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Our 15 Favorite Black Friday Travel Deals

Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving time? While it may be starting to really get cold out in much of America, look at the bright side – with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when we can find some of the best travel deals of the year. The best Black Friday travel deals, below, will have you dreaming of your next vacation.

Black Friday is no longer about lining up at the electronics store at midnight after your turkey dinner for a fancy new television. In fact, it’s not so much a “day” anymore as it is a whole week or even a mini-season. From now through the end of the month, and in some cases even December, travelers can find more deals than ever on airline tickets, accommodations, and vacation packages to some of the top vacation destinations in the world!

But no two Black Friday sales are alike, and it can be difficult to sift through all of the publicity to know who is doing what and when. Since it’s so competitive to secure these deals once they drop, it’s important to know exactly where and when to go to get them.

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This year, we’ve put together a master list of the best Black Friday travel deals that have been announced. Ideally, you already have a destination and travel dates, and you can simply use this as a guide to get discounts. But even if not, these sales should inspire you to find deals and inspire a trip!

Black Friday Travel Deals of 2023: Incredible Deals on Hotels

With the price of accommodations getting higher and higher, it’s more important than ever to save at hotels and resorts. Most major chains and online travel agencies are offering excellent Black Friday hotel deals.

1. Website

One of our favorites in general for hotel deals is, and they aren’t disappointing with their Black Friday sale this year. The savings start at 30% for hotels, which is a serious deal considering hotel prices nowadays.

The sale is currently live, and you can access it on their Deals Page or by searching a destination like you normally would. Specials will have a “Black Friday Deal” sticker with the original price and the sale price. The offer is only good during the month of November, but your travel dates can be until the end of 2023.

Doing some sample searches, we’ve found hotels in Orlando selling for well under $100 per night with this deal. Some hotels in Las Vegas, such as Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, are going for nearly half price.

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2. Expedia

Expedia Website

Another favorite for booking all things travel, Expedia is offering a similar deal to for its members, with discounts starting at 30% off. If you aren’t already an Expedia Rewards member, and you book with or may book with Expedia, take a few minutes to sign up – it’s totally free, gets you points for every purchase, and gives you access to this deal.

Expedia has a Black Friday page where you can immediately see some of the destination cities and discounts that are being offered. This sale only runs until November 28th, and you can travel until the end of June 2023.

We’ve seen some especially great Black Friday travel deals to Hawaii on Expedia, like hotel prices under $200 per night on Oahu at the Luana Waikiki Hotel & Suites. Plus, you can also search vacation packages to save money on flights as well – I’m looking at a 3-night stay in Hawaii for $542 per person, flights and hotels included.

3. Priceline

Priceline Website

The other big online travel agency we’ll mention is Priceline, which has one of its most serious Black Friday sales in history. There are promo codes, mystery coupons, and all-around discounts being offered started on November 22nd.

First, be sure you are subscribed to their email deal alerts to receive mystery coupons worth up to 99% off of their Hotel Express Deals. That’s not a typo; in fact, Priceline says that they will be sending twice as many of those 99%-off coupons as last year!

There are various promo codes that have been made public as well: BF2020 will get you 10% off site-wide on Express Deals, FRIDAY100 will get you $100 on bookings worth more than $500, and MONDAY20 will give the first 1,000 users 20% off Hotel Express Deals on Cyber Monday only. Head over to their Black Friday page for the specifics.

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4. Hyatt

Hyatt Website

One of my favorite loyalty programs is Hyatt, both for its great hotels and great points redemption values. Luckily, both are involved in their sales during this year’s Black Friday season.

More than 950 hotels are participating in their 20% off deal. Stays can be until the end of April 2023 and must be booked by November 30th using promo code UNLOCK. This deal is valid at hotels around the world, and I’m specifically liking what I see in Australia, in places like Melbourne and Perth.

Plus, Hyatt is offering a sale on points. While I’d never recommend buying points without any specific intentions, it’s a great way to top up your account for an upcoming stay or to pay less in total for a reservation that would have cost more with cash. Until November 28th, Hyatt will give you 25% more points when you purchase 5,000 or more.

5. Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy Black Friday Deals

My other favorite loyalty program is Marriott‘s, thanks to its huge presence around the world and consistent products. While their Black Friday sale may not be as extensive as competitors this year, it’s still a great value for the right trip.

From November 22nd to 29th, Marriott will offer a discount of 20% off room rates when booking at most of their hotels. The discount is only 15% for non-Bonvoy members, so be sure to sign up if you don’t already have an account. The stay period is only between November 27th and January 16th.

Marriott is offering other sales as well, such as 25% off of points purchases and between 15% and 30% off Bonvoy Boutique products, which is where you can buy their hotels’ bedding, cosmetics, and other products. There’s also a promotion running now that offers 2,000 bonus points per stay until December 15th.

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6. Hilton

Hilton Website

With thousands of hotels around the world, you are sure to find a few Black Friday getaway deals from Hilton. However, right now, we just have a sneak peek at what’s to come for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it’s looking good.

The sneak peek shows specific hotel deals — so be ready to book when they go live, whether it be on Friday or Monday. The Hilton New York Times Square is offering rates up to 25% off with breakfast included. The Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino will offer up to 30% off stays of at least 7 nights, plus bonuses like free breakfast and resort credits. These are just two that caught my eye!

While we can probably expect Hilton to release more of these throughout the day on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, browse all of the preview deals on their Black Friday site. Also, keep in mind that you may need a promo code to access those deals, so take note of them in advance.

7. Mr. & Mrs. Smith Hotels

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Hotels Website

You may recognize these small hotels as bookable through IHG Rewards – who, I might add, have not released any specific Black Friday travel deals as of yet. However, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is offering an extensive list of deals at specific hotels when booking directly through their site.

The sale is live now and offers up to 40% off rates at hotels around the world. Each individual hotel’s packages are unique, with their own expiration dates, stay dates, and terms. Some of the properties standing out to me are the Greek Islands, the Croatian Riviera, and the beautiful coast of Thailand.

Black Friday Travel Deals of 2023: Best Flight Deals

Airlines both at home and abroad are offering tons of deals from, to, and around America this year now that pandemic-era restrictions have been largely dropped and the USA is hungry for travel. While the airlines haven’t been promoting deals as much as hotels, here are some of the best Black Friday airline deals we’ve come across and expect to see.

1. JetBlue

JetBlue Website

While JetBlue launched an early Black Friday sale on flights that ended on November 18th, we’re expecting to see something more on or near Cyber Monday. Last year, JetBlue’s offer was $50 off each leg of round-trip tickets in economy, and it lasted just two days.

We can’t be sure that they will do that again, but as the airline that brought free WiFi and live television to airplanes, they should come up with something good. Check their website frequently for any sale ads, and sign up for Going to be sure you know exactly when something comes up from your airport to any vacation destination.

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2. United Airlines

United Airlines Website

United generally offers very competitive flight pricing, but the real value in at least one recent year of Black Friday sales was in their vacation packages. United Vacations has previously offered up to $600 off packages with both hotels and airfare included, making this one of the best deals we’ve come across yet.

To tailor your package to your budget, you can choose anything ranging from a simple and inexpensive room to a luxury, all-inclusive resort with spa treatments. Keep an eye on both the United main site and United Vacations to see what will be offered this year.

There is consistent value to be found when flying United from either coast to Europe, as well as from their San Francisco base to Tahiti. They also have a large presence in Mexico if you’re looking to escape to somewhere warm but close, like Puerto Vallarta.

3. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines Website

Delta hasn’t released much information about its deals for Black Friday trips this year. However, their website specifically suggests looking out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday flight deals, so don’t count them out just yet.

Our best advice is to sign up for their Email Programs to be notified immediately of any promotions they release. Delta has a huge network that can get you just about anywhere, including more destinations in Africa than any other US airline, as well as to the beautiful French Riviera, with a direct flight from New York.

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4. American Airlines

American Airlines Website

Like the others, American has been quiet about any potential Black Friday sale. Back in 2020, they had a nice offer of a 20% discount for future travel after making a Black Friday purchase. Hopefully, that wasn’t just an attempt to sell more tickets when there was much lower demand.

There are a few deals on their vacation packages site for trips to Mexico and Barcelona. In my experience, you can usually find a great deal on American Airlines when flying domestically and specifically to Hawaii.

5. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines Website

Speaking of Hawaii, don’t forget about the state’s homegrown carrier, Hawaiian Airlines. Flights, hotels, and everything about a visit to Hawaii has visitors paying more than ever nowadays, unfortunately – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t deals to be found.

Hawaiian is currently displaying a “Cyber Monday Sale” page, but there isn’t anything there except for the standard flight search. Perhaps they have something planned that hasn’t been released yet, so keep your eye on their site until Cyber Monday.

It’s very important to try to keep your departure dates flexible when it comes to Hawaii, and to consider other islands, as prices can vary greatly. I recently saved hundreds of dollars by booking a multi-city itinerary rather than island-hopping a-la-carte.

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6. Southwest

Southwest Airlines Website

I have always loved flying Southwest – you can cancel at any time for credit, two bags always fly free, and the employees always seem to be friendlier. Plus, their fares are among the lowest you’ll find domestically and in Central America.

There aren’t details of Southwest’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales for this year at the time of publication – but they’re sure to drop very soon. Sign up for their mailing list to be told about special deals as soon as they drop.

Black Friday Travel Deals of 2023: Tours & Vacation Packages

Besides airfare and accommodations, some great Black Friday travel specials are being offered by sites that sell vacation packages and destination activities. These can be of especially good value if you are taking your trip with other travelers.

1. GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide Website

Our favorite tours and activities search engine is offering a massive Black Friday sale in cities around the world. Experiences are being offered at up to 50% off when you book on the GetYourGuide Black Friday site.

These aren’t little-known attractions, either – discounts are for things like tours of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel in Rome, desert safaris and camel rides in Dubai, and helicopter tours around New York City. There’s no promo code required here, so check out the fun available at some of the world’s top vacation destinations.

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2. Apple Vacations

Apple Vacations Website

If you’re not the type of traveler who likes to seek out the best flights, then match those dates with the best hotel, and worry that you’ve missed something, then booking with a vacation package company such as Apple Vacations could be your solution. Besides, you can often save a ton of money when bundling with them, especially on all-inclusive vacation deals.

Apple Vacations is offering two major Black Friday promo codes this year. BLACKFRIYAY22 will get you up to $300 off Mexico, Caribbean, and Hawaii packages, while BLACKFRIYAY22A will take off up to $150 from a continental US package.

How to Find the Best Black Friday Travel Deals

If you are still overwhelmed, not sure where to start, or undecided on a destination, there are a few ways to look out for great deals in general. Seeing amazing prices is a great way to decide on a trip.

Hotel Deals

Different Hotel Deals

If you know you want to stay at a chain like Marriott, Hyatt, or Hilton, you can head straight to their website to secure your stay. But if you don’t necessarily need to be loyal to a brand or just want the best deal, use a search engine like or Expedia.

There are others as well, such as Priceline, KAYAK, and even Skyscanner. But from what we’ve seen, and Expedia will be the ones offering the best, and most user-friendly Black Friday deals this year.

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Flight Deals

Scott's Cheap Flights Website

You might have noticed that the airlines are being tight-lipped about any potential Black Friday sales this year. Without any specific indication, head to sites like Skyscanner, Momondo, or KAYAK. You’ll have access to a huge range of filters, and you’ll find the best deals within seconds.

Also, do not forget to sign up for Going. If you aren’t familiar with it, this is a service that employs real people full-time to constantly search for flight deals.

As soon as they find one from one of your favorite airports, you’ll be notified immediately, allowing you to book fast. This is a huge advantage on an increasingly-competitive Black Friday.


Should you buy flights on Black Friday?

Black Friday can be a great time to book flights thanks to the promotions airlines sometimes offer. However, don’t book a flight just because it’s Black Friday – make sure you truly believe it’s a good deal that you wouldn’t have found on a normal day!

Do they do Black Friday in other countries?

While Black Friday is an American “holiday,” it has very much grown in popularity overseas as well. You may find deals with non-American travel companies such as British Airways and Accor Hotels to celebrate Black Friday, to name just two.

Where can I find the cheapest flights on Black Friday?

That depends on how the airlines set up their sales, but good places to start are Scott’s Cheap Flights and Skyscanner. Don’t forget that Southwest Airlines won’t show up on any search engines and needs to be checked separately on its website.

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