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How to Maximize Genius Levels Loyalty Program

To better suit the post-pandemic world and shape the industry’s future, travel agencies across the globe are making changes to their travel programs to benefit both travelers and businesses—for instance,’s Genius Levels Loyalty Program, an online travel agency, has updated its loyalty program, Genius, to offer additional benefits to its partners. As a traveler or an independent hotelier, it’s necessary to be aware of the expanding loyalty program.

Why? Because the expansion of Booking Genius levels means more and more perks for people to use the platform. It may also have a considerable impact on hotels’ direct bookings or help save money

booking logo

So, if you’ve partnered with and are looking to reap the additional benefits of the platform, you need to maximize your Booking Genius level.

Are you wondering how to maximize your Booking Genius levels with Booking? What are genius levels? No worries! We have got you covered. 

But before we jump directly to Booking genius levels details, let’s discuss the basics first. Genius Basic Genius Loyalty Program is a widely used online accommodation booking portal with over 28 million accommodation listings. We at ViaTravelers love, which is why you’ll probably find more than a few links to them dotted through our articles!

This website is available in 43 languages and has around 200 offices in 70 countries across the globe. Basically, if we calculate all figures, sets the standard for hotel booking sites. is not a hotel chain, and it also doesn’t have its own accommodation properties. Instead, this online platform just lists hotels, resorts, or other accommodations that you can book for your stays.

Also, the interface of this platform is quite user-friendly, offers the best deals and free cancellation with maximum properties, and the prices are comparatively some of the best that you’ll find online. All of these incredible features make a go-to option for travelers to book their accommodations and ensure a seamless experience.

You will find comprehensive details on sign-up offers below. So, keep reading for more information.

What are Genius Levels? Genius is a loyalty program where regular or loyal users get travel rewards based on how frequently they use the hotel booking services. The more you book, the more travel rewards you unlock. 

But remember, these credibility or hotel points are available only on resorts or hotels that participate in the “Genius loyalty program.” That means Genius levels can benefit both hotels and guests. 

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How Many Genius Levels Are There on Booking? Genius Levels

So, now the next question is how many Genius levels are on Booking? Well, there are only three Genius levels for now, including Genius Level 1, Genius Level 2, and Genius Level 3.

Let’s know a little more about these levels:

1. Genius Level 1 

Genius Level 1 Perks in /

To get free lifetime access to Genius Level 1 discounts, you need to create an account on and complete two stays within 2 years. Remember, you will receive discounts only at participating properties. Perks that you unlock:

  • 10% discount on your all hotel stays before taxes and charges 

 2. Genius Level 2 

Genius Level 2 Perks in /

To unlock free lifetime access to travel rewards of level 2, you need to complete at least 5 stays within 2 years at participating properties. Benefits of getting applicable for Genies Level 2: 

  • Up to 15% discounts on all your hotel stay, excluding taxes and charges 
  • Get free breakfast
  • Free room upgrades to make the most of your stay for free 

3. Genius Level 3

Genius Level 3 Perks in /

To get free access to Booking level 3 perks, you must complete at least 15 stays in 2 years. Once you unlock Genius level 3, you will get the following benefits: 

  • 10-20% discounts on all your stay prices, excluding taxes and charges
  • Free breakfast
  • Free room upgrades
  • Support of live agents on all bookings

Once you unlock all these three Booking Genius levels, the benefits will be yours to enjoy for life. Also, you can save your money and make your trips unforgettable by making more and more bookings with selected properties using

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What is Genius Level 3 with

Genius Level 3 is a status reserved for most valuable travelers or guests who complete at least 15 stays in two years. On average, these members spend up to 12% more and cancel up to 19% less than other users. Moreover, in exchange, hotels get a ranking boost on top of the standard Genius ranking boost.

Why Should You Maximize Genius Levels with Booking?

Being a traveler, it is essential for you to maximize your Genius levels with Booking. Travelers with the Genius status unlock lots of benefits. Genius Loyalty Program Benefits

But to avail of maximum perks, you need to keep upgrading your Genius level with Booking. The higher the level, the bigger the travel rewards and some of them are as follows:

  • Instant 10% to 20% off on your hotel stay prices on participating properties.
  • Early check-ins.
  • Late check-outs.
  • Complimentary breakfasts and drinks. 
  • Free room upgrade. 
  • Direct support of live agents on all booking-related questions and other things. 

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How to Maximize Booking Genius Levels

booking genius program

As mentioned above, users need to maximize Booking genius levels to leverage maximum benefits. Currently, there are 3 Genius levels with different eligibility criteria. Here, we will explain how you (travelers) can upgrade your Genius levels on the Genius program. So, let’s take a look at that.

Step 1: Create Your Account

Creating an account in /

The first and most basic rule is that you need to create an account on to get eligible for the Genius status. Once you login into the portal, you need to complete a minimum of 2 stays within two years to reach Level 1 status, which is not that challenging.

If you complete two stays, you can unlock lifetime free access to Genius Level 1 benefits, for example, a 10% instant Genius discount on all your hotel bookings, but only on eligible properties.

Step 2: Achieve 5 Stays With

Now, the second step is to upgrade your level to Level 2. To achieve Genius Level 2, you have to book at least 5 stays within a time span of two years, which is again possible. You can complete these 5 stays easily, whether for business purposes or vacations.

All you have to make sure of is that the hotel, guest house, or any other accommodation you’re booking is under the Genius tag. If you see a Genius logo next to a hotel or property, you are all set to claim the available discount.

Once you complete 5 stays successfully, you will get free lifelong access to Level 2. That means you will receive 10% to 15% discounts on your hotel stays, free room upgrades, and complimentary breakfasts.

Step 3: Stay 15 Times Within 2 Years

The next step is to upgrade to Genius Level 3. For this, one needs to complete at least 15 stays within two years at participating properties. You might be thinking that completing 15 bookings in two years is a bit of a challenge, especially for people with low budgets or infrequent travelers.

But, it’s not impossible…right? First of all, remember, you don’t need to book a 5-star hotel or resort to complete these stays. You can stay even at hostels or small hotels; all you have to make certain is that the place is tied up with the Genius program.

Once you complete 15 stays, you unlock free lifetime access to Level 3 perks, including 10% to 20% discounts on stay prices, complimentary breakfasts, and free room upgrades. You also get access to talk to live agents to discuss anything related to your bookings.

Overall, Genius levels aren’t as complicated as you might think. Simply pay attention to what it says to get upgraded. Also, no matter where you go and for how long, every stay with will count.

So, to maximize your Genius levels and get eligible for all the above perks, make sure to book your stays with selected properties under Moreover, reach the top level and start saving HUGE on your hotel stays.

Why Should Hotels Partner with the Genius Program?

Hotels or properties that provide accommodations must consider upgrading their direct booking channels with Genius. Becoming a Genius partner will increase your business ranking and visibility through special tagging.

The data shows that partners who join the Booking Genius program increase their booking rate by 29% and revenue by 24%. Participation in Genius program brings a range of other benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • It decreases the overall cancellation rate. 
  • It gives you access to control your marketing message.
  • It offers you an opportunity to make new loyal customers. 
  • It provides you with more control over the ongoing relationship with your valued guests and their overall experience. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Genius Partner Hotels?

The eligibility criteria for hotels to join Booking Genius levels varies based on country and location so only hotels with quality services can take part.

Each property needs to meet the following criteria to get eligible: 

  • It should be open and bookable on Booking.
  • It should have received at least three reviews from guests.
  • It should have a minimum review score of 7.5. (However, exceptions are available for hotels if the average review score in that particular city or area is below 7.5 and the hotel’s guest review score is above that average). 

If you own a hotel or resort that meets these criteria, you can join the Genius level loyalty program. Once you become a member of this loyalty program, the 10% discount will instantly apply to your most populated and least expensive room type.

If your best-selling room is your least costly one, then the Genius discount will apply to that room.  Apart from this, you will also unlock access to the Genius report. This report gives statistics and a real-time overview to help track your ROI (return on investment).

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What Can Hotels Do to Entice People to Book Them?

Man by the swimming pool during daytime
Edvin Johansson / Unsplash

In order to engage more and more guests and encourage them to make bookings with you, you need to give them attractive offers. You can choose your offerings and level them up at your own pace.

Here are some proven tips to entice more and more guests and increase your revenue rate.

1. Target Genius Guests with a 10% Discount

All Genius partners provide a 10% discount on bookings, which significantly boosts their overall business performance. The extra value you give to your target Genius guests can help lift your conversions to the next level.

2. Emphasize Your Offerings

You can highlight what you have to offer to engage more and more guests—for instance, your property and surrounding attractions.

3. Give Customized Discounts & Value Adds

In addition to the mandatory 10% discount, you can consider offering additional benefits to attract Level 2 and Level 3 guests and stand out from other properties. Providing guests with customized perks is the best way to sell rooms with added amenities and boost your revenue.

4. Make Sure to Create a Simple, Engaging Booking Experience

To offer a seamless booking experience, make sure to use an intelligent and easy-to-use booking engine. A user-friendly interface can help properties provide an engaging booking experience to all users.

Evolution of the Booking Genius Levels Loyalty Program has shared its vision for the future of Genius. The travel agency aims to help its property partners gain more visibility, increase their booking rates, and boost their business growth and overall revenue.

This evolution of the Genius program is likely to bring even more incredible value to Genius properties. is offering the flexibility that its partners need now more than ever.

However, participating in this expanded Genius loyalty program is totally optional and a personal choice that partner properties can make depending on their business status and needs. Overall, is trying its best to bring sustainability to the travel industry. One great example is Booking Genius levels.

The Genius levels reward program can save thousands of dollars for travelers on all of their hotel stays. Just consider making your reservations through your account to reap the benefits of Genius levels.

On the other hand, hotels with the Genius tag can gain even more visibility, earn more bookings, make loyal guests, and get great returns on their investment. 

So, what are you waiting for now? Sign in today to get free access to Booking Genius levels, unlock a world of travel rewards at 390,000+ properties, and make your travel experience even more special. 

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