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Travelex Insurance Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

Travelex Insurance Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

Finding the right travel insurance is one of the critical steps to ensure a stress-free traveling experience. It provides you and your finances a backup while allowing you to explore the wonderful world around you with one less worry.  

The question is where to buy your travel insurance plan?

With many insurance providers out there on the market, it becomes daunting to choose the right travel insurance policy.

Have you heard about Travelex Insurance? If not, no worries! This we will evaluate Travelex Insurance Services Inc. to help you understand if this is viable trip insurance you can rely on.

Before you select a travel insurance company, you need to look into several factors.

A travel insurance policy is considered the best if it provides trip cancellation, medical evacuation lost property, and medical coverage.

So, is Travelex a reliable option?

This Travelex insurance review will uncover everything you should know about before making your travel insurance purchase decision.

Let’s have a quick look to know about Travelex insurance services, return policy, and other aspects.

Travelex Insurance Services: The Highlights 

Before digging deeper, let’s begin the review by talking about the basics of Travelex travel insurance. 

  • Leading travel insurance provider in the US
  • Established in 1996
  • Boasts over 55 years of combined industry experience
  • Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Provides coverage for domestic and international travels
  • Includes 24/7 global assistance delivered by World Travel Protection

What is Travelex?

Travelex insurance review

Travelex Insurance Services is a reputable, reliable, and legitimate travel insurance company. Based in Omaha, it has a history of fairly paying out claims and exceptional customer service. 

This travel insurance agency has designed each of its insurance plans with the diverse needs of travelers in mind. You will find a range of comprehensive travel insurance protection plans to cover you and your investment. 

From family holidays to the weekend getaway to the around-the-world cruise and more, Travelex travel insurance provides different plans to suit your varying travel needs. 

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Travelex Insurance Plans 

If you are looking to purchase travel insurance, you need to know what plans and travel insurance policies are available for you.

In this section we will talk about the different travel insurance plans of Travelex. Here are the three travel plans: 

Travelex Plans

Travel Select

This plan offers comprehensive benefits and access to unique upgrades. It is a more robust insurance plan – perfect for families and senior citizens.

This plan also includes upgrades for other add-ons, such as car rental collision insurance and adventure sports coverage. 

Travel Basic

This policy provides travelers with needed protection at a reasonable price. It is less expensive than Travel Select, consequently, lighter on benefits and coverage. Suitable for backpackers and students. 

Travel America

This plan is only available for travels within the US, not for international trips. It offers secondary protection for up to seven people. Also, this is less expensive compared to other plans. 

These three plans are pretty robust and offer coverage for medical and other travel emergencies such as emergency medical evacuation. 

In addition, Travelex also provides two flight-only travel insurance plans. If you need protection for emergencies occurring on the flight, you can select between the following flight plans:

Flight Insure

This policy is suitable for travelers who only need protection while flying a single flight so you can get flight insurance on a trip delay, baggage delay and other baggage coverage.

Flight Insure Plus

This policy is suitable for travelers who need protection while flying with some post-departure benefits added on. 

You may choose any of the travel insurance plans depending on your needs and budget.

Keep browsing our review of Travelex Insurance to gather more information.

Who Should Consider Buying Travelex Insurance?

While every tourist should have a travel insurance protection plan, there are some people who would certainly benefit from investing in Travelex travel insurance.

Seniors: No matter your age, Travelex insurance services provide coverage for travelers from any age group. Unlike other travel insurance providers that cover people up to age 65, Travelex does not have any age restrictions for their policyholders.

Families: As Travelex provides free insurance benefits and coverage for children under 18 traveling with adults, it makes an excellent option when traveling with your family. No matter how many kids come with you, there will be no extra charges to bring them along.

Budget Travelers: Many people skip buying travel insurance due to their tight budget. Fortunately, the Travel Basic plan of Travelex protects your trip by offering some medical coverage and post-departure perks.

When traveling with family, make sure to compare Travel Basic and Travel Select.

Depending on the amount and age of children you’re bringing, Travelex’s Travel Select plan could make a cheaper option.

Those Looking for Full Coverage: If you want travel insurance coverage that includes emergency evacuation, medical treatment, trip protection, flight delay, repatriation, or other elements, Travelex has the right plans.

And for maximum travelers, Travel Select is the plan for you.

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Who Should NOT Buy Travelex Insurance?

It’s necessary to discuss who should avoid Travelex travel insurance.

Though it’s the best insurance option for many, Travelex is not for everyone.

Frequent Travelers: People who travel more often might save some money by considering a different travel insurance provider that sells annual or multi-trip policies. With Travelex, there’s no such thing as Travelex annual travel insurance.

Those Looking for High Medical Coverage: Travel Select provides standard medical emergency coverage – it’s reasonable but not robust. If you want comprehensive coverage for your medical expenses, you should look somewhere else. You will get some medical coverage like emergency medical evacuation but this is not a policy for primary medical coverage.

Adventure Travelers: If you want to climb up some hardcore mountains, Travelex will not offer coverage for mishaps related to that. For such activities, check out World Nomads. This travel insurance service covers up to 200 adventure activities.

What Does Travelex Travel Insurance Cover?

Travelex insurance policy delivers several benefits for its customers. Let’s go deeper to determine what areas this travel insurance policy covers.

Trip Interruption: Travelex insurance offers coverage if you have to come back from your trip early due to sickness or injuries. They will reimburse for unused portions, like accommodation.

To receive your claim, your reason for leaving the trip should be there on the insurance policy. In case of any doubt about interruption reasons, read the terms of your travel insurance plan.

Trip Cancellation: There may be work or family-related situations where you will have to cancel your traveling plan. With a trip cancellation coverage plan, you will be reimbursed for your nonrefundable air tickets and hotel reservations.

Like trip interruption coverage, a trip cancellation protection plan only kicks in if you cancel for a specified reason.

Emergency Transportation: If you get injured on your trip, there are high chances of you being transported to the nearby hospital for treatment. Emergency evacuation provides coverage to the ambulance ride or flight required to take you to a medical facility.

Emergency transportation coverage is critical if you want to explore a remote country or location where healthcare is not easily accessible.

Medical Coverage: Getting injured or sick is one of the worst things you may face during the trip. But with medical protection, you will be covered if you have to visit a doctor while in a foreign country.

Travelex insurance will ensure you get the care you need while also reimbursing all the expenses of treatments.

Baggage Damage or Loss: Travelex travel insurance also offers coverage for stolen, damaged, or lost items during the trip. From broken sunglasses to stolen briefcases, you will be reimbursed a certain amount for your lost or damaged belongings.

Missed Connections: If your flight is postponed or canceled, the missed connection coverage will be there to manage your reimbursements.

Now, the travel insurance provider will pay for the transportation to get you to your travel destination. This type of trip delay coverage is crucial if you are relying on multiple flights to get to your final destination.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment: Although statistically unlikely, severe injuries and even a death may occur during your trip. With AD&D coverage, you will receive compensation if you face an injury, like losing an eye or arm.

The same can be said if a life is lost. In worst-case situations, accidental death and dismemberment coverage will pay a specific amount to your loved ones if you die on your trip.

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Exclusions of Travelex Travel Insurance

Now, we need to cover exclusions. Like any other travel insurance policies, Travelex insurance also comes with a set of items that are excluded from coverage.

Some exclusions are as follows:

  • Extreme and professional sports
  • Routine medical treatment
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Civil unrest and riots
  • Losses related to alcohol or drug use
  • Expensive equipment and items
  • Mental disorders
  • Anything related to childbirth or pregnancy
  • Losses linked to illegal activities

These are important exclusions you should know about. Remember, this list does not include all exclusions.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions on your insurance documents for detailed information about Travelex insurance services.

Pros of Travelex Travel Insurance

Here are some best features of Travelex insurance:

  • Offers five plans to select from
  • Provide converge for senior citizens
  • Free coverage for under 18 with Travel Select
  • “Cancel for Any Reason” option available with some plans
  • No deductible
  • Excellent customer service

Cons of Travelex Travel Insurance

Apart from offering some tough to beat advantages, here are some points where Travelex Travel Insurance falls short:

  • No Travelex annual travel insurance
  • No multi-trip plans available
  • Travel Basic medical coverage isn’t impressive
  • Expensive compared to other travel insurance companies

How to Get Travelex Insurance?

You can easily buy a Travelex insurance plan on the Travelex website in no time at all. 

If you have any queries, you can check Travelex’s insurance customer reviews or reach out to their support team to clear your doubts. 

How to File a Claim with Travelex

Travelex Claim

Travelex makes it straightforward for their clients to get reimbursed for missed or delayed flights, medical bills, stolen baggage, or other emergencies abroad. 

To file a claim with Travelex, put your travel plan number into the claim form.

Now, download the document you require to complete your claim and then submit it. 

You can also send in these claim forms by mail or electronically. This is obviously the fastest and convenient way to get things done.

How Much Does Travelex Insurance Cost?

A range of factors contributes to the total cost of your Travelex travel insurance quote. Some of them are: your age, travel destination, and how many people are traveling. 

To get an exact quote for your desired Travelex insurance plan, all you have to do is enter your travel details, including departure date, return date, and estimated trip cost, on the form available on their website – simple! 

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Travelex Customer Service 

Travelex provides 24/7 customer support to clients. Whether you need help making a change in your insurance plan, filing a claim, want to know about the Travelex insurance refund policy or anything in between, feel free to contact the customer service team

For more information, consider browsing Travelex insurance customer reviews. This section will help you find out what other customers are saying about this insurance provider. 

Is Travelex Travel Insurance Worth It?

The details mentioned in this Travelex insurance review confirm that Travelex is a reputed travel insurance agency that offers a range of protection plans for all types of travel.

They frequently reimburse travelers for lost baggage, trip delays, medical emergencies, or other conditions.

So, is Travelex travel insurance worth it? The answer is – YES.

After evaluating this extensive Travelex insurance review, it is clear that this is a legitimate platform that caters to a broad spectrum of customers including families, seniors, and travelers with pre-existing medical conditions.

Is Travelex insurance legit?

Travelex was founded in Omaha, Nebraska, as Mutuals of Omaha. The firm was acquired by International currency group Travelex in 1996.

In 2016, Cover-More Group bought it but kept the Travelex name. After being sold to Mutual of Omaha, the company headquarters were moved to Omaha, Nebraska.

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company, and Old Republic Insurance Company are three American underwriting firms.

It is well-known and Travelex is not required to have insurance policies both online and offline sales of their products are made via travel agencies and other travel assistance companies.

Travelex Insurance Reviews

Travelex is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Over the last year, 164 star ratings were given by critics, with 118 five-star plus 20 four-star reviews. The user comments frequently mention quick customer service and there being no issue with the claims.

According to the several reviews websites, it responds to negative feedback rapidly, which is great to see that they are wiling to support customers less than pleasant experiences.

Buy The Right Travelex Insurance Plan For Your Next Trip

Travelex is one of the best travel insurance companies to work with to protect your trip.

Though Travelex offers five varying insurance plans, most people end up buying either Travel Basic or Travel Select. Travel Basic makes an ideal choice for budget-minded people. However, it covers less medical expenses than the Travel Select.

Travel Select is a well-rounded policy that is perfect for families, as they provide free coverage for children under 18. You may also upgrade this protection policy to add Cancel for Any Reason coverage. 

Although it’s unlikely that you will encounter a serious issue during the trip, it doesn’t make sense to risk thousands of dollars or your life, or the lives of those you’re traveling with. 

The cost of buying a travel insurance policy is nothing compared to what you could lose. By submitting a few dollars, you can fully protect yourself and your family against unexpected incidents and emergencies. It’s far better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Make sure to buy the right trip insurance plan as per what you are looking to do in your travel experience. For example, if you are traveling by cruise, protect yourself by investing in Travelex cruise insurance

Hopefully, this review of Travelex will help you determine if their travel assistance services are suitable for you.

Whatever plan you pick, make sure it protects you and your trip! 


How much does a Travelex Insurance Trip Cost?

The lowest price Travelex offers is $6.55 for annual coverage to be expected of policies like trip cancellation, lost baggage and other forms of insurance to be expected.

Who owns Travelex travel insurance?

Travelex Insurance is an in-house brand of Toronto-based Travelex.

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  • Have "Cancel Any Time" Option
  • No Deductible


  • No Annual Travel Insurance
  • No Multi-Trip Plans Available
  • Expensive
  • Not Impressive Basic Travel Medical Coverage
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