the northern tip of Taiwan on the Tamsui River. It’s the country’s capital and welcomes solo travelers looking to enjoy Taiwan’s cuisine. You must try street food out here at highly affordable prices if you are a foodie. If you need to scratch your shopping itch, Taipei is excellent for those who love fashion and accessories.

You can find top brands in the city’s best retail districts without paying the prices you would live in London, Paris, Milan, New York, or Tokyo.

Apart from mouthwatering food and great deals, Taipei is also home to incredible natural and cultural delights. Check out the gorgeous Shifen Waterfall in the Pingxi District. I recommend the colorful Taipei National Palace Museum, home to 700,000 Chinese artworks and history pieces.

Public transportation in Taipei is cheap, but pickpockets are known to target tourists. Solution? Try not to look like a tourist! If you’re carrying a bag, get yourself a discreet theft-proof bag, and keep an eye on your belongings when out and about.

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4. Dublin, Ireland

Skyline of Dublin City, Ireland
David Soanes / Adobe Stock

Dublin is one of the best destinations in Europe when traveling solo. The Irish capital city is located near Ireland’s east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey. It was once settled by interloping Vikings and is famous for its marvelous museums and (literally) ancient pubs with traditional live music.

The city has a rich heritage and enthralling history that is worth exploring – and it’s all best explored on a solo journey. You can also visit the Guinness Storehouse, just like a beer lover’s Disneyland, which will make the (drunk) child within you come out. Kilmainham Gaol, a beautifully preserved old prison, is also a fantastic day out.

Once you get used to the narrow, winding, cobbled streets, Dublin is an incredibly accessible city. Public transportation is reasonably priced and prolific, and Dublin is bike-friendly and walkable. Not only that, it provides easy access to some of Ireland’s gorgeous beaches and national parks.

Another reason Dublin is one of the best solo travel destinations is that the city can be a bit expensive as far as the accommodation is concerned – don’t expect to find anything half decent for less than $100 a night. One of several top castle hotels in Ireland, the Clontarf Castle Hotel is a great place to treat yourself like a King or Queen on your solo trip.

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5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema beach with mosaic of sidewalk in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ekaterina Belova / Adobe Stock

It is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world and one of the stereotypical destinations for a solo traveler on a sabbatical. The things which make the city beautiful are its mountains, beaches, forests, and Christ the Redeemer looming over this unique city. A solo walking tour to JC is a great way to get some views of this incredible place and meet fellow travelers.

This city has a rich culture, beautiful churches, museums, and historical monuments. The food and nightlife here are also to die for. If clubbing wasn’t enough partying, don’t miss the beaches; you must also explore them. They are thrumming with bars, stalls, and every kind of character out to have a good time in this LGBTQ+ friendly (and clothing “suggested”) haven.

The city is expensive, especially the hotels near the beaches. Flying to Rio de Janeiro here is relatively cheap, as is getting around – but do be on the lookout for pickpockets in the less touristy parts of town.

Also, even if you’re a solo travel cat living on the edge, be extremely wary of Rios 2 Favelas. Yes, I grant you that visiting them will be the solitary travel experience of a lifetime, but the law (and its protection) doesn’t extend to the Favelas.

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6. Bangkok, Thailand

Grand Palace in Bangkok city, Thailand
Stockbym / Adobe Stock

Bangkok is a bucket list city for any traveler, but it is an especially ideal destination for solo travelers. Home to Natural beauty, cultural marvels, and a modern metropolis, the energy and spirit of the city are so vibrant that you might go crazy out here – good thing you chose to travel solo!

It is popularly known as the Venice of the East, and the city’s waterways and historic attractions help it earn that moniker. The Buddhist temples are a must-visit – they are movingly beautiful.

Apart from that, the city offers a lot of variety in food which can be explored through the waterways by boat. If you are a bachelor or bachelorette, then this city is for you to explore everything that you have not explored yet, especially the spas and (ahem) massages! Locations and food are cheap in Bangkok, and public transport and taxis are just pennies.

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7. San Francisco, California

Aerial View of San Francisco Skyline
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The one-and-only city of San Francisco is located in Northern California, and it’s a top spot on the West Coast for solo travelers. The town is primarily famous for its cafes and lounges, which offer lovely food and an even more excellent ambiance. When you need some “me time,” visiting a café is the best option.

San Francisco is home to incredible sights, so many travelers visit this city for a good walking or guided tour. You must see the marvelous Golden Gate Bridge and get some pictures there. Alcatraz Island is another essential spot to visit.

You’re also in a great position from the city to access some of California’s best national parks, including Yosemite National Park and Pinnacles National Park.

One of the main reasons Frisco is on the list of destinations for solo travelers is price; San Francisco can get expensive. A San Francisco CityPASS will help save on tours and top attractions, but paying for only one room at the Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco at Embarcadero will save you a mint!

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8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur skyline
aphotostory / Adobe Stock

Kuala Lumpur is a city you must visit on your next solo trip. The town is famous for its excellent tourism business, just like other Southeast Asian hotspots like Bangkok and Singapore. It is a city of culture, possessing fantastic arts and traditional local crafts.

The city is one of the best places to travel for solo shopping, especially in the Bukit Bintang district. The district is home to several malls and high-end retailers.

Kuala Lumpur is famous for its monkeys which you may find plentiful. While here, you simply must try the street food; it’s so inexpensive you won’t have to watch how much you’re spending – watch out for the monkeys!

The cost of accommodation is also meager, and there are thousands of hotels to choose from. You can get a room at the clean, modern Summer Suites Residences for less than $20 a night.

Spend 10X that amount (relax, it’s only $200), and you can get a room at the insanely luxurious W Kuala Lumpur, which has unrivaled views of the Petronas Twin Towers.

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9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aerial View of Amsterdam Centraal Station (Amsterdam Central Station)
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Amsterdam is a friendly historic city full of colors and is one of every solo traveler’s dream destinations. No one, solo or group traveler, has ever not loved Amsterdam. This city is for everyone, with cultural and historical attractions such as the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House. Then there are more adult attractions like the Heineken Experience and the Sexmuseum Amsterdam.

And that’s not even mentioning the regulated Red Light Districts and (ahem) coffee shops! Amsterdam hosts a staggering range of accommodations, catering to all budgets and tastes; great for cheap lodgings or something special. The average cost of a 1-bed queen room is around $150-$200 a night, usually featuring a complimentary continental breakfast.

The Pulitzer, one of the best five-star hotels in Amsterdam (you can learn more about it here), is classically Amsterdam. Alternatively, you can check into one of the city’s ubiquitous hostels cheaply, meet other solo travelers, and enjoy the ever-laid-back vibe.

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10. San Jose, Costa Rica

Cathedral of San José
Gian / Adobe Stock

The view of this city is breathtaking. San Jose is situated in the Central Valley of Costa Rica – one of our favorite destinations for countless reasons. The weather conditions in the city are always pleasant throughout the year. Traveling solo in this vibrant city is excellent as you’ll have more time to appreciate the city’s impressive museums. You can also stroll San Jose’s streets and admire the famous street art.

One more thing which cannot be missed if you’re on day trips from San Jose is Poás Volcano, National Park. San Jose has a good range of hotels and rentals at various prices.

The average price for a great hotel is around $80 a night, just like the Hotel and Casino Taormina San Jose. The food is excellent there. The food in San Jose, in general, is top-notch. Get out and taste this city!

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11. Brussels, Belgium

Grand Place Architecture in Belgium
TTstudio / Shutterstock

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and a hub of global and European Governments, which means this ancient city is a cultural melting pot of other travelers! It’s also one of the top solo female travel destinations in Europe.

Brussels is famous for its ancient buildings, unique monuments, and the Flower Carpet. You’re in the home of mouthwatering Belgian chocolate and all manner of delicious wafers and waffles – with no one else there to tell you, “Ooh that looks nice; can I try it?”

The Atomium can also be explored without anyone talking your ear off about how remarkable it is. Then there is the beautiful Art Nouveau building, where you can explore the art and craft of the city, free from distraction!

And just as well! Because Brussels is an expensive city to visit. It’s worth budgeting your trip around Brussels’ fine dining establishments. Brussels is home to 25 Michelin Star restaurants. I’ve spent a solo night at The Warwick – I have to say, it’s tip-top, the staff is lovely, and it’s right next to some of the city’s best attractions.

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12. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm old town cityscape from City Hall top, Sweden
Mistervlad / Adobe Stock

The Swedish capital city of Stockholm is built around 14 islands, and it’s the ideal retreat for the intellectual solo traveler. The city is as beautiful as the scenery and has a rich history. This city is famous for its delicious fish, baked goods, coffee, and the concept of Fika, a daily ritual where one takes a break from it all to grab a bite, a warm drink, and connect with folks.

Sign up for a Fika tour and meet friendly locals and solo travelers. The city is also famous for its nightclubs and bars. Although everything here is quite costly (good thing you’re on a solo vacation), the beautiful city views, great food, and unique tourist attractions are worth making room for a bigger budget.

Spending some of that budget on a room at the Nobis Hotel Stockholm is well worth it! You can save money on getting around the city with impeccable public transport. You can get even more savings by calling one of several available tourist passes such as the GoCity Stockholm Pass.

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13. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne skyline looking towards Flinders Street Station
Aleksandar Todorovic / Adobe Stock

Melbourne is the perfect place to travel alone and meet new faces. A dream destination for many, Melbourne is situated on a large bay and is one of the best beach towns for solo vacations. You must visit the beaches of Melbourne to soak in some rays, go surfing or swimming, or catch some fish for a beachside BBQ.

Speaking of food, one of the unique eateries in town is a non-profit chain of vegan restaurants named Lentil As Anything. The visitors pay according to their financial ability, which is exciting to experience. Besides the occasional creepy-crawly, Melbourne is a safe city to travel solo.

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14. Auckland, New Zealand

Sailing Boats in Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
Matthew / Adobe Stock

Auckland, New Zealand, is famous for its unique natural landscapes, city skyline, and historic rugby team. This exceedingly safe and stunning coastal city is also one of New Zealand’s foremost cultural hubs. You must visit the beautiful Civic Theatre if you are a theater lover. Then there is the incredible Sky Tower to view the whole city in one go.

While suitable accommodation in Aukland ranges from average to pricey, the food in Auckland is very inexpensive, and the range of cuisines available is incredible. The seafood and the lamb are exquisite. Auckland is also in the heart of some of New Zealand’s best wine counties, so book a wine tour and get quaffing!

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15. Chicago, Illinois

John Hancock Center Tower

If you’re after a bustling city experience, Chicago is undoubtedly one of the best places to travel alone in the US. Fine dining, museum visits, legendary music venues, and an array of shopping options are just a few exciting things this vibrant city offers.

Start your day in the downtown Chicago Loop at one of its world-renowned cafes and coffee shops. From there, you can sightsee in Millennium Park – home to “The Bean” – or visit the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Lovers of literature and culture can even visit the Harold Washington Library or the Chicago Cultural Center for free. The Magnificent Mile (or Mag Mile), another of Chicago’s most excellent treats, is an awe-inspiring 13-block trail of premier retail outlets where you can shop until you drop.

And once you’re done, you can drink in some jazz music at the legendary Green Mill, loved for its storied past and incredible ambiance. Chicago’s metro system, the ‘L,’ makes it easy to get around, and a Chicago City Pass, from $114, will help you save a few bucks when visiting the city’s top attractions.

16. Sedona, Arizona

Vortexes of Sedona
Michael Brake / Adobe Stock

To boost your spiritual wellness, consider a trip to Sedona, Arizona, beloved for its breathtaking arid landscape, unique rock formations, gorgeous weather, and bountiful hiking trails.

While the population of Sedona is relatively tiny, at only 10,000 permanent residents, there is plenty to do regarding relaxation, shopping, and investigating the town’s rich cultural heritage.

Visit one of the many luxury spas and resorts to set up your home bases, like the Amara Resort and Spa or the Enchantment Resort. Here, you can treat yourself to massages and facials for at least a day.

From there, you can embark on several different day trips, like visiting Grand Canyon National Park’s red rock formations or Jerome, a famous historic mining community. The hiking trails here are a must for solo tourists and are safe and marked.

However, if you tire of being on foot, you can easily book a jeep tour to take you through the desert’s breathtaking landscapes. Sedona is also home to several art galleries, museums, and plenty of quaint restaurants and wineries to keep you occupied in the later afternoon and evening. Getting around is easy too. If you don’t want to rent a car, hop on the Verde Shuttle, with fares starting at only one dollar.

17. Vienna, Austria

Ferris Wheel and Vienna Cityscape

From one European vacation to another, the landscape around Vienna makes it easy to see why this Austrian city gets billing as a top place for solo travel. Best of all, it’s tourist-friendly, safe, and easy to get around. But there’s more.

MuseumQuartier, in the heart of Vienna, is home to over 60 galleries, museums, and performance venues, including the Leopold Museum and the Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation.

From the classics to contemporary art, there’s something to see for everyone. And between trips, you can try some local cuisine at one of many restaurants in the area.

If it’s the architecture you’re after, Vienna certainly won’t disappoint. From grand palaces to Otto Wagner’s modernist art nouveau, this city is known for its eclectic combination of building styles, many of which are open for public touring.

But, of course, we can’t mention Vienna without talking about canal cruises along the Danube. This is a definite must for the solo traveler, starting from around 50 Euros.

18. Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Bidge Czech Republic

With scenery straight out of a fairytale, Prague is renowned for its beautiful architecture and is known as the “golden city of a thousand spires” because of its many cathedrals.

Like Vienna, it’s an excellent destination for solo travelers, given its reputation for safety, efficient transport system, and ease of navigation. The mix of old-world classicism and modern bohemia will blow away visitors to Prague.

Setting yourself up in accommodation downtown will give you access to the city’s most prominent attractions. There are museums open daily, like the Communist Museum and the National Museum, as well as guided tours of the mind-blowing Prague Castle.

A stroll along the Charles Bridge gives you breathtaking views of the city and is bordered by delightful cafes and restaurants, where you’ll likely come across fellow travelers on your way. And when evening falls, Prague also hosts a vibrant nightlife scene.

Traversing the streets of Prague on foot is safe, as there are generally crowds of tourists from morning to night. However, you can also get an integrated transport ticket to take trams, buses, and trains from a starting price of just one dollar.

19. London, England

London Eye Sunset

While London’s history and diverse art and architecture are certainly a reason to visit, it’s also a great place for solo travelers who want to experience its vibrant nightlife, superb cuisine, fashion, music, and theater. As one of the world’s most significant cultural and international hubs, there is something for everyone here.

London can seem like an overwhelming destination if you’re traveling alone. But it’s a great place to immerse yourself in various experiences, given that it’s pretty easy to navigate with a well-planned itinerary.

Strolling along the South Bank of the River Thames is an excellent start to any London holiday. It will allow you to take in the magnificent architecture of Tower Bridge, The Houses of Parliament Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Parliament Square. There are also plenty of street vendors selling food and crafts, as well as performers, to keep you entertained.

While there’s plenty to keep the foodie or arty crowd satisfied, London is a haven for history buffs. A visit to the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, or the National Army Museum is free, although we recommend getting to each one early. Alternatively, you can visit the Churchill War Rooms for around 24 pounds or the Tower of London for about 30 pounds.

When you’re done soaking in the culture and history of London, you can wander across to the London Eye, where you’ll be spoiled with incredible city views from up high.

Although London is higgledy-piggledy, it is straightforward to navigate. The extensive London Underground (or Tube) makes it exceptionally easy to get around central London. Plenty of double-decker buses, Boris bikes, and famous black cabs exist.

20. Reykjavik, Iceland

Panoramic of Reykjavik in Wintertime

From one extreme to another, Iceland is a must-visit for solo travelers who long for nature and majestic landscapes. It’s also a safe place to travel alone, especially if you plan on backpacking, given that it is considered one of the most peaceful countries on earth and boasts meager crime rates.

When we think of Iceland, we think of the Northern Lights, a once-in-a-lifetime sight. However, several other ways to fill your day include hiking, horseback riding, mountain climbing, and caving.

Iceland’s natural attractions include sweeping mountain ranges, like the Vestrahorn and the Katla, with volcanoes. There are also waterfalls, like Gullfoss and Dettifoss, and enormous glaciers, like Vatnajökul. While you’re there, we recommend visiting Þingvellir National Park, the country’s famous UNESCO World Heritage site and a national treasure.

Traveling to Iceland generally entails flying into Keflavik International Airport, where you can take a short drive to the capital city of Reykjavik. All-day bus routes make getting to where you want to go easy, starting from around 20 dollars.

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