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40 Best Tropical Vacation Spots in the World

Ever thought about vacationing on a tropical island someday? With the world reopening, now’s the time to think about tropical vacation destinations.

Tropical vacation spots are ideal places for chasing away any blues. Most of us dream of basking on sandy beaches to get relief from hectic everyday life.

Whether you’re after coral reefs, tropical jungles, black sand beaches, white sand beaches, pink sand beaches, or luxury resorts, here we have listed some of the best tropical vacation spots in the world.

Best Tropical Vacation Spots in the World

If you’re looking for inspiration for a sun-kissed, our list includes some tropical island vacations you can take globally.

1. Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI

Aerial view of Trunk Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands
SCStock / Adobe Stock

Believe it or not, Trunk Bay is the most photographed beach in the Caribbean Sea. It is found in the northwestern corner of the US Virgin Islands National Park. Red rocky bluffs and stunning tropical greenery frame this remote beach.

Coco de Mer is a luxurious upscale villa complex less than half a mile from Trunk Bay. It has free parking, wifi, a concierge, front desk and laundry services, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a spa tub.

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2. Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Bay on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia / Adobe Stock

Fraser Island is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. Australia is famous for its beautiful beaches, and Fraser Island is a haven for gorgeous beaches. This island is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site as the largest Sand Island in the world.

Kingfisher Bay is my favorite of all the breathtaking beaches on this stunning island. A unique rental experience can be enjoyed at the Holiday House in Kingfisher Bay. It has free wifi, flat-screen TVs, a garden with a BBQ area, room for four families, and incredible views.

I also love the Kingfisher Bay Resort, a reasonably priced and modern accommodation with all the mod cons, free wifi, a swimming pool, three restaurants, and beachfront access.

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3. Lopes Mendes, IIha Grande, Brazil

Tourists in Lopes Mendes beach, IIha Grande, Brazil
silver-john / Adobe Stock

Lopes Mendes Beach is one of the best tropical vacations offering secluded beaches in Ilha Grande, Brazil. It covers 2 miles of deserted, unspoiled, and powder-white sand. Here are some of the world’s most crystalline and transparent waters. Along the coast, almond trees, squat palms, and wild sea shrubs dot the rocky coastline.

Considering that this secluded beach is a bit of a trek from the nearest accommodation (around 50 minute hike) is a blessing because you get to walk through stunning tropical greenery. Lean into the experience by camping or booking a bedroom at Camping Da Cachoeira for the tropical destination vacation of a lifetime.

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4. Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island, Australia

Palm Trees on Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island, Australia
Judith / Adobe Stock

Blinky Beach, located on the eastern side of Lord Howe Island, is a tropical paradise with pristine white-sand beaches. This is an incredibly isolated island that is nearly halfway to New Zealand and is a great place to enjoy surfing and scuba diving.

With an extra dramatic touch, it’s at the end of Lord Howe Island Airport’s runway! The closest place to stay is also the nicest. Capella Lodge is a 5-star retreat just an 18-minute walk from Binky Beach. It has a pool, a Pacific-style bar, a restaurant, and a spa.

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5. Barnes Bay, Anguilla

Cloudy sky at Barnes Bay in Anguilla
forcdan / Adobe Stock

Barnes Bay is one of the best tropical vacation spots in the world. There are 33 beaches in Anguilla, and this is one of the most amazing beaches on this small island. It seems to have the softest sand imaginable.

The Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla is one of the area’s best luxury resorts with villas, suites, three restaurants, and beachfront access. The Turtle’s Nest Beach Resort is a superb budget/mid-range option with a crisp, airy aesthetic and views to match.

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6. Temae and Teavora, Moorea, French Polynesia

White sand and ocean view at Temae's beach, Moorea, French Polynesia -
tobago77 / Adobe Stock

Teavoro has shallow waters sheltered by a coral reef. This is one of the world’s best spots for snorkeling and admiring the colorful wildlife that calls the reef home. Temae is famous for the surf break but is still secure enough for swimming.

If you plan on spending some time at these beaches, do yourself a favor and book a few nights at the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa. You will have seen this place in TV commercials, as it’s one of the world’s most famous tropical island hotels.

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7. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Beach Scene at Horseshoe Bay
Andrew Kazmierski / Adobe Stock

Horseshoe Bay is one of the most popular tropical destinations in Bermuda. The Bay has a hidden secret, Port Royal Cove, which is like having a bonus beach. This secluded cove is much calmer and great for younger kids.

Both beaches have super-soft pink sand beaches and dramatic rock formations. The nearest accommodation to this fantastic tropical beach is The Reefs Resort and Club. This swanky 4-star hotel offers villas and suites and has a dazzling infinity pool.

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8. Puka Beach (Yapak), Boracay, Philippines

Puka white sand beach on Boracay island, Philippines
Tatiana Nurieva / Shutterstock

Puka Beach on Boracay Island, in the Philippines, is one of the best tropical beaches in the world. It’s an over 3-mile-long white beach lined with tall palm trees. Boracay Island is just one of the best tropical islands to visit and one of the most favorable tourist attractions in the Philippines.

At the stunning Puka Shell Beach, you can enjoy swimming, sailing, and cooking the fish you catch on a beach BBQ. Several different accommodation options are near Puka Beach, and Alta Vista de Boracay is the closest.

This stunning 4-star hotel frequently has rooms for less than $30 per night. The Mövenpick Resort & Spa Boracay is also pretty close. This mid-range option has a superb gym, outdoor pool, and spa. For luxury travelers, check out Shangri-La Boracay, a swanky 5-star resort retreat with optional butler service for a fee.

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9. Long Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Long tail boats in Phi Phi Island, Krabi, Thailand
lenisecalleja / Adobe Stock

Long Beach is situated in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. The surroundings of this beach are extremely beautiful. You can relax with a book here, charter a boat and go fishing, or enjoy incredible snorkeling.

The most appealing aspect of Long Beach is the vast range of superb accommodations available for mere pennies. Long Beach Chalet and Nakara Long Beach Resort are prime examples. Even if you’re looking to push the boat out (heh), the luxurious Layana Resort and Spa is still a bargain.

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10. Maitra Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Aerial view of Matira Beach
lucalonso / TripAdvisor

Maitra Beach is the most popular of Tahiti’s beaches. This beach in the South Pacific is a mile-long stretch of silky white powder sand slopes. It is one of the best public access beaches in the Bora Bora.

There are multiple excellent rental properties and guest houses near Matira Beach. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, hop on a quick ferry and book an overwater bungalow at the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort and Thalasso Spa (pictured above).

These overwater bungalows blend traditional Polynesian house-building techniques with modern luxury and lordly service in arguably Earth’s most beautiful tropical islands.

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11. Waipio Valley Beach, Big Island, HI

Rocky beach in Waipio Valley, Hawaii
matthew fidelibus/EyeEm / Adobe Stock

Waipi’o Valley‘s Black Sand Beach is one of the best volcanic beaches in the US. Situated on Hawaii’s Big Island, this beautiful tropical island beach is tucked away at the end of the Waipiʻo River.

It is only reachable via a narrow winding road, making it feel all the more remarkable when you get there. Find nearby accommodation at the Waipiʻo Lodge, less than 20 minutes away.

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12. Praia Mole, Florianopolis, Brazil

Empty Beach of Praia Mole, Brazil
JR Araújo Photo / Adobe Stock

Praia Mole is one of those beaches attractive to surfers and paragliders, making this place one of the coolest beaches in Brazil. It’s also an exceedingly friendly LGBTQ hotspot with multiple bars dotted along its almost one-mile stretch.

This is only approximately 1.5 miles east of the town center of Florianopolis. This charming little town has excellent restaurants, cafes, clubs, and hotels. Many smaller hotels are cheap (less than $50 a night) and extremely close to the beach, but take a 10-minute drive west to spend a night at the luxury Hotel Boutique Quinta das Videiras for less than $200 a night!

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13. Blue Beach (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto Rico

Aerial view of La Chiva Beach in Vieques, Puerto Rico
freto23 / Shutterstock

Blue Beach has a thin, long stretch of perfect sand and crystal clear water in many blue shades, making this one of the top Caribbean beaches on our list. We love Puerto Rico and highly recommend an extended tropical island vacation so you can explore and appreciate the fascinating place.

If you’re looking for somewhere super to stay near Blue Beach, know that most of Puerto Ricos’ hotels and rentals are in the urbanized western half of the island. I’d recommend the ultra-cool El Blok Hotel in Vieques. This beachfront hotel has a striking urban industrial aesthetic and an awesome rooftop bar.

14. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema beach with mosaic of sidewalk in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ekaterina Belova / Adobe Stock

Ipanema is one of the favorite beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This festive mile-long stretch of sea and sand welcomes all and is framed by stunning mountains and the city of Rio. You’re spoiled for choice when finding accommodation at this incredibly touristy beach.

There are numerous beach houses to rent, countless hotels in various shapes and sizes, and several top-notch resorts. You can’t go wrong with the Sol Ipanema Hotel, a classic beachside joint with a pool, gym, great food, and less than a minute’s walk from the beach.

15. Sunset Beach, Oahu, HI

Aerial View of Sunset Beach in Oahu, Hawaii
Hirox2999 / TripAdvisor

Sunset Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Hawaii. This beach is home to tall waves in winter, ideal for surfing. In summer, the water becomes as calm as a lake, making it an excellent place for snorkeling.

There are a few rental properties near the beach, but if you head further north, you can check out the incredibly hospitable Turtle Bay Resort for a luxurious vacation.

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16. Honopu Beach, Kauai, HI

Aerial view of Honopu Valley and Kalepa Ridge
fnendzig / Adobe Stock

Honopu Beach is one of the best secluded tropical beaches in the world. This remote cove with incredible rock formations (including the large natural Honopu Arch) is hard to reach.

You can reach this beach on foot by trekking through the stunning Ku‘Ia Natural Area Reserve or the equally stunning Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park. Each route is a solid hike, but worth every step for this secret beach.

17. Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles

Anse Lazio beach aerial view at the Praslin Island, Seychelles
Fokke Baarssen / Adobe Stock

Anse Lazio is situated on the northwest tip of Praslin Island. It is one of the most popular beautiful white sand beaches in Seychelles. This Indian Ocean beach is long and broad with soft sand and crystal-clear blue water. The calming surroundings of this beach are full of verdant greenery, mainly consisting of the famous and leafy takamaka tree.

There’s also Sweet Coco, a pretty nifty bar at the edge of the beach, right next to the beachside Anse Lazio Lodge, where you can spend the night. If you’re looking for luxury, the uber-fancy Hotel Raffles Seychelles is just an 8-minute drive, with incredible views of the azure ocean and lush tropical jungle.

18. Pansy Island, Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

White Sand Beach of Bazaruto, Mozambique
Tonis Valing / Shutterstock

Pansy Island is a group of six islands that have remained mainly under the tourism radar. Well, I’m here to blow the secret wide open! Pansy Island is named after the ubiquitous pansy shells frequently found on the shore. You can find this tiny swatch of heaven just off the southeast coast of Bazaruto, the largest island in its archipelago.

This is the most fantastic place to visit for an active tropical vacation or to kick back and relax. You can go horseback riding along the beaches or go whale watching. Catch your lunch and dinner and grill them over a beach BBQ, or spend time snacking on superb seafood at one of the archipelago’s restaurants.

There’s nowhere to stay on Pansy Island, but you can find lodging south of you at and Beyond Benguerra Island on Ihla de Benguerra. Head north to Bazaruto Island, and you can enjoy the luxuries of the 5-star Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort.

19. Honokalani Beach, Wai’anapanapa State Park, Maui, HI

Honokalani Beach black sand and ocean view
Cezary Stanislawski / Shutterstock

Honokalani Beach is one of the best beaches in Maui for stunning scenery and is frequently referred to as just “Black Sand Beach.” We’re unsure how Hawaii’s other black sand beaches feel about that. It has lapis lazuli waters, jet black volcanic shore, and thick jungle foliage, casting contrasts everywhere! This is a top photographic spot for Instagrammers.

Instagrammers also love the magnificent Hana Estate, where you can stay close to the beach. This vast property is an exclusive resort with a spa, billiards, and a private waterfall.

20. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Aerial view of El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
David / Adobe Stock

El Nido is a terrific tropical town in Palawan, Philippines. The town’s namesake beach has soft white sand, and the surrounding bay contains tree-covered rocks and bluffs. El Nido is fast becoming a tourist hotspot, and the beachside town has many bars, clubs, restaurants, and food trucks to scour.

There are also many lodging options – all of them crazy cheap. The colorful and comfortable MaryGold Beachfront Inn is on El Nido Beach and serves excellent food. If you’ve got cash to burn, a 5-minute ferry or car ride from El Nido will get you to the positively regal Lihim Resorts.

21. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Beach and ocean view at Puerto Vallarta
Hello Cinthia / Adobe Stock

Puerto Vallarta is the second-largest natural bay on the continent, which means you’ve got bundles of beaches to play around with. It’s a beautiful place for sunbathing, snorkeling, windsurfing, or exploring the rocky outcrops.

I could write for days about the hotels in Puerto Vallarta. There’s every type of accommodation there for any taste, requirement, or budget. My top pick is the Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort, an all-inclusive resort with a full spa, pool, Italian restaurant, and a great rooftop bar where you can enjoy some of the best views of Puerto Vallarta.

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22. Phuket, Thailand

Landscape famous landmark beach Maya bay in Phuket, Thailand
Day2505 / Shutterstock

Get your childish guffaws about the name out of the way. We’ve got beach business to address! Phuket is the most popular island destination in Thailand. If you love to go scuba diving, this is the most amazing place to spend your vacation.

One of the best things to do is charter a boat and go fishing or explore the smaller islands around Phuket. Narrowing this incredible island down to one beach is impossible – hence its popularity.

Finding a place to stay is going to be complicated. Not because of lack of accommodation, but just the abundance of competitively priced accommodation options. Right in the middle of the pack is Hotel Indigo Phuket Patong, an IHG Hotel. This modern 5-star hotel is within easy walking distance of several stunning beaches in Phuket.

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23. San Diego, California, US

Downtown San Diego, California Cityscape
Dancestrokes / Shutterstock

This beautiful West Coast Californian city is famous for its delightful beaches and bays. These superb beaches are popular for water sports and the ideal location to build a lovely bronze.

When you’re not bumming around the beach, explore San Diego. This effortlessly cool cultural hub is home to several world-class museums, incredible fine dining, street food, and easy access to some of California’s top tourist attractions.

The accommodation isn’t to be sniffed at either. The Hilton San Diego Bayfront is an exquisite beachside hotel serving fine cuisine. There aren’t many budget rentals on the bayfront, but there are numerous great rentals in Downtown San Diego that are just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the sea.

24. Tulum, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Ruins of Tulum, Mexico and a palm tree overlooking the Caribbean Sea in the Riviera Maya
jkraft5 / Adobe Stock

Tulum’s sugar-white beaches are so wonderful, having a great environment. It is near the Caribbean Sea. A few of us have been to Tulum and concluded that it is one of the best beaches in all of Mexico.

Not only are the beaches outstanding, but there are a ton of superb eateries and top beach resorts along the coast. Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa is a magnificent all-inclusive, family-friendly resort with excellent beach access.

The Beach Tulum Hotel has incredible decor, serving mouthwatering traditional Mexican fare. It has a few pools and even its private section of Tulum Beach.

Honeymooners who want to forget the world should stay at the chic and unique Azulik Resort, which will have you spending the night under the stars in electricity-free villas. Just an FYI; Azulik Resort is an adults-only, “clothing-optional” resort).

25. Aruba, Caribbean

Eagle Beach aerial shot in Aruba
Nataraj / Adobe Stock

Aruba is one of many stunning Caribbean islands and a popular destination for its gorgeous white sand beaches. The extremely touristy Palm Beach is a trendy beach vacation destination. This resort area is loved for its soft white sand and shallow turquoise waters. It’s a great place to enjoy water sports like snorkeling and safe sailing.

The Holiday Inn Resort Aruba-Beach Resort & Casino may be the plushest Holiday Inn on the planet and has just about the best beach access of any resort or hotel in the Palm Beach area.

26. Barbados, Caribbean

Promenade at marina of Bridgetown, Barbados
napa74 / Adobe Stock

If you’re going to see your girlfriend in the sunny Caribbean Sea, you’re probably going to Barbados.
And if you’re not, you should go to Barbados anyway! This lovely little Caribbean nation is a colonial history buff’s and foodie’s dream destination.

It’s also a hot spot for terrific beaches. Each cost brings a different feel, but the west coast is the most popular destination for those searching for tropical places to relax.

I’ve got a soft spot for Batts Rock Beach. It’s part of Batts Rock Park, a lush green area with places to picnic – and the chance to spot green monkeys. A little way up the road, you can stay at Waves Hotel & Spa by Elegant Hotels. This beautiful property has private beach access and exquisite decor and furnishings. Alternatively, you can scout the many lovely vacation rentals within the vicinity.

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27. Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Sunset of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk
Nathaniel Gonzales / Adobe Stock

Virginia Beach is one of our favorite US beaches. It’s a popular area for families seeking fun or those who love staying active. There’s plenty of opportunity for surfing and sailing. Fishing from the beach’s namesake pier is prevalent here, such as cycling the sands, running or jogging, volleyball, and even waterskiing.

There are also numerous top tourist attractions and plenty of places to stay clustered along the beach. Admittedly these hotels are much of a muchness, but they’re all entirely pleasant places to stay with beachfront access, so who’s complaining?

Hyatt House Virginia Beach/Oceanfront is in the middle of the pack in terms of pricing, but it is easily one of the most visually striking (and easy to find!) hotels on the beach.

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28. Crete, Greece

Tropical Panorama of Balos Bay, Crete
Freesurf / Adobe Stock

Crete is the biggest island in Greece, filled with a rich history that goes back millennia. This is the most fantastic place to visit on vacation in the Med. If you like the white sand and water sports, you’re lucky – Cretians love the sea and will help you find your flippers.

Everything about Crete, from the natural scenery to the quaint houses and restaurants, is so romantic. Little wonder, then, why Crete is so popular with honeymooners. Most of the island’s hotels and resorts are on the northern coast, such as the princely (not to mention superbly welcoming and kid-friendly) Grecotel Creta Palace on Baja Beach.

But you can also find incredible, more secluded beaches and lodgings on the southern coast. Check out the comfortable Hotel Minos Agiagalini in the cute southern historic beach town of Agia Galini. You’ll enjoy insane views of the town’s historic port, the rolling countryside, and the deep blue of the Mediterranean.

29. Lamu Island, Coast Province, Kenya

Local fishermen and fishing boats in Lamu island, Kenya
Sun_Shine /

Lamu Island is in Kenya, just off the north coast of Kenya. This island is all primo-pristine beaches; the industry here is all tourism, baby! The white dunes, clear waters, and the regularly perfect weather make this place even more relaxing.

Most touristy accommodation is on the commercialized and more heavily populated east coast, such as the New Lamu Palace Hotel and The Red Pepper House luxury resort. You can enjoy a blend of traditional lodging and luxury trappings at Kizingo, a unique hotel on the island’s west coast.

30. Vina del Mar, Valparaiso Region, Chile

Sunset Over Vina Del Mar, Chile
diegograndi / Adobe Stock

Vina del Mar is home to some of Chile’s best beachside resorts and hotels. This historic tropical beach city is home to fantastic tourist attractions like the Neo-French Gothic Wulff Castle, an incredible bonus. There are also excellent opportunities to enjoy the best Chilean cuisine, from fine dining to top street food.

31. Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Beach view at Byron Bay, Australia
daphot75 / Adobe Stock

Byron Bay is situated where the Coral Sea meets the Tasman Sea. This is a spotlessly clean and unpolluted beach town in New South Wales, Australia. It’s beautiful because of its greenery, sprouting over its rolling bluffs.

The soft white sand of the town’s five beaches is ideal for sunbathing and playing beach games, and the surf is fantastic for bodyboarding and surfing. To break up beach days, why not play a few rounds of golf at the Byron Bay Golf Course, snap some picks at the lighthouse, or go shopping in Byron Bay?

Accommodation in Byron Bay is also pretty generous. Although the options mainly consist of (admittedly outstanding) rental properties, There’s the modern, mid-range Lord Byron Resort and the plush Elements of Byron beachfront resort if you’re after something special. You can rent rooms, suites, and villas at this magical property.

Alternatively, if you want to be on the beach and enjoy the ever-perfect weather under canvas or the stars, you can pitch camp at Reflections Holiday Parks at Clarkes Beach.

32. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Aerial View of the Great Barrier Reef
Coral_Brunner / Adobe Stock

Ah, come on, you knew it was coming. One of the seven wonders of the natural world, the one-and-only Great Barrier Reef is one of the most famous tropical places to vacation: fine sand beaches and the world’s largest coral reefs on Queensland’s coastline. The crystalline clear water makes the reefs easy to spot.

Sadly, due to pollution, fishing, and increased boat and diving activity (partly due to increased tourism), some of the coral has been damaged, losing its vibrancy and much of its natural inhabitants.

That said, the beaches around this area of Queensland are perfect for water sports like snorkeling, windsurfing, and scuba diving. The list of top accommodations isn’t short, either.

33. Manzanillo, Pacific Coast, Mexico

Aerial view of Peninsula de Santiago in city Manzanillo, Mexico
Genya / Adobe Stock

Manzanillo is a beautiful harbor town on the Mexican Pacific Coast. This relatively unknown resort town is popular with serious water sports enthusiasts. Scuba divers will be in heaven as the harbor is close to several coral reefs and shipwrecks.

Deep-sea fishing is also pretty popular here, with contests devoted to hauling in giant marlin! While in town, check out the nearby Laguna de las Garzas nature preserve to take in some tranquility and as many local restaurants as your belt buckle allows – the seafood here is fantastic.

34. Camps Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

Camps Bay white beach ocean view and skyline
Juergen Wallstabe / Adobe Stock

The windswept Camps Bay is situated in Western Cape, South Africa. This visually stunning town sits along a stretch of 2 beaches ideal for hiking, taking pictures, sunbathing, horseback riding, and enjoying a good place for a picnic.

Glen Beach has beautiful rocky crags to explore. The waves that wash this beach are a little strong for young kids and weak swimmers, but surfers and swimmers who love a challenge will love to play in the strong Atlantic waves.

Camps Bay Beach is a trendy tourist beach with options for numerous interests. The beach is lined with bars, cafes, and stalls, and the town of Camps Bay is impressive for dining out or shopping.

Accommodation is generous, too, with countless vacation rentals and hotels for any budget. I immensely love Primi Sandcastle, the hot tub with seaside views, and the excellent staff.

35. Malindi, Coast Province, Kenya

Watamu beach view in Malindi region, Kenya
Marius Dobilas / Shutterstock

The fishing town of Malindi in Kenya is another lesser-known treasure that makes for a serene tropical vacation. Silver Sands Beach is located south of Malindi town. Water sports like snorkeling, fishing, surfing, and diving are popular here. The town is a charming coastal city ideal for kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the excellent Malindi Marine National Park.

Silver Rock Hotel may be the best budget place to stay, with incredible views, a pool, and gorgeous rooms. Then again, if you want to feel like a big shot without paying like one, book a suite at the Billionaire Resort and Retreat.

36. Palma de Mallorca, Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Palma de Mallorca town and beach view
Serenity-H / Adobe Stock

Palma de Mallorca is the central cultural and economic hub of the Spanish island of Majorca. This is a major tourist town geared toward Europe’s young adulthood.

The concentration of pubs, bars, and clubs (all packed with British students) is staggering! There are also tons of great restaurants and excellent excursions all over town. The golden sands of Palma are very popular for sunbathing, and the shallow, gentle waters are popular with swimmers.

Again, accommodation in this sunny seaside locale is no issue, except maybe in peak season. The last place I stayed in Palma was the marvelous Hotel Basilica – a crisp boutique hotel with a rooftop view and a stunning shot of three of Palma de Mallorca’s incredible churches.

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37. Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

Beautiful bay near Paleokastritsa village, Corfu island, Greece
kite_rin / Adobe Stock

Corfu is a fantastic island in Greece. Many villages have charming whitewashed houses, Venetian fortresses, and Byzantine churches to entertain history enthusiasts. The island’s party scene is also off the chain, one of Greece’s most popular clubbing destinations.

 The beaches here range from rocky to sandy, catering to all tastes. There are plenty of seaside activities to enjoy here, including (but not limited to) swimming, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, fishing, and racing around on banana boats.

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38. Bali, Indonesia

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple and Sunset Scenery
Guitar photographer / Shutterstock

Bali is one of the unique tropical island destinations in the world and offers more than just that. Bali is known (and loved at ViaTravelers) for its near-perfect weather and incredible food, but it’s also a surfing paradise.

The island has incredible white and black sand beaches and lush rainforests to hike. If an active tropical vacation isn’t your style, consider Bali the ideal place to rejuvenate.

Bali’s southwest coast is jam-packed with resort spas and yoga retreats like the Serenity Eco Guesthouse and Yoga. This magical yoga retreat looks like a Disney Imagineer designed it and is the perfect place to stretch those muscles and find your zen. 

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39. Jamaica, Caribbean

Aerial view of Jamaica Negril Caribbean Beach
Leon718 / Adobe Stock

I’d argue that Jamaica is the best tropical island in the Caribbean. I. Love. Jamaica. This heavenly place is blessed with miles of beautiful coastline. It’s a paradise for beach lovers, with every seaside activity you can think of at your disposal.

Kingston is also one of the most unique and underrated tropical cities on the planet, where you can sample traditional local fare at its finest and learn about Jamaica’s fascinating history.

Check out the Bob Marley Museum, based in the Reggae legend’s old 19th Century House. If you’re into art, the Jamaica National Gallery is the country’s premier showcase of Jamaican artistic talent.

The Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel is one of the best in town, with immaculate suites, two award-winning restaurants, a pool, a gym, and a nightclub.

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40. Cozumel, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Cenote in front of the Caribbean ocean in Cozumel Mexico
JoseLuis / Adobe Stock

Cozumel (or San Miguel Cozumel) is an island off the south coast of Cancun, Mexico. The island is so beautiful and covered with lush greenery. Many water sports are available here, like snorkeling and surfing. The white sand and crystalline water of this tropical island are amazingly photogenic.

OYO Mi Hotel is a stylish budget hotel. Located in a vintage hotel with crisp modern decor, this place delivers urban seaside vibes from a convenient part of Centro.

Suppose you’re after a different option, peaceful and away from the city. In that case, the gorgeous traditional Ventanas Al Marn hotel on the opposite side of the island has practically all the fabulous Playa Chen Rio to you.

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