7 continents of the world and their countries

Of all the planets in the solar system, Earth is the only planet that can support living organisms. Earth, however, is composed of large land mass that is what we call ‘continents.’  Theories suggest that millions of years ago there was only one supercontinent called Pangaea. Pangaea subsequently broke, and the pieces now account for Earth’s current continents. The following is the list of the seven continents and the countries lying in it arranged according to their area sizes.

1. Asia (Wiki)

Of all the seven continents, Asia is the largest regarding area and population. Asia has covered almost 30% of Earth’s total land and 8.66% of its overall surface which is calculated to be 44.6 million km². Below are Asia’s (54) countries and its highlights (which is an integral part of being one of the seven continents of the world)

⦁ Afghanistan

⦁ Armenia

⦁ Azerbaijan

⦁ Bahrain

⦁ Bangladesh

⦁ Bhutan

⦁ Brunei

⦁ Cambodia

⦁ China: largest (by population)

⦁ Cyprus

⦁ Georgia

⦁ India

⦁ Indonesia

⦁ Iran

⦁ Iraq

⦁ Israel

⦁ Japan

⦁ Jordan

⦁ Kazakhstan

⦁ Kuwait

⦁ Kyrgyzstan

⦁ Laos

⦁ Lebanon

⦁ Malaysia

⦁ Maldives: smallest country that covers only 1491.4 km²

⦁ Mongolia

⦁ Myanmar (Burma)

⦁ Nepal: Mount Everest is located (the highest point on the Earth by height)

⦁ North Korea

⦁ Oman

⦁ Pakistan

⦁ Palestine

⦁ Philippines

⦁ Qatar

⦁ Russia: largest (by area)

⦁ Saudi Arabia

⦁ Singapore

⦁ South Korea

⦁ Sri Lanka

⦁ Syria

⦁ Taiwan

⦁ Tajikistan

⦁ Thailand

⦁ Timor-Leste

⦁ Turkey

⦁ Turkmenistan

⦁ United Arab Emirates (UAE)

⦁ Uzbekistan

⦁ Vietnam

⦁ Yemen

2. Africa

Africa is the second largest and the second most populous continent with apparently about 30.3 million km² in area. It covers 20.4% of Earth’s total land and 6% of its overall surface. Surrounded by waters, the North is separated from Europe by the Mediterranean Sea. The northeast, in turn, is separated by the Suez Canal and the Red Sea, the east and southeast by the Indian Ocean, and the west by the Atlantic Ocean. Africa is considered as the place where humans and our ancestors originated, fed by the discoveries and researches of scientists. Same with the Asia continent, below is Africa’s (54) fully recognized sovereign states.

⦁ Algeria: Largest (by area)

⦁ Angola

⦁ Benin

⦁ Botswana

⦁ Burkina Faso

⦁ Burundi

⦁ Cabo Verde

⦁ Cameroon

⦁ Central African Republic (CAR)

⦁ Chad

⦁ Comoros

⦁ The Democratic Republic of the Congo

⦁ Republic of the Congo

⦁ Cote d’Ivoire

⦁ Djibouti

⦁ Egypt

⦁ Equatorial Guinea

⦁ Eritrea

⦁ Ethiopia

⦁ Gabon

⦁ Gambia

⦁ Ghana

⦁ Guinea

⦁ GuineaBissau

⦁ Kenya

⦁ Lesotho

⦁ Liberia

⦁ Libya

⦁ Madagascar: famous for its extinct biodiversity/wildlife

⦁ Malawi

⦁ Mali

⦁ Mauritania

⦁ Mauritius

⦁ Morocco

⦁ Mozambique

⦁ Namibia

⦁ Niger

⦁ Nigeria

⦁ Rwanda

⦁ Sao Tome and Principe

⦁ Senegal

⦁ Seychelles: smallest (by area)

⦁ Sierra Leone

⦁ Somalia

⦁ South Africa

⦁ South Sudan

⦁ Sudan

⦁ Swaziland

⦁ Tanzania

⦁ Togo

⦁ Tunisia

⦁ Uganda

⦁ Zambia

⦁ Zimbabwe

3. North America

With the area of 24.71 million km², North America is considered the third largest continent which lies wholly in the northern hemisphere. It covers almost 4.8% of the earth’s surface and comprises around 16.5% of the whole land area on the Earth. It is positioned in the planet’s northern and western hemispheres and is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, South America, and the Caribbean Sea in the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the south and west, and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. In total, there are (23) officially recognized independent states in North America.

⦁ Antigua and Barbuda

⦁ Bahamas

⦁ Barbados

⦁ Belize

⦁ Canada: largest (by area)

⦁ Costa Rica

⦁ Cuba

⦁ Dominica

⦁ Dominican Republic

⦁ El Salvador

⦁ Grenada

⦁ Guatemala

⦁ Haiti

⦁ Honduras

⦁ Jamaica

⦁ Mexico

⦁ Nicaragua

⦁ Panama

⦁ Saint Kitts and Nevis: smallest (by area)

⦁ Saint Lucia

⦁ Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

⦁ Trinidad and Tobago

⦁ United States of America (USA): 2nd Largest (by area)

4. South America

The planet’s 4th largest continent is located in the Western Hemisphere, mostly in the southern hemisphere and a little portion of the northern hemisphere. South America has a massive area of 17.84 million km². It touches on the East and the North with the Atlantic Ocean and the west by the Pacific Ocean and North America and the Caribbean Sea to the northwest. It includes (3) major territories namely the Falkland Islands, Galapagos Islands and French Guiana and (12) independent countries;

⦁ Argentina

⦁ Bolivia

⦁ Brazil: largest country (by area 50% of continent)

⦁ Chile

⦁ Colombia

⦁ Ecuador

⦁ Guyana

⦁ Paraguay

⦁ Peru

⦁ Suriname: smallest (by area) and only nation in the region

⦁ Uruguay

⦁ Venezuela

5. Antarctica (WIKI)

It is the third smallest continent in the world after Australia and Europe which covers the earth’s the South Pole. Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest and least populous continent of the world where water remains frozen year around. It is located in the Antarctic Circle and is surrounded by the Southern Ocean. Antarctica has no countries or government or any permanent residents except nearly 4,000 people visit the continent each year to study about the place. A few of them are almost semi-permanent residents because they remain there for extended periods of time as part of scientific communities.

6. Europe (WIKI)

The continent of Europe which is attached to Asia is the 2nd smallest continent in the world. Since it is connected with Asia, the whole landmass combining the two continents is called Eurasia. The division of the Asia and Europe, however, is more for cultural and political purposes. Europe covers 10.8 km² in total and is equivalent to 2% of the Earth’s surface and 6.8% of the total land mass. Europe is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Europe includes the following 51 independent states:

⦁ Albania

⦁ Andorra

⦁ Armenia

⦁ Austria

⦁ Azerbaijan

⦁ Belarus

⦁ Belgium

⦁ Bosnia and Herzegovina

⦁ Bulgaria

⦁ Croatia

⦁ Cyprus

⦁ Czech Republic

⦁ Denmark

⦁ Estonia

⦁ Finland

⦁ France

⦁ Georgia

⦁ Germany

⦁ Greece

⦁ Hungary

⦁ Iceland

⦁ Ireland

⦁ Italy

⦁ Kazakhstan

⦁ Kosovo

⦁ Latvia

⦁ Liechtenstein

⦁ Lithuania

⦁ Luxembourg

⦁ Macedonia

⦁ Malta

⦁ Moldova

⦁ Monaco

⦁ Montenegro

⦁ Netherlands

⦁ Norway

⦁ Poland

⦁ Portugal

⦁ Romania

⦁ Russia: largest (by area)

⦁ San Marino

⦁ Serbia

⦁ Slovakia

⦁ Slovenia

⦁ Spain

⦁ Sweden

⦁ Switzerland

⦁ Turkey

⦁ Ukraine

⦁ United Kingdom (UK)

⦁ Vatican City: smallest (by area)

7. Australia and Oceania (WIKI)

It is the smallest continent of the Earth. It lies on a continental ledge surrounded by shallow seas. It has the Pacific Ocean towards the east, and the Indian Ocean lies to the west of it. The oceans divide it into several land areas – the Arafura Sea and Torres Strait between mainland Australia and New Guinea, and the Bass Strait between mainland Australia and Tasmania. Australia has the total area of 8.56 million km². Despite being the smallest, Australia has a total of 12 independent states which includes:

⦁ Australia: largest (by area)

⦁ Fiji

⦁ Kiribati

⦁ Marshall Islands

⦁ Micronesia

⦁ Nauru: smallest (by area)

⦁ New Zealand

⦁ Palau

⦁ Papua New Guinea

⦁ Samoa

⦁ Solomon Islands

⦁ Tonga

⦁ Tuvalu

⦁ Vanuatu


Exploring the facts about the continents that make up our world can be inspiring, exciting, and perhaps even entertaining. However, the positions of the continents are not permanent; they may move and change from time to time. According to some research, North America, and Europe are moving away from each other for about 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) per year. If given a chance to visit Earth again after long years, you might find out that part of California had separated from North America and become would become an island. Africa might split in two between the Great Rift Valley and it is even possible that another supercontinent may form one day.

10 Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At BCA

The acronym BCA stands for Bachelor in Computer Applications that is projected to produce a workforce ideally suitable for the encompassing IT and software industry. The BCA course is designed for the period of three years with the fundamental necessity of minimum 55% in the 12th standard, and that can be passed from any stream. The admission criteria vary as some educational institutes can offer direct admission on the basis of 12th standard marks while others can rope in the students through the basic test to check for the academic level of students. Therefore, there is a demand to have the agreement of certain tips that precisely help you to become better at BCA.

10 Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At BCA.

The BCA course is picked out by the students who are inclined to reach a career choice in the software and IT industry and could not go for BTech four-year graduation program in computer stream. So, let’s take a quick look at the top 10 tips that paves the way to understand BCA in a more efficient way.

1. The Reason for Opting for BCA Course

The students who are interested in making the career choice in IT and Software industry should opt for having the BCA course. It would enable them to escalate to higher positions in computer and programming industry. Thus, the inclination to make career in IT and Software Industry prove to be the most preferred tip that helps to understand BCA in a better way.

2. Eligibility Criteria

The students who have got minimum 55% in their 12th standard with English in any stream that also incorporate arts and commerce as students from these fields can opt for this three-year undergraduate program.

3. Time Frame

The course of BCA has been designed for the period of three-years that mainly focuses not only on enhancing the computer and programming skills of students, but also makes them performance oriented in management field.

4. Admission Procedure

The students can get admission on the basis of the percentage of marks secured in the 12th standard, or the university or college can make them appear for an entrance test as per the requirement. There can also be the personal interview and written test for checking the eligibility of students.

5. Syllabus Information

The BCA program is usually divided into six semesters with the intent to make the enrolled students skilled not only in the computer and programming languages like Java, Oracle, C++ but also make them qualified in managerial operations with database management, accounting applications and much more.

6. Scope for BCA Degree Holders

The graduates with BCA degree can opt for MCA course that further enhance their skills in the computer application field. In case, if the person concerned is interested in applying for a job in IT or software industry can do so with a good job in his hand.

7. Initial Remuneration for BCA Degree Holders

The initial salary for the BCA degree holders would be around Rs 25K to 30 K, and that can enhance drastically to a handsome package of 40K to 50K within the span of two years.

8. The Big IT Giants waiting for BCA Graduates

The big IT companies like Oracle, IBM, TCS and Google are offering immaculate offers to the BCA graduates with the jobs of the web developer, system engineer and programming head and that too with lucrative packages.

9. Equivalent to BTech

The three-year BCA program is equivalent to four-year BTech Degree in Computer Science. So, in case if the students can’t get through BTech, then their obvious option should be BCA as it is considered relevant for IT and Software Industry.

10. Benefit of Open Universities

If the student is unable to enroll for the BCA course in any university or college, then he can earn his degree from the open universities that qualify them to become skilled for the great IT and Software companies.

Hence, it can be asserted that the leading ten points enable you to understand BCA in an easy way would play a crucial part in enhancing your basic knowledge of the three-year undergraduate course with amazing detail. Thus, by sustaining a close look at the given tips would surely improve the awareness of the BCA course to every possible detail to assist you get a speedy and intelligent conclusion about taking it as a stream of education.

5 Reasons Why A Career As An Engineer Is So Great

So, you have completed your school. After getting wonderful marks in the 12th non-medical, you must be looking for a better career. Well, engineering is one of the best options for you. According to your choice, you can choose electronics, mechanical, software, chemical or civil branch. The best thing about engineering is that you can get a job in very shorter period.

Being an engineering and dad myself, I know how important it is to find the right career for yourself. You have no idea when you are young and what you have to do in life and thus listening to your elders and then take action is very important thing. I did my engineering from the top engineering college of Punjab and Chandigarh placement wise (Chitkara University). During my engineering, I got placed in one of my dream companies and from then I never looked back.

Certainly, you can too become an employee in the final year of your engineering. If you complete engineering from a recognized college or university, you can get very high package.

Moreover, you can also develop several types of skills during or after the engineering degree. However if you don’t to do job after your degree, you can pursue higher studies and become scientist or an entrepreneur. Here are some reasons why you must choose engineering as a career:

1. Money – Certainly, money is required for spending a luxurious life. And, you can earn a definite amount of money by selecting the engineering career. The 4 years of degree teach the specific skills that are required for performing work. Popular companies that come for placements offer very high packages. You only need to have self-confidence, some communicative skills and some technical knowledge for getting placed. Whether you become a software engineer or electrical engineer, you can get very high amount of salary.

2. Growth – If you want to keep growing for longer periods, engineering is the best option for you. Engineering offer a lot of growth opportunities. You can get growth in all types of profiles. By working in the corporation, you can enhance different types of skills. Before moving into the organization, engineers are required to perform training and engage with mentors. All these resources and skills set a foundation for the job. Companies also feel happy when they find students that have skills for working for longer periods. If you have the dedication, you can avail a vast growth in the engineering profession.

3. Demand – Engineers are required in all fields of life. For example, you need to have a mechanical engineer for constructing or repairing the car. You need to have software engineer for managing applications of electronic gadgets like mobiles, computers. You must have a civil engineer for styling designs for bridges, dams and structures. Engineers are required in all parts of the world. So, if you complete the engineering degree, you can or will definitely get the job. But certainly, you need to have dedication for performing that job. Although, there is a great amount of competition in the world. But, by showing your skills and knowledge you can avail the job and work for longer periods.

4. Professionalism – Software and mechanical companies show a great type of professionalism. In these companies, you need to work in a professional way. You need to perform all the tasks that are required by the company. You are required to follow rules and regulations and maintain discipline. According to requirements of company, you need to perform training, pursue education and enhance a certain type of skills. These types of activities provide skills that are required for spending a better life.

5. Environment – As an engineer, you don’t need to sit from 9 to 5 every day. You don’t need to perform the same type of work in same environment. Instead, companies offer various types of environment. Yes, companies also ask to work in mountains, forests and rural areas. Moreover, companies also organize parties, events on a regular basis. Activities and sports such as cricket are played by engineering professionals. These things are practiced in order to provide relief and maintain a better environment for performing job or tasks. Therefore, you cannot get bore in engineering companies.

Summing Up

You can make a very beautiful career in the engineering field. Engineering jobs not only provide very high salaries but also offer huge growth opportunities. After 2-3 years, you can surely work on the higher profile and can avail a vast amount of success. The training, projects and other activities during the engineering course provide skills that are required by a working professional. Discipline and responsibilities in engineering jobs make people solve their household problems in a better way. Activities, events and games in engineering jobs do not allow any type of stress on workers or employee. As an engineer, you can work and avail success for longer periods. So, make a career in engineering for spending a wonderful life.

Update PAN Information – Make Changes in PAN Card Details

My name on PAN card is “Rameshwaram Iyer” and now I want to change it with “Rameshwaram N Iyer”. What would I need to do for changing my name legally and how to go about it? Well, if you also have a same type of query, please read this blog carefully may it will help you to solve your problem more quickly.

Why having a PAN (Permanent Account Number) card is important?

PAN, or permanent account number, is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric identity allotted to each taxpayer by the Income Tax Department under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1962. It is distributed under the supervision of the Central Board of Direct Taxes. It also serves as an identification proof for most of the citizens of India. PAN card is necessary while doing financial transactions on different occasions:

  1. PAN number copy is required while opening a new bank account with any bank (private/ public/co-operative or others).
  2. It is necessary when applying for debit and credit card. If you do not submit, your application may get rejected.
  3. It is also necessary when making insurance payments.
  4. If you are thinking of buying and selling a car or any other vehicle that cost more than Rs. 5, 00, 000, you need to submit PAN card detail.
  5. Any property deal will also require PAN details.

There are many other occasions when you need to provide your PAN information for smooth transactions.

Step – By-Step Guidelines to Change PAN Card Information

The request to update PAN information should be forwarded only when you already have a PAN card. However, many steps need to be followed for getting your PAN card information changed.  To update your PAN card information online, you need to submit your request online at NSDL Website (https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/correctiondsc.html ).

Step 1First of all, you need to apply online for updating information in PAN card. Open the NSDL Website (https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/correctiondsc.html  )

Step2Read all the instructions carefully either in Hindi or English

Step 3Scroll down and select the category of yours.

Step 4Acquire a PAN Change Request Form.

Step 5Fill out all necessary information in the form all along the correct data on the information fields that need to be changed in your PAN card.

Step 6When you start submitting your application form, you will need to provide the documents like

  1.  Identity or address proof documents (Gazette notification regarding the change of your name, Newspaper Publication and Affidavit)
  2.  Bank Account Statement
  3.  Passport
  4.  Voter Identity Card
  5.  School Diplomas
  6.  Driving license
  7.  Credit Card
  8.  Marriage certificate
  9.  If divorced, divorce papers
  10.  Recent photographed
  11.  Present existing PAN card copy
  12.  If you have lost your PAN card submit FIR mentioning the loss information

Step 7 – If you want to do everything without papers PAN Application for Address Change, select YES wherein a Digital Signature is required.  Also upload your photograph, signature and other documents as mentioned above digital copies online.

Step 8Finally, after doing everything make a payment of processing pancard application fees.

Some key points to consider

  1.  Read every point on the form carefully.
  2.  Fee has to be paid by net banking/demand draft/cheque/DD/ debit card in favor of NSDL-PAN payable at Mumbai
  3.  Don’t forget to fill your existing PAN number
  4.  You can also submit request by sending hard copies of all documents in an envelope to Income Tax PAN Services Unit, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, 5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411016.
  5.  Also mention your acknowledgement number on the back side of the DD/Cheque.
  6.  Write on the envelope “Application for PAN CHANGE REQUEST”

NSDL will receive your request and you will get a confirmation email soon.

At last, just make sure that the documents and proofs you provide match the information in the application you already have submitted. You will get your PAN card with an updated information and same number soon. Also, your same information will be updated in the records of Income Tax Department.

Note:- Most of the information is taken from NSDL website for readers help.