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10 Best Travel Yoga Mats for Dedicated Yogis

10 Best Travel Yoga Mats for Dedicated Yogis

Looking for the best travel yoga mat? Nothing can derail a determined yogi’s journey towards wellbeing “ even long-haul flights or business trips. If you’re a yoga-practicing traveler, an impromptu session here in there might be all that you need to take the edge off when the going gets tough.

Knotted muscles after walking for hours, ruined diets, business meeting anxiety it’s about time to roll out a travel mat! But choose wisely. The best travel yoga mat depends on your needs and preferences.

If you’re looking to extend your practice beyond the confines of your living room, the travel yoga mat you choose matters.

Here’s a list of the ten best travel yoga mats available in the market right now, along with tips on what to look for when searching for one! 

Why do you need a travel yoga mat? 

Best travel yoga mat

Travelers looking to practice on a vacation or business trip will benefit the most from a travel yoga mat, and this is especially true if you travel often.

But isn’t a regular yoga mat portable enough as it is? You may ask. What exactly makes the best travel yoga mat different from its regular counterparts? 

It all boils down to two factors: weight and packability. A travel yoga mat is more tailored for people on the move in several ways.

They’re more lightweight than regular versions, come with handy bags that are easy to lug around, and are generally easier to fold. 

Advantages of a travel yoga mat

They are lighter.

Backpacking yogis now the inconvenience of carrying around a heavy yoga mat. If you’re constantly walking around with your items and don’t want to be burdened, get a travel yoga mat.

They are generally lighter and easier to carry around. 

They are easier to pack.

Yoga mats aren’t the smallest items in the roster of a traveler’s accessories. The best travel yoga mat takes less space and is quicker to pack. They both come in foldable and rollable versions as well. 

They help you save money.

Okay, the best travel yoga mat may be a couple of dollars more expensive than a regular yoga mat, but think about the long-term savings.

Regular yoga mats won’t fit in your backpack, so you’ll have to carry them separately or affix them to your luggage. This counts as extra baggage for some airlines. Think about how much you’ll save in the long run! 

Disadvantages of a travel yoga mat 

They are thinner.

Because of their easy packability, travel yoga mats are generally thinner than their regular counterparts. This may be a problem for some yogis, especially those with sensitive knees. Prop portable padding underneath your yoga mat, like a travel towel, for example, and this may be easily rectified. 

They are prone to creasing.

This is especially true for foldable variations. While this doesn’t affect the comfort or traction a yoga mat provides, creases can be an eyesore, especially if you’re the obsessive-compulsive type. If you like your yoga mats to remain in mint condition, consider purchasing a rolling mat instead. 

They can be costly.

The best travel yoga mat can be considerably more expensive than the regular type, but as discussed in the previous section, being able to lug them around easily will prevent you from paying extra fees in the airport. This could add up to significant savings in the long run. 

Tips on selecting the best travel yoga mat

Yoga mats in cubicles

How easy is it to pack?

Travelers with limited storage space will find the foldable yoga mat for travel to be the best option. These yoga mats can fold down to as much as 1/4 their size, making them easier to pack and stash into most bags and backpacks.

How portable is it? 

While all yoga mats are inherently portable regardless of their travel friendliness, the best travel yoga mat is specifically designed to be easier to pack, carry, and deploy. Traveling yogis should look for a thin and compact travel mat that’s easy to fit in most places. Easy-carry options that you don’t have to lug around separately or affix to your back are the better options. 

How durable is it?  

The best travel yoga mat is one that you can carry with you in your travels for years and years. With that said, you’ll want to select an item that puts a premium on quality “ particularly one that doesn’t eschew durability in favor of portability. 

Fortunately, you won’t be hard-pressed to find both in one mat. Keep your eyes peeled for travel mats crafted from natural rubber “ these options are durable, comfortable, and sustainable. And while we’re on the topic of sustainability¦ 

How sustainable is it? 

The main philosophy of yoga involves being in harmony with oneself and the environment, so it only makes sense that yogis make informed purchasing decisions that respect Mother Earth. With that said, look for companies that consistently use sustainable materials in their products, particularly those with a responsible ethos. 

How easy is it to clean? 

Even the best travel yoga mat can get dirty pretty quickly, especially if you bring it to all your treks and adventures. Since they’re consistently being exposed to sand and dirt, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for travel mats that are easy to clean. Varieties that may be hosed down in the shower or sprayed clean and air-dried are the best options. 

The ten best travel yoga mats 

These yoga mats were selected based on quality, durability, packability, sustainability, and user reviews. They make great gifts for travelers as well!

1. Avoalre Foldable Yoga Mat 

foldable yoga mat


  • Lightweight and folds to 7 centimeters
  • Comes with a free drawstring bag
  • Tear-resistant, double-sided non-slip design


  • At 2.6 lb, this yoga travel mat is a bit on the heavier side

Looking for the best travel yoga mat that’s easy to pack and deploy?

The Avoalre Foldable Yoga Mat is a lightweight mat that can be folded to newspaper size. It’s only 7 centimeters thick after folding, so you can easily stash it inside your bag or backpack while still having room for your essentials. Your purchase also comes with a travel yoga mat bag that you can lug with you anywhere. 

Crafted from eco-friendly upgrade PVC material, this travel yoga mat is tear-resistant and avoids deformation.

The anti-slip design features a dotted upper texture for more friction and a bionic octopus sucker underside that grips the ground and keeps the mat sturdy. It’s the perfect travel mat for the most challenging poses! 

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2. Kiffacy Travel Yoga Mat

Kiffacy Travel Yoga Mat


  • Reversible all-in-one surface for hot yoga and more demanding poses
  • Crafted from eco-friendly natural rubber
  • Foldable and rollable


  • A bit on the thin side with not much padding (best for use on carpet or a padded surface) 

Bringing your practice with you? The Kiffacy Travel Yoga Mat is an excellent product for traveling yogis searching for a very portable model. Once your session is done, you can either fold it for easy stashing inside your backpack or roll it up for easy carrying using the bundle carry strap. 

Crafted from natural tree rubber (yes, it’s eco-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable, and BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free), this yoga mat features a non-slip, anti-skid microfiber suede top and a natural rubber base that offers an excellent grip. Best of all, it’s machine washable, so you can toss it directly in the washer and hang it to air dry. 

The upper surface is sweat absorbent and perfect for hot yoga, but if you’re doing poses that require extra traction, you can flip the yoga mat over so you can practice on the stickier side! 

3. LangMa Natural Rubber Fitness Mat

LangMa Natural Rubber Fitness Mat


  • Zero odors unlike other yoga mats
  • Vibrant colors and modern design 
  • Lightweight and comes with a travel bag


  • Requires moisture for better surface traction

The modern and colorful designs are enough to persuade anyone to buy, but what makes the LangMa mat the best travel yoga mat is its lightweight and easy portability. Crafted from natural rubber, this yoga mat is easily folded and stashed in its accompanying travel bag. 

When running your hands on the surface, you’ll notice a smooth, luxurious mink feel. This may be slippery at first, but once you start sweating out, the suede material begins to offer better traction. Excellent cushioning and underside traction offer comfort for all yoga types, including pilates, hot yoga, Bikram, and floor exercise. Users loved how it’s easy on the knees and joints. 

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4. Primasole Folding Yoga Travel Pilates Mat 

Primasole Folding Yoga Travel Pilates Mat


  • Great thickness
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Excellent wear resistance for years and years of yoga 


  • Doesn’t come with a travel bag, but the small size is perfect for backpacks of all sizes

Looking to travel with a yoga mat on a plane? The Primasole Yoga Travel Mat allows you to level out your chakras and do yoga just about anywhere. Striking an outstanding balance between thickness and portability, the Primasole Folding Yoga Mat is 1/4 inch thick and made from embossed and cushioned rip-resistance PVC material. It’s also surprisingly lightweight and folds to a small size – perfect for even the smallest backpacks.

I love the minimalist design, which comes in seven vibrant colors, including azalea pink, coral red, jango green, and quartz purple. Though it’s lightweight and easy to carry around, users love how it’s easy on the knees, joints, or ankles. The surface also offers excellent traction for more demanding yoga poses. 

5. TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat

TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat


  • Soft suede material offers superior comfort to knees and joints
  • Double-layer structure for maximum traction
  • Handwash friendly 


  • A bit too thin for more demanding yoga poses 

If you’re looking for the best yoga travel mat, this one’s an Amazon favorite. Crafted from rubber materials and soft suede, this yoga mat offers just enough protection for intermediate yogis. It doesn’t contain toxic plasticizers, harmful dyes, or PVC, so it’s friendly on your skin as well. The double-layered structure guarantees that the mat never moves, so you always get a sturdy base when you’re balancing out your chakras. 

Great for hot yoga, the natural suede lining is sweat-absorbent and doesn’t become damp or slippery. Done doing your stretches?

Roll or fold the mat and take it anywhere with you. Each purchase also comes with its own carrying bag! 

6. KUYOU Foldable Travel Yoga Mat

KUYOU Foldable Travel Yoga Mat


  • Sweat-absorbent suede material
  • Alignment lines that help you with poses 
  • Comes with a 96-inch yoga stretch band and carrying case 


  • Rubber underside is great for solid surfaces but may slip on carpets 

If you’re looking for the best non-slip travel yoga mat that offers the most bang for your buck, the KUYOU Foldable Travel Yoga Mat is a great choice. It’s crafted from high-quality rubber materials that are gentle on your skin and offer excellent traction on solid surfaces. The comfortable suede exterior is sweat-absorbent making it perfect for hot yoga, and you can easily wipe it down in between uses. 

Non-slip properties and body alignment lines help you perfect every position; just adjust your hands and feet according to the surface lines to make sure you’re performing your best. It’s a great travel yoga mat for beginners, especially for those with sensitive knees and joints, as it offers an outstanding level of cushioning. 

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7. SKL Foldable Travel Yoga Mat 

SKL Foldable Travel Yoga Mat


  • Vibrant and colorful designs 
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Made from anti-slip, sweat-absorbent materials
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • There’s a bit of a challenge in folding it to fit its accompanying carrying case

Unleash the stylish yogi in you! Made from natural rubber and suede, this travel yoga mat features a variety of eye-catching designs that will set you apart from your other yogi friends. It’s also crafted from high-quality non-slip and sweat absorbent suede that offers more traction when you sweat, making it the perfect choice for hot yoga — a great choice for traveling yogis who are serious about their practice! 

The natural rubber material is friendly on your knees and joints, even on hard floors, but it’s still flexible enough to fold easily and fit inside its carrying case (with some effort). Great for use wherever your travel takes you!

8. Getfitsoo Yoga Towel Mat

Getfitsoo Yoga Towel Mat


  • Anti-skid underside with resin particles for maximum traction 
  • Soft and sweat-absorbent
  • Great for covering public yoga mats


  • Too thin for more advanced yoga practice

If you’re looking for an ultra-thin travel yoga mat that doesn’t skimp comfort, look no further. The Getfitsoo Yoga Towel Mat is crafted from soft, tear-resistant microfiber material that offers just enough padding for a basic yoga session. The stunning tie-dye designs are pure eye-candy, but apart from looking good, there’s plenty to love about this portable yoga towel.

The mat’s underside is studded with resin particles that great traction and grip, which allows you to focus on core stability without needing to worry about slipping. It’s excellent for use during hot yoga or Pilates sessions, thanks to its fast-drying microfiber material that’s soft to touch and easy on the skin. It’s machine wash friendly and can be air-dried between uses! 

If you’re an avid traveler, this may be the best travel yoga mat for you as it offers a myriad of uses, from doubling as a beach towel to serving as a comfortable carpet for picnic sessions! 

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9. Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat


  • Ultra-thin 2mm design 
  • Perforated lines for easy folding and easy body alignment
  • Easily fits inside any tote or carry-on


  • Some users may find the crease lines bothersome 

Traveling shouldn’t mean doing away with your personal wellbeing, but let’s face it, lugging around a yoga mat can leave you burdened. With a thickness of just 2mm, this mat is the best travel yoga mat for yogis looking for a lightweight and portable option. 

It’s crafted from non-toxic and super safe PVC that offers a sticky texture for stable footing and more control on your poses. After a workout, just wipe it clean, and it’s ready for your next session! The Gaiam Yoga Mat weighs only one pound and is just the perfect size for stashing inside your tote or carry-on bag. The stylish designs are also a big plus! 

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10. Manduka PRO Travel Yoga Mat

Manduka PRO Travel Yoga Mat


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight 2.5mm design 
  • Non-slip surface that’s great for both hard and soft surfaces 
  • Responsibly-crafted and eco-friendly


  • May smell strongly of rubber during your first few uses

Environmentally-conscious travelers will find the Manduka Travel Yoga Mat to be one of the best choices available on Amazon. The emission-free construction and lifetime guarantee of this eco travel yoga mat reduces the number of yoga mats thrown into landfills annually.

It’s specially designed never to fade, peel, or flake, no matter how rigorous your practice is. 

The 2.5-millimeter construction is lightweight and portable but offers just the right padding you need to protect your knees, joints, and ankles when working on hard surfaces.

The closed-cell construction provides great traction and helps block germs, reducing bacteria build-up and foul odors. It’s also non-slip, which means you can focus on your strength and position without having to worry about faltering. 

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