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13 Best Gadgets for Long Flights & Travel

13 Best Gadgets for Long Flights & Travel

If you are frequent travelers, and long flights are also a norm, you may be looking for gadgets to make flying more comfortable, right? If yes, here is the list of the best gadgets for long flights.

Is your upcoming flight 14 hours long? Have a long layover in a random city?

You can always buy a lounge pass for your chosen lounge and eat your favorite food in a comfortable setting before boarding the plane.

However, what happens after, during a long flight, isn’t a feat.

The uncomfortable seats and the surrounding noises may make it impossible for you to sleep.

Moreover, the tiny leg space may numb your feet for good. Also, can I talk about the tasteless plane food and the freezing atmosphere?

best gadgets for long flights

I know you are pretty anxious about your long flight already. However, mentioning these problems is vital to prepare you for what awaits ahead.

But as long as you are packed with the best gadgets for long flights, you don’t have to worry about the above issues.

What Are the Best Long Flight Gadgets?

To improve your travel experience, I have compiled a list of the best devices for long flights.

From travel pillows to earplugs and compression socks, there is everything you need for a tolerable journey.

Read away before it’s too late.

13 Best Gadgets For Long Flights

All the items on this list have products readily available on Amazon. Click on the links to read product reviews before you invest your money.

However, if you aren’t in the mood to go through customer feedback, you can always trust my recommendations.

Travel Pillows

You can’t travel for 14 hours without resting or even taking a nap. For your body to feel comfortable, sleep is essential.

However, sleeping in planes is more complicated than it sounds. With not enough hands and headspace, it becomes impossible to close your eyes.

Also, travel anxiety is the worst enemy of comfort. However, with a good travel pillow in your carry-on bag, you don’t have to worry about dozing off.

An effective travel pillow uses memory foam and holds your neck for a reasonable period.  Moreover, it provides a supportive fit to your shoulders.

You may get a travel pillow on your flight, but carrying your personal gadget may save your time.

Classic Brands U-shape Travel Pillow can become your ideal companion as one of the best airplane gadgets. It is made with memory foam and adjusts itself for any sleeping position.

Blue U-shape Travel Pillow

Moreover, the foam keeps the heat away from your neck, and you sleep without feeling sweaty. Another remarkable feature of this accessory is its elastic band that attaches the pillow with your carry-on luggage.

The only drawback of this gadget is it’s incredibly soft texture. If you are looking for something rugged and firm, this pillow may not suit your needs.


When you talk about plane problems, what is the one thing that comes to your mind? For me, it will always be children crying, cabin crew chatting, and non-stop buzzing of the plane engine.

Continuous noise in the plane may make it hard for you to enjoy some rest time. However, with the right airplane travel gadgets, you can cancel all the sounds.

Noise Cancelling Headphones are one of the top long haul flight gadgets of all times. Not only do they help you sleep better, but you can also use them to listen to your favorite audiobooks to kill time.

Moreover,  these headphones do not take much space. You can conveniently carry them in your carry-on bag.

Black Sony Headphones

When it comes to headphones, no one makes them better than Sony. The Sony MDRZX110NC canceling headphones are a treat for your ears.

They are a little pricey, but the quality outweighs the former. With a 30mm Neodymium Driver and 80 hours of battery life, these headphones are one of the cool plane gadgets.

Also, these headphones are highly durable and comfortable to put on. With an in-built connectivity technology, you can easily use these headphones anywhere you are.

Once you get your hands on them, don’t wait to compile a song playlist to hear on your flight.

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Travel Earplugs

Do you want a peaceful environment on a plane? A set of comfortable earplugs may help you feel relaxed by blocking all the external sounds.

Also, they may save your ears from external air pressure. An earplug is an adjustable gadget that fixes all ear types.

Earphones for Air travel

Also, they come with protective buds to prevent any injury.

Cirrus Healthcare EarPlanes are specifically made for long flights. They are a perfect relief against clogging and discomfort.

Healthcare EarPlanes regulate air pressure and filter all the bothersome noise pollution. Besides, they are so soft and disposable.

Made with hypoallergenic silicone, these earplugs are a delight to wear.

Doctors recommend Cirrus Healthcare EarPlanes. Therefore, they are safe and secure to use.

Airplane Footrest

The most awful flights are those where I experience numb legs and feet. It is not a good feeling to live with stagnant legs for 14 hours straight.

However, you can’t escape this pain until you have a great footrest. To make your journey feel like a breeze, Rewind with nature’s airplane footrest may prove one of the best flight gadgets.

Airplane Footrest

This footrest is like a compact hammock for your tired legs. It has memory foam padding that alleviates to bring your feet in a comfortable position.

Moreover, its base design enables stability and prevents excessive swelling. The best thing about this gadget is its convenient use.

You have to hang its straps with your tray table and place your feet. The straps are adjustable and give enough options to find a perfect position for your feet.

With this footrest in your carry-on bag, you don’t have to worry about restless legs or fatigue.

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Compression Socks

There is another way to prevent swollen feet and clots on your legs. Wearing compression socks during your flight can save you from regretful pain and numbness.

Vitalsox Compression Socks are a great choice to prevent leg soreness. These socks stretch to your knees and keep a uniform blood flow.

Vitalsox Compression Graduated Socks

Moreover, these socks are made from polypropylene that resists bacterial growth and prevents skin odor. Also, they are entirely stretchable to provide better compression.

Vitalsox socks will also help to keep you warm on a freezing flight.

Airplane Armrest

When it comes to long flights, my worst nightmare is my tired arms. With no space to adjust them comfortably, I always find my arms hanging in the air.

Airplane Armrest

As a result, there is extreme swelling and soreness as soon as I land.

To avoid this from happening, investing in a portable armrest is a pretty great idea. Soarigami Airplane Armrest is an excellent option.

This armrest adjusts comfortably on the arm of your seat. Also, with an attached divider, it provides enough gap between you and your neighbor.

Soarigami armrest works perfectly for people with arm width of between 1.5 and 2.75 inches. It comes with tapered wings that fold smoothly once the plane lands.

Pretty lightweight and compact, this armrest makes one of the cool airplane gadgets. However, for your ease, do check if your flight allows such accessories on board.

Entertainment Gadgets

You can’t spend a long flight just looking out of the window. To kill your time, you need some long haul flight gadgets for your entertainment.

Electronic Device

The Amazon Kindle is genuinely a game-changer. With a library of excellent books and content, you can never feel bored with this in your hand.

Also, thanks to its sleek design and durable body, you can carry it on your carry-on comfortably. This kindle comes with a glare-free screen and waterproof body.

Moreover, it has an enormous storage of 8GB for your comics and audiobooks. It also has pretty long battery life.

With this entertaining gadget, you are pretty sorted for your journey.

Nintendo Switch is also one of the cool airplane gadgets for young travelers. It is one of the most portable gaming machines to kill boredom on flights.

With a massive variety of pre-installed HD games, this gadget may keep you entertained till you land at your destination. It comes with a sleek design and a sturdy body.

Moreover, the built-in control system is super easy to operate.

Another gadget that may come in handy is a power bank.  Halo Bolt 58330 is a life-saver.

It makes sure you don’t hit a zero phone battery just within a few hours of travel. Bolt 58330 is sleek, stylish, and safe to use everywhere.

iPad Holder

You may come across movies on planes that you had already watched. Also, the existing song list may not match your taste.

So as a precaution, take your iPad along. But don’t forget its holder.

Ipad Holder

If you don’t have an iPad holder, it’s the best time to invest. Lamicall Tablet Holder is an affordable companion for your iPad.

It is perfect for 4 to 13 inches tablets and is pretty adjustable. Moreover, it comes with rubber pads that give it a sturdy construction.

The alloy steel body and sleek design make this tablet one of the best flight gadgets.

Eye Covers

If you can’t sleep in bright spaces, a flight may be the worst place to rest. However, some eye covers may block all the light and give you a chance to doze off.

For your ease, I have picked out two unique sets of eye covers for you. One eye cover is reasonably inexpensive, while the other is high-end and super soft.

Eye Cover

Jersey Slumber Silk Mask is a luxurious sleeping aid for your beautiful eyes. It is incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

Moreover, the fabric is super soft for all types of skin. Also, the silk covering is naturally breathable and prevents the body from heating up.

It comes with elastic straps that adjust comfortably around your head. With these eye covers, you will feel like a queen on a plane.

However, if you are on a tight budget, Bhbuy Portable Eye Mask will work as well. Available in only black color, this eye mask can relieve your eye nerve and improve circulation towards your eyes.

Also, this mask eliminates light perfectly. You can buy this mask in a bunch of 10 and use it on every flight journey.

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Travel Blankets

Imagine being in a plane and dreaming about the things you can do by earning all the points on your newly arrived Platinum Card. And suddenly someone increases the fan speed of the air conditioner.

Won’t you wake up cold and feel devastated?

When it comes to comfortable traveling, a soft and warm blanket is one of the best air travel gadgets out there.

Rolled Travel Blanket

Traveling on a flight is different from driving in a car. In a vehicle, you can easily adjust the temperature according to your comfort.

However, in a plane with 100 other travelers, it becomes hard to do that. But the best thing you can do for yourself is to take a travel blanket along.

Cocoon Coolmax Blanket is my recommendation for the softest and coziest blanket in the world. I have used it myself and loved wrapping it around.

It is made with 100% polyester, which makes it ultra-lightweight and compact. The blanket can quickly wrap in a tiny corner of your carry-on bag.

Besides, its fabric is warm and breathable. Also, it blocks moisture and feels incredibly soft on your body.

Cocoon Coolmax is available in different colors. However, it comes in only one size.

If you think you may be too big for this blanket’s dimensions, look for other similar options online.

Travel Organizers

Do you wake up on long journeys, only to discover your things all over the plane floor and your seat?

It is pretty normal to carry some cool airplane gadgets on long flights. However, it is not safe to flaunt your accessories for everyone around you.

Black Compact Travel Organizer

Also, it’s tough to find space for chargers and memory sticks when confined to a single seat.

For this purpose, carrying a compact travel case is the best decision ever. It is the best organizer to keep your currency, power bank, and credit cards in one place.

When it comes to best cases, there are many you can find online. However, AmazonBasics Universal Case is quite perfect.

This organizer comes with a plastic exterior and lots of internal space. It has secure pockets and a stretchable interior.

You can easily store memory cards, small electronics, and foreign currency. Also, you can keep it anywhere as its exterior doesn’t scratch easily.

Cosmetic Bags

If you are traveling with makeup products, a cosmetic bag may help organize all your goods in one place. You can also use these bags to store your essential medicines required during your journey.

Cosmetic Bag

There are several cosmetic bags available in the market. However, choose the one that suits your required space and is very lightweight.

Travel Smart makeup bag has the perfect size to hold all your essentials. Made with mesh and transparent vinyl, you can quickly identify all your products without making a mess.

Moreover, it is easy to clean with a plain cloth. It also comes with an external pocket for excess storage.

Another recommended bag is the iKammo clear makeup bag. This one comes with a substantially transparent pouch and two tiny zippered bags.

The best thing about the iKammo clear bags is the amount of storage you get. From makeup products to medicines, there is enough room for everything essential.


While medicines may not be categorized as gadgets, they are some of the most important things to carry on a long flight.

Keeping some care items and medicines in your travel bag may help you withstand flight nausea, headaches, and bad breath. To protect yourself from dust poor air quality, do carry some antihistamines.

Moreover, pain relievers like paracetamol and acetaminophen may help you against fever, anxiety, and headaches.

If you find it hard to sleep on flights, carrying some effective sleep aids may prove beneficial. Melatonin is one of the best sleep aids with no side effects.

However, if you want to bring along potent sleep aids, carry your doctor’s prescription and the original bottle. The same goes for all prescription medications.

For your care, a lip balm and a moisturizer will be quite enough.  If you are carrying a moisturizer, make sure it is in a 100ml bottle.

Also, long journeys may make your breath smell back. Keep some chewing gums and mint candies to chew before you reach your destination.

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