Glenmore Sailing Club Celebrates The 60th Anniversary

Glenmore Sailing Club Celebrates The 60th Anniversary

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Glenmore Sailing Club located in Calgary, celebrations hit off recently. Boats were sailed through the waters of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology to mark celebrations of the same.  The celebrations his year were one of a kind and were celebrated in the city of Calgary. It has been realized that due to the anniversary celebrations the sailing season has begun quite earlier than usual this specific year. However, sailing organizers feel that it only gives them a lot more time to enjoy the wading boats so it is all good.

As a part of the celebrations, young sailors were given the opportunity of knowing how to sail. They were taught the basics of sailing and to guide them better, a wall of industrial fans was used to help in the creation of wind on the ends of the length of the pool. A club board member said that the young sailors found it to be a new experience and even if they faced obstacles, they had a good time. He said that there is no sport that will not give them a rough start or make them feel unsure. However, the smile that comes from overcoming your fears is greater than any other obstacle.

General manager Nollind Van Bryce also threw light on the fact that unlike other places where sailing is done upwind and downwind, these sailors are being made to sail upwind and downwind.  He said the sailing mechanism is the same and requires the same steering and adjustment skills.

Glenmore Club started its sailing school back in the early part of the 1960s and transferred itself into the city in the 1970s. In the 1990s, the Disabled Sailing Association was also established. Their 60th anniversary shows how the club has managed to form a community in itself. As a part of creating a community slanted towards creating an organization, the club no longer requires club owners to own boards rather they allow the club members to make use of the club’s board as well.

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