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12 Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Wanderlust

12 Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Wanderlust

When it comes to travel photos, Instagram never falls short. Posting travel photos to immortalize one’s adventures comes second nature to digital-savvy travelers, while we housebound folks salivate with wanderlust on the other side of the screen. We hate to do this to you, but we compiled a list of the 12 best travel Instagram accounts to make you even greener with envy. 

These entries were selected based on the quality of their photography and content, and their capacity to make me feel like dropping everything to book a flight asap.

If you’re stuck at home and looking forward to your next trip, apologies in advance. From the lush tropical jungles of Bali to the iconic sceneries in Paris, these Instagram accounts are so beautifully curated they’re almost painful to look at. 

1. @viatravelers

Via Travelers Instagram account

Looking for the best travel Instagrams? There are more than just beautiful sights here. Via Travelers, a well-loved travel blog that goes way back in 2010, also has an Instagram account and there is lots of quality content here for the intrepid adventurer. 

As a blog made for luxury travelers, backpackers, and those who love visiting major cities, the Via Travelers Instagram account is just what you’d expect it to be – a beautifully curated feed with breathtaking images of Munich, Maldives, Minneapolis, and everything in between.

But there are more than just travel photos here.  

If you travel a lot, you’ll find most of the content here valuable. The Via Travelers Instagram account is a great way to get notified about travel tips, guides, and hacks – the type of content that could help in taking the edge off when travel planning gets tough. 

2. @gypsea_lust

Gypsea Lust Instagram account

If you’re stuck at home with zero travel plans, live vicariously through veteran travel Instagram blogger Lauren. This young Australian traveler spends most of her days globetrotting with photos that can make anyone exclaim ‘I want her life!’.

Whether she’s climbing canyons, getting a poolside tan, or munching on hotel food, you’ll discover a noticeable focus on fashion and beach life.

But more than anything else, it’s the expert curation that really reeled me in. Vibrant images, dynamic preset filters, and exceptional photography make Lauren’s feed one of the best travel Instagram accounts I’ve seen. 

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 3. @alexpreview 

Alexpreview Instagram Account

Whether he’s splashing about in an exclusive Malaysian resort or chilling with elephants in a South African safari, Alex of @alexpreview wants you to know how extremely travel-deprived you are.

Follow this Hamburg-based entrepreneur to get your daily dose of breathtaking images of Maldives, Bora Bora, Thailand, and more. 

Expertly shot and stunningly curated with a focus on upscale luxury resorts, @alexpreview’s Instagram account makes me wish I was right there with him.

So stunning is this traveler’s Instagram feed that his photos and videos are often featured in established travel magazines like Travel and Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler. 

If you like looking at luxury travel Instagram accounts to feel bad about yourself, there’s plenty to see here. There are a great variety of destinations, quite a few vehicle-themed shots, and a smattering of architecture. This Instagram account is an instant follow. 

To travel around the globe is a dream, the beautiful sights and also interaction with locals. 

Norway is a country that has stunning landscapes that can be posted on Instagram, same with experience of Norwegian People and their personalities.

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4. @jeremyaustin

Jeremy Austin Instagram account

Whenever I’m feeling masochistic, I spend a few moments of my day looking at Jeremy Austin’s Instagram account, one of the best travel Instagram accounts I’ve ever laid my eyes on. This spurs me to question the life choices I made while laughing at my meager bank account.

Jeremy is a Miami-based travel content creator who focuses on upscale experiences and luxury destinations. He has over 300,000 followers, all of which I assume collectively sigh in envy whenever he posts an update. 

Jeremy’s life is extremely aspirational, and I mean that in every sense of the word. He’s a personal trainer in Miami beach with a gorgeous model girlfriend (@missangievilla) who once worked with clothing and lifestyle brands. Fit, fashionable, and wealthy – the three things you need to get ahead in the Instagram influencer game. 

5. @lucylaucht 

Lucy Rose Laucht Instagram account

There are all sorts of good vibes when looking through Lucy Laucht’s Instagram travel account – like I’m being offered the privilege to gander at the intimate moments of a life so richly lived.

As one of the best travel photography Instagram accounts, Lucy’s feed definitely deserves a spot on this list. 

Unlike other travel accounts on Instagram that rigidly follow color palettes and filter presets, Lucy’s feed looks more like a museum exhibit.

A closer look at her photos shows the beautiful nuances of film – black negative edges and noticeable grains.

She is, after all, a photographer first and foremost, which makes her feed one of the best travel Instagrams ever. This more natural take is what makes her popular to her 250,000+ Instagram followers. 

Lucy is a dedicated photographer with a stellar eye for beautiful things.

You can purchase her images from her website, or you can follow her Instagram account for your daily dose of good travel vibes. 10% of the proceeds she earns from her photos go to Choose Love Help Refugees, an NGO that offers humanitarian aid to refugees in Italy, Greece, UK, Serbia, Lebanon, and Calais.

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6. @travelsofali

Ali Alsulaiman best travel instagram accounts

If Dr. Ali Alsulaiman’s beautifully-captured travel photos aren’t enough to make you hit the follow button, his dashing, Disney-prince looks will. This London-based Saudi Arabian bachelor made a traveler’s ultimate dream a reality – he eschewed his clinical practice to become a full-time traveler – a feat most of us are just dying to do. 

With an Instagram feed peppered with luxury hotels from far-flung destinations, each of Ali’s photos is worthy of being plastered in travel magazines. Ali’s good command of lighting and composition results in stunning photos that make us want to drop life’s responsibilities and just hit the road. 

Instagram travel accounts would never miss posting about Germany and reasons to visit the country.

It is a nation rich in history and picturesque sceneries that you will look forward to booking a trip.

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7. @muradosmann

Murad Osmann Instagram travel account

If there’s one travel Instagrammer most are familiar with, it’s influencer Murad Osmann, the mastermind behind the viral Instagram trend:  #followmeto.

Murad snaps photos of his model girlfriend around the world with his hand holding hers in the foreground – the style of which many have tried to replicate on their own Instagram accounts. 

The gorgeous sceneries and his girlfriend’s display of stylish local fashion were an instant hit.

Murad’s photo project was featured in Harper’s Bazaar Bride India, and thus began his rise to fame in the travel and photography industry. Osmann has over 2.5 million followers in his Instagram account as of 2021, but he wasn’t always a photographer.

Growing up in Russia, Osmann moved to England and studied civil engineering. Today, Osmann lives in Moscow and is regularly traveling. 

8. @ovunno

Oliver Vegas instagram account

Looking through Oliver Vegas’ Instagram account, you’ll see images only a master photographer can capture.

Unique angles, a brilliant command of lighting, and his choice of extraordinary subjects set him apart from other travel influencers, making his feed one of the best travel Instagram accounts.

Born in Barcelona with a passion for photography at 17, Oliver has been traveling the world for around a decade, looking for unique places and a different point of view.

Oliver is not a stranger to the photography industry, as he takes sports photos for big companies such as Nike.

His Instagram account is a bit wanting of sports photos, but there’s no absence of adrenaline-inducing images here.

Raging rapids and GoPro selfies at great heights make his Instagram feed a true treat for the eyes. 

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9. @theblondeabroad

theblondeabroad Instagram account

If you’re looking for gorgeous landscapes around the world (in more than 40 countries to be exact), Kiersten’s Instagram feed is worth the visit. From the stunning cityscapes of Dubai to Iceland’s frozen paradise, there’s plenty to gawk over in this travel blogger Instagram account. 

Like most of us, Kiersten once followed the straight path. She studied hard, applied for college, and worked as a corporate financier.

Taken over by wanderlust, Kiersten quit her job in finance and made a vow to travel around the world. Her Instagram account, @theblondeabroad, is a testament to all her travels. 

Kiersten sports a more natural, daily-life sort of feed, with portraits in different places; One photo shows her catching snowflakes on her tongue, while another is a cheeky photo with her friend in a field of flowers. 

Travel photos that you will see on Instagram will let you know what the place looks like and the adventure it brings. If you want to take beautiful photos, Frontenac State Park is the right, and it is perfect for hiking adventures. 

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10. @bucketlistjourney

Annette White Instagram account

If you love travel Instagram accounts, you may already be following Annette White. For travelers who have a list of destinations they want to visit, it’s easy to identify with Annette, owner of the @bucketlistjourney Instagram account and the Bucket List Journey blog. 

With a mission to give every person inspiration and tools to tick out items in their bucket list, Annette is busy completing the destinations on her list too. So far, Annette has already ticked 45 countries as of 2021, and her Instagram feed with over 200,000 followers grows day by day. 

Annette began compiling her bucket list after successfully getting over anxiety disorder with a vow to never let her fear limit her choices.

On her Instagram and blog, Annette can be seen sharing recipes, sharing her passion for photography, and of course, traveling around the world. 

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11. @migrationology

Mark Weins Instagram account

One of the best ways to capture a destination’s culture is through their food. If you love tasting your way from destination to destination, Mark Wiens owns one of the top travel Instagram accounts in this field.

Mark has over 6 million subscribers and over 1 billion views to date on his YouTube account where he posts delicious street food and travel tips

With his passion for food and local culture, it’s easy to see why Mark is one of the world’s most popular foodies and travel bloggers. His travel journey began in early 2009 when he decided to start a blog,

As of 2021, he is based in Bangkok and frequently travels around the world.

His Instagram account is filled with delectable local street food and snapshots of locals he meets along the way. 

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12. @jackharries

Jackson Harries Instagram account

Young, adventurous, and the product of the Instagram generation, Jackson Harries is already living his best life.

Born in 1993, Jackson started a YouTube documentary series during his gap year between college and high school, and with his twin brother in tow, he travels the world in search of awesome sights.

Jackson is no stranger to artistic sensibilities – he is the son of a film producer and art director, as well as the grandson of playwright Michael Frayn.

His passion for life and his advocacy of saving the world by paying attention to climate change is beautifully evident in his Instagram account.  

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