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15 Best Travel Blankets | Cozy Portable Options

Travel blankets have become a necessity for travelers around the world. Be it a road trip, air travel, or any other long journey, a proper travel pillow and blanket set is an excellent choice to ensure sustainable travel. A soft and cozy blanket offers a little home feeling wherever you go.

Travel blankets serve different purposes for travelers. Imagine you’re camping… you’re going to need a warm, cozy option that can make the experience that much more comfortable. Or imagine a long-haul flight where you need to be fully rested by the time you arrive. Each blanket can serve a different purpose. Now imagine bringing a camping blanket on a long-haul flight… No way, right? Now that might be the picture that brings it all together.

Whether you’re looking for a car blanket, an airplane blanket, a camping blanket, or any other specific type of blanket, you will find a vast list of travel blankets below.

From a lightweight blanket to a compact travel blanket, here are the best travel blankets to help you pick the right one to make your next trip easier.

Best Travel Blankets

1. Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

Rolled Travel Blanket
Cocoon CoolMax Blanket / Amazon

The Cocoon CoolMax Blanket may be the perfect addition to your travel essentials if you seek a lightweight, ultra-compact blanket. Measuring 55″ x 70″, this travel blanket is an excellent companion for plane, train, or automobile journeys.

Featuring a warm, mid-weight knit, the Cocoon CoolMax Blanket is breathable and cozy and wicks away moisture for added comfort. Its compact dimensions allow it to fit snugly in your carry-on luggage, making it a superb choice for an airplane blanket. This lightweight blanket is small enough to accompany you and your travel gear wherever your adventures take you.

2. Horizon Hound Packable Down Travel Blanket

Girl using Horizon Hound Down Travel Blanket
Horizon Hound Packable Down Travel Blanket / Amazon

If you’re after a packable down blanket, then consider buying this exclusive blanket from Horizon Hound. Made with a reliable, rugged, high-performance rip-stop nylon shell, this blanket is highly durable and makes the best pick for all kinds of intense adventures. 

Weighing only 1lb, this machine-washable, lightweight quilt gives the comfort one could expect with almost negligible weight. Designed for everyday use, this blanket measures 77″ x 50″ when opened fully. Also, the water-resistant exterior of this travel-down blanket keeps people dry, relaxed, comfortable, and warm. 

The blanket fully compresses into its premium stuff sack, allowing it to pop into your backpack or luggage easily. Overall, this travel-down blanket is perfect for hiking, camping, or road travel.

3. World’s Best Cozy-Soft Travel Blanket 

Blue Travel Blanket World’s Best
World’s Best Cozy-Soft Travel Blanket / Amazon

Whether you’re enjoying a train ride or relaxing in a hotel, this cozy-soft microfleece blanket by World’s Best can be a much-appreciated companion. The 100% polyester fabric makes this blanket machine washable and easy to care for, making it a smart option for travel. 

Measuring 50″ x 60″, this lightweight, heated blanket is large enough to wrap you comfortably. The small packing means this quilt doesn’t require much room in a car’s trunk or train’s berth. 

Moreover, this blanket is available in different colors. This affordable, cozy-soft microfleece blanket makes your travel easy and more pleasant.  

4. Pure Cashmere Travel Blanket

Models wearing cashmere travel blanket
Pure Cashmere Travel Blanket / Amazon

A cashmere blanket makes a great fit if you’re ready to spend money. This multi-purpose item can be used as a blanket, a wrap, or a scarf to stay warm during sightseeing. No matter your size and age, the large size of this clothing piece offers maximum coverage for everyone. 

Made from 100% pure, super-soft Mongolian cashmere, this luxurious blanket is soft and versatile. The portable size ensures that it doesn’t take up much space in a cabin bag. If you don’t have enough room in your luggage, you can wear it as a scarf or wrap while on the plane.

Also, the ribbed edges of this blanket make it wrinkle-resistant and durable. Overall, this cashmere blanket makes the best airline travel blanket due to its perfect design and light weight. 

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5. PAVILIA Blanket and Pillow

Pink Travel Blanket and Pillow
PAVILIA Blanket and Pillow / Amazon

Luxurious, compact, and soft, this travel pillow and blanket set by PAVILIA gives you everything you need to ensure a comfortable traveling experience. The premium micro-fleece materials make it a fuzzy, lightweight, soft blanket for regular travel.

This exclusive blanket comes with a portable carrying bag; you can use it as a cushion or pillow to lay your head on. This travel pillow and blanket set is thick and plush enough to retain heat to keep you cozy and warm on chilly flights. 

The 60″ x 43″ dimensions of the blanket ensure excellent coverage. Also, the microfiber fleece is silky-soft to the touch, allowing you to stay relaxed and doze off throughout the journey. 

Moreover, the portable carrying bag of this blanket comes with an adjustable luggage strap, making it easy for you to secure the blanket in your suitcase, backpack, or carry-on luggage.

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6. Kelty Indoor/Outdoor Insulated Camping Blanket

Kelty Camping Travel Blanket model
Kelty Indoor/Outdoor Insulated Camping Blanket / Amazon

This insulated camping blanket by Kelty is one of the best packable blankets for outdoor enthusiasts. With dimensions of 75.5″ x 42.5″, this blanket is suitable as an added layer in your camping hammock or for lounging around a campfire. 

Made of 75D polyester taffeta material, the fill weight of this insulated camping blanket is around 10 ounces, enabling you to stay warm. Coming in a stuff sack, this lightweight quilt is available in four colors or designs. 

The finishing of super-soft fabric on both sides makes this blanket great over pokey grass or rough rocks. If you are camping with your family or friends, this Kelty-insulated blanket is a necessary companion. 

7. Travelrest 4-in-1 Airplane Travel Blanket

Gray Travelrest Airplane Travel Blanket
Travelrest 4-in-1 Airplane Travel Blanket / Amazon

The Travelrest 4-in-1 blanket has a unique approach – you wear it over your shoulders, so it won’t slip off while lying down or sleeping. The unique construction of the soft coral fleece material ensures a lovely and comfortable feel.

This 4-in-1 blanket features a comfortable poncho-style blanket, a stuff sack, a case with a strap, and zippered pocket. Though this machine-washable blanket provides proper body coverage, it becomes a tiny pack when folded into its pouch. 

The attached strap lets you clip this airplane blanket onto your backpack or suitcase. The zippered pocket makes it easy to keep your valuables safe inside while staying warm.

This 4-in-1 blanket can be used as an airplane blanket or on a car, bus, train, or RV. The flexible design allows you to use it for your neck, head, and lumbar support. Overall, this airplane blanket is perfect for people who want a relaxed and comfortable travel experience. 

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8. Litume Lightweight and Breathable Travel Blanket

Litume Travel Blanket Lightweight and Breathable
Litume Travel Blanket / Amazon

The Litume Lightweight and Breathable Travel Blanket is an excellent option for travelers seeking a compact and comfortable blanket for their journeys.

Available in two different styles, Velvet or Fleece, this blanket is breathable, soft, and features Humidity Management Tech, a moisture-wicking innovation that keeps you comfortable throughout your sojourns.

The Fleece version comes in Dark Gray, while the Velvet option comes in Dark Blue Gray.

This travel blanket is lightweight and portable, yet big enough to completely envelop you. It comes with a drawstring stuff sack that makes it easy to pack up and carry on all of your trips, excursions, and travels.

The packed size of the Velvet is 4 x 6” and unfolded it is 67 x 48”.

The packed size of the Fleece is 4.8 x 7.3” and unfolded it is 67 x 48”.

The supple fabric ensures that it is soft and comfortable to the touch, making it perfect for curling up on a long flight or bus ride. Although the price may be a bit steep for budget-conscious travelers, the Litume Lightweight and Breathable Travel Blanket is worth the investment.

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9. EasyFluffy Fleece Travel Blanket with Pillowcase Bag

EasyFluffy Fleece Travel Blanket with Pillowcase Bag
EasyFluffy Fleece Travel Blanket / Amazon

The EasyFluffy Compact Travel Blanket and Pillowcase is an excellent choice for travelers seeking a comfortable and versatile blanket for their journeys.

Made from only the supplest of fabric, this 100% fleece blanket is soft and comfortable to the touch, ensuring a cozy and snuggly sojourn on the road. This 2-in-1 compact travel blanket comes with its own pillowcase, making it easy to pack and carry in your luggage or backpack.

The EasyFluffy comes in 10 fun color and design combinations, including Travel (Blue), Best Friend (Pink), Best Friend (Purple), Dad (Blue), Dad (Gray), Love (Red), Mom (Burgundy), Mom (Purple), Daughter (Lilac), and Dog (Teal).

The Travel (Blue) blanket is 65 x 40” while the other choices are 60 x 50”.

Overall, the EasyFluffy Compact Travel Blanket and Pillowcase is an excellent product for travelers who want to stay comfortable on the road. Its supple microfleece fabric and compact design make it perfect for use during long flights or car trips, and the included pillowcase is an awesome added bonus.

10. LetsFunny Burrito Wrap Adults & Kids Blanket

LetsFunny Burrito Wrap Adults & Kids Blanket
LetsFunny Burrito Wrap Adults & Kids Blanket / Amazon

If you’re looking to buy a warm blanket at a competitive rate, this premium double-sided burrito travel blanket makes a perfect choice. The 285GSM fuzzy flannel fabric makes this blanket super thin, ultra-soft, and breathable. 

The real giant food double-sided wrap design of the blanket is attractive, making it a suitable option as a kid’s blanket. This blanket is wholly skin-friendly and healthier, with eco-friendly dyes and a 71-inch diameter. 

This blanket’s versatile design and flexible size mean it can be used as a baby blanket, kids blanket, or adult blanket on camping or airplane. To ensure durability, machine wash this blanket gently with cold water.

11. Aricove Cooling Weighted Travel Blanket

Aricove Weighted Travel Blanket
Aricove Weighted Travel Blanket / Amazon

This luxurious Aricove cooling weighted blanket is an excellent selection for revitalizing your mind and body. Featuring high-quality bamboo fabric and glass beads coated between breathable and soft inner layers, this blanket ensures 100% relaxation and better sleep.

This packable travel blanket is made in a twin size for proper weight distribution for individual use. Its vapor transmission property prevents overheating and ensures the perfect temperature to sleep. 

In addition, the hypoallergenic microfiber fill makes this blanket an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. This weighted blanket has reinvented moisture-wicking features of activewear to promote calming and soft comfort. 

The price could deter budget-conscious travelers; however, the product’s versatility and quality may justify the expense. Overall, the softest fabric makes this blanket perfect for curling up, and the weighted texture makes users feel more relaxed in no time.

12. Rumpl Indoor or Outdoor Camping Blanket 

Rumpl Camping Blanket
Rumpl Indoor or Outdoor Camping Blanket / Amazon

The original puffy indoor/outdoor blanket by Rumpl is a warm, portable, packable blanket you can take just about anywhere. With insulation and rip-stop shells made from recycled materials, this travel blanket offers a luxurious and cozy experience.

The blanket is crafted with weather-resistant 20D rip-stop nylon using DWR treatment to prevent it from dirt, water, pet hair, odor, or other debris. The tech material makes this blanket durable enough for outdoor use. 

This camping blanket comes with a stuff sack, allowing you to carry it easily. Available in two sizes for either one or two people, you may choose any that suits your needs the best. 

Also, the blanket combines the same technical materials used in insulated jackets and premium sleeping bags to keep you cozy both indoors and outdoors. It also features a cape clip that lets you wear it hands-free, making it easy to do your activities while staying warm. Overall, the size and texture of this blanket make it a go-to option for all hiking, outdoor, and camping adventures. 

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13. EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow

EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow with Soft Bag Pillowcase
EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow / Amazon

Frequent travelers searching for a cozy and adaptable accessory should consider the EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow. Catering to those constantly moving by air, rail, or road, this travel blanket is crafted from Microplush fabric, delivering a soft and luxurious feel that enhances comfort during your journeys.

The EverSnug Travel Blanket’s 2-in-1 design sets it apart, serving as a blanket and a pillow. When the blanket is used, the carrying case, also made from the soft Microplush material, functions as a pillow, providing warmth and support on extended trips. Moreover, the built-in luggage sleeve and backpack clip make transportation a breeze, enabling users to attach the blanket to their suitcases or backpacks effortlessly.

Despite its numerous attractive features, the EverSnug Travel Blanket may present a few challenges. With dimensions of 65″ by 40″, taller individuals might find the blanket’s length insufficient, potentially compromising its warmth.

To maintain the blanket’s softness, it is essential to adhere to specific washing instructions, so be sure to follow the care guidelines closely to prevent any complications.

14. MasterManner Travel Blanket with Hoodie

MasterManner Travel Blanket with Hoodie
MasterManner Travel Blanket with Hoodie / Amazon

For travelers searching for a comfortable and feature-packed option, the MasterManner travel blanket is an exceptional choice due to its unique 2-in-1 design and innovative elements.

The game-changing design of MasterManner’s travel blanket sets it apart, as it incorporates a soft blanket, a travel pillow, and a hood to maximize relaxation on extended journeys. Made from high-quality flannel fleece, this warm and cozy blanket is essential to any traveler’s packing list.

Designed with user-friendliness for travel, the MasterManner blanket boasts a two-step folding process and a compact size that won’t consume too much luggage space. The convenient front zipper pocket further enhances its practicality by securely storing essential items.

Although this blanket ticks most boxes for a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience, it may not be the perfect fit for taller individuals or those with sensitivities to synthetic fabrics. Nevertheless, this innovative and snug travel blanket remains a valuable investment for those prioritizing comfort.

15. Bedsure Fleece Bed Blankets

Bedsure Fleece Bed Blankets Queen Size Grey
Bedsure Fleece Bed Blankets / Amazon

The Bedsure Fleece Bed Blankets stand out as a top contender in the quest for a warm and adaptable travel blanket. With their enhanced classic flannel fleece design, these blankets deliver exceptional softness and warmth.

The Bedsure Fleece Bed Blankets are perfect for travelers, as their lightweight nature allows for easy packing in luggage or use as an additional layer when the temperature drops. Crafted from high-quality microfiber, this blanket promises maximum comfort throughout the year and becomes a must-have in your travel kit.

Offering various sizes and an array of elegant shades, this luxurious item is an excellent gift for friends and family members. The festive, pre-wrapped packaging adds a thoughtful touch, simplifying gift-giving.

While featuring bold colors, this fleece travel blanket effortlessly complements different home decor styles thanks to its stylish, cozy, and visually appealing design. However, the Bedsure Fleece Bed Blankets might not satisfy those seeking a denser, more substantial covering.

Frequent use and washing may lead to shedding over time. Nonetheless, the blanket’s overall quality and coziness make it a fantastic choice for travelers searching for a snuggly companion on their journeys.

Buying Guide to the Best Travel Blanket

When selecting the best travel blanket, there are a few key features to consider. In this buying guide, we’ll walk you through the essential factors to consider so that you can make an informed decision.


First and foremost, the choice of material significantly affects the comfort and durability of a travel blanket. Here are some common materials for travel blankets:

  • Microfiber: Lightweight, soft, and compact, microfiber is an excellent choice. It also tends to dry quickly, making it ideal for outdoor use.
  • Fleece: Known for its excellent warmth, fleece is a popular material for travel blankets. It’s soft and lightweight but can be less compact than microfiber.
  • Cotton: While cotton is a comfortable material, note that it can take longer to dry and may not be as lightweight as other options.

Size and Weight

Size and weight are essential factors when choosing a travel blanket. You’ll want to balance comfort with portability, so look for blankets that are large enough to cover you but can be easily compacted for transport. Many travel blankets come with a carrying case or pouch, which can help save space in your luggage.

For size, opt for a blanket that covers your body comfortably without being too bulky. Remember to consider the climate of your destination and your sensitivity to cold when making your decision.

In addition, a lightweight blanket for traveling also makes a thoughtful present for loved ones. However, there are many options; the best blanket will be the one that works best with your lifestyle. 

Warmth and Insulation

The level of warmth and insulation your blanket provides is crucial, particularly for outdoor travel or cold environments. Look for blankets with a higher warmth-to-weight ratio, providing excellent insulation without adding significant bulk or weight.

Additional Features

Some travel blankets come with extra features that can enhance your travel experience. These might include:

  • Water-resistant or waterproof: Ideal if you use your travel blanket for outdoor activities or in damp conditions.
  • Machine washable: For ease of cleaning and improved hygiene.
  • Convertible design: Blankets that can double as a pillow or be easily transformed into a seat cushion may offer added versatility and convenience.

Considering these factors, you can select the perfect travel blanket that meets your needs and enhances your travel experience. These are all lightweight travel blankets that are small enough for both the youngest and oldest of travelers. 


What are the key features to look for in a travel blanket?

Travel blankets are essential for a comfortable journey. The key features of a travel blanket include the material, size and weight, warmth, and versatility.

What materials are commonly used for travel blankets?

Travel blankets are commonly made from fleece, microfiber, or cotton materials. Fleece offers warmth and softness, while microfiber is lightweight and compact. Cotton is a natural, breathable choice. The most suitable material for you depends on the purpose of your travel. If you are flying, you’ll want a compact travel blanket made of microfiber.

Are there any travel blankets specifically designed for kids?

Yes, there are travel blankets specifically designed for kids – Roamwild makes our favorite. Travel blankets for kids often feature fun, child-friendly designs and may include additional features like built-in pillows or hoods. They are typically made from soft, hypoallergenic materials to ensure comfort and safety for your child during travel.

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